A Graduation to Remember

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Last Tuesday, March 20, my daughter Antoinette graduated from Preparatory Class, batch 2011-2012 of Our Lady of the Rosary Learning Center. She graduated as second honor and was awarded as Most Diligent. We are so proud of her. :) When she accepted her certificate as graduate I let my mother accompany her. I owe her a lot; taking care of Nonet, preparing her for school, teaching her and studying with her. I wanted to make her feel that her hard work is much appreciated. :)

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When it is time to put on her medal, I asked mama to join me. She told me that it is my turn. It is my time. :) Setting modesty aside, I graduated as second honor from Kindergarten about 25 years ago. I was the first honor from grade 1 to 6 at Rosario Elementary School. I was an honor student at Rizal High School, too, when I finished high school. In other words, my mother had her own time of fame and putting on medals to me.

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As I put on Nonet’s model, I was really happy and proud. Now I know what my mother felt then. :) I told her about my feeling, and she said that it is the reason why she wanted me to be with Nonet alone. She wanted me to feel the same feeling she felt when I was still studying. Oh I love her. :)

Nonet is really happy and proud of her medal. She said that it is her first medal. I told her that should not be the last. I earned more than 20 medals while I was still in school and I challenged her. I told her to surpass the number of medals I was able to earn. :) I will be forever grateful to her teachers; Teacher Elhay, Teacher Evelyn, Teacher Nene and Teacher Christy. Thank you.

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Her father is so happy as well. I told ney that she could have been the first honor if not for her absences. Honey told me that Nonet got her “brains” from me, while her absences from him. Hehehe! Well, I told her that we have our own share of genes in Nonet. And, that Nonet is very lucky to have us, as her parents. :)

Nonet is just starting and she has a long way to go. I pray to God that she will be blessed with good health and that her talent, skills and intelligence will be nurtured. I also pray for my mother who will be taking care of Nonet as I go to work. That mama will have a good health and long life. I pray that God will bless ney and I with good health and good work, to support our daughter. I pray for my sisters who will be there to support me and Nonet, too. I also pray for Tabibe who has been there to support us since I was born.

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In spite of the complications we have in our relationship, ney and I are very thankful for having Nonet as our daughter. I may have committed mistakes in the past and may have hurt number of people, but God has always been good and loving to me. And, Mama Mary has always been praying for me.

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Thank you Lord, I love you. To You be the glory. :)

Ciao! :)

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    Congrats!!! galing galing

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