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I have always love musical movies. I have grow up watching The Sound of Music. I remember when I was a kid, the said movie used to be played in Philippine TV Channel 13 during Christmas holiday. I remember buying a cassette tape of the movie’s sound track!

When I started working and earned extra money, I bought a CD copy of the said movie. My mother, my sisters and I still love watching it. :)  When Nonet arrived, and turned 3, we have her watch it, too.

In the recent year,  we have all come to love Sister Act, Enchanted and High School Musicals to name a few.

I have love the songs from the movie Sister Act but I have not actually seen completed watching the movie. About a month ago I bought a copy of the said movie. And, I love it! I was amazed on how a simple and ordinary song can be a song of praise and dedication to Jesus.

My favorite songs from the said movie are Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, I Will Follow Him and My God (My Guy). If you could listen to the song My Guy, every line is something that a Christian should live by. I am guilty though, that I sometimes do not obey my obligations as a Christian. But, I am trying to be one. It takes a lot of prayer and prayer to do that. :)

Hope you enjoy the video below which I got from youtube (uploaded by Sovranita on June 21, 2008). :)

Ciao! :)

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