Be Thankful you go to School

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Last Saturday, I had a date with y family at Robinson’s Galleria. Thanks to Ate Ness for being kind to us. :) I got Nonet a pair of shoes and a dress that she will use on her graduation, next week. Our mother got a blouse for Pauline’s graduation. Patty and I got pairs of shoes as well. We are all happy and excited. :)

We arrived home at around 5PM already. I was really tired and sleepy. I ate a piece of Ensaymada and was gone to bed. Nonet slept beside me. She was tired and sleepy, too. I walked up at around 11PM. While Nonet walked up a little earlier. After eating our very late dinner, we decided to watch I-Witness replays on Philippine TV channel 11. They featured different stories. One episode, featured abused children. Another one on babies born inside a jail. Then, about having many wives of Islam. The last episode was entitled, Maestrang Bulod.

Maestrang Bulod was about teachers who come up to the mountain to teach grade school students. They need to travel a 3-hour boat ride on a river that connects Albay and Sorsogon. I admire those teachers.

The classrooms have rotten chairs to no chairs at all. The classroom can barely be called a classroom but more on a bodega. :( The teachers also stayed in the classroom where they teach. The classroom has very few cooking utensils and there is no LPG. They used do old fashioned cooking. The teachers also sleep in the said classroom. One of them brought folding bed but the others slept on the chairs; trying to get good sleep in the absence of bedroom vanity. To top it all, there is no electricity!
Some students are not able to go to school because their parents do not have money to buy them school supplies. :( Some children were not able to go to school because they need to help their parents work in the field.

As Nonet and I watched the documentary, I told her that she is so lucky that she goes to a good school. That she is given good school supplies and even if we are not rich, she still has comfortable life.

At a young age, I want her to be aware that she has to value education and the things we give her and the things we do for her. I told her that not all children are lucky to be sent to a school. I told her that there are many children who wanted to go to school but not all are given the opportunity.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with an intelligent daughter. She is just quiet as we watched the documentary and while I am giving her “lectures.” At the end of the episode, she told me that she will study hard and will be good at school. :)

I know she would. She will graduate as second honor this March. If not for her many absences (due to constant asthma), she could have been the 1st honor. But, it’s okay. I am proud of my daughter and I am really happy for her achievement. :)

What is important to me is that, she realized that we are doing our best to send her to good schools and that we work hard to provide for her and give her a comfortable life.

Well, I owe it all to God. I know that I may not be able to provide for Nonet and to my family without Him. Thank you Lord and please continue to shower us with your love and blessings.

Ciao! :)

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  1. daisy Says:

    wow congrats nonet!!!

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