Summer is here again!

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Summer in the Philippines usually starts in the month of April to May. It’s just kind of odd because it is raining outside as I write this article. :) When I was young, I almost look forward to summer vacation. Well, who wouldn’t love summer vacation?!? No school, no assignment to work on. No need to wake up early and I have lots of time to play, to sleep late at night, to read my pocket books, watch TV, go to the beach and go on vacation to Quezon. :) Quezon province is my father’s birthplace. My sister Patty and I always look forward to spending our summer vacation in Quezon. I love that place. I love to spend time with my cousins, chatting about anything and boys. Hehehe! I love going to the beach. Oh how I love the beach! :)

I enjoy going to different “sayawan” during barrio fiesta. I never seat on one of the chairs allotted for the “dalagas” but I remember dancing through the evening til the break of dawn with my cousins. Gosh, how can I forget those days! Hehehe!

Another reason why I love going to Quezon is because it is the only time, I get to see my first love. Who else, but ney. :) I am not sure if I have shared in my previous post that ney started courting me when I was in grade six. He is 4 years older than me. I was too young then so I didn’t really know how to be in a relationship. When I was in second year high school, I remember him giving me a letter which I did not accept for some reasons. Honestly, I couldn’t really remember why.

When I was to turn 18, I finally said yes to the love he is offering. That is why our anniversary is May 21. It is Brgy. Duhat’s barrio fiesta. The patron saint is Mama Mary as Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It was May 21, 1999 to be exact. Almost 13 years ago.. :)

But, things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped for then. We have had a lot of problems which make our relationship today complicated. My regret was, I had been too good, so good to others in expense of my own happiness; ‘ney and I’s happiness. When we got together in 2003 things were crazy. I couldn’t remember the number of times I has been scolded. I do not remember the pain I went through and the tears I shed. But, I believe, that we do really love each other because we are still together today, in spite of the many obstructions. :P And, I believe that God has been so merciful to me, to us.. in spite of it all.

How can I forget my summer vacation? :)

This year’s summer is most awaited too. ‘Ney will be coming home after his 2-year contract in Middle East for a vacation. I miss him so much.

Ciao! :)

A Graduation to Remember

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Last Tuesday, March 20, my daughter Antoinette graduated from Preparatory Class, batch 2011-2012 of Our Lady of the Rosary Learning Center. She graduated as second honor and was awarded as Most Diligent. We are so proud of her. :) When she accepted her certificate as graduate I let my mother accompany her. I owe her a lot; taking care of Nonet, preparing her for school, teaching her and studying with her. I wanted to make her feel that her hard work is much appreciated. :)

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When it is time to put on her medal, I asked mama to join me. She told me that it is my turn. It is my time. :) Setting modesty aside, I graduated as second honor from Kindergarten about 25 years ago. I was the first honor from grade 1 to 6 at Rosario Elementary School. I was an honor student at Rizal High School, too, when I finished high school. In other words, my mother had her own time of fame and putting on medals to me.

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As I put on Nonet’s model, I was really happy and proud. Now I know what my mother felt then. :) I told her about my feeling, and she said that it is the reason why she wanted me to be with Nonet alone. She wanted me to feel the same feeling she felt when I was still studying. Oh I love her. :)

Nonet is really happy and proud of her medal. She said that it is her first medal. I told her that should not be the last. I earned more than 20 medals while I was still in school and I challenged her. I told her to surpass the number of medals I was able to earn. :) I will be forever grateful to her teachers; Teacher Elhay, Teacher Evelyn, Teacher Nene and Teacher Christy. Thank you.

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Her father is so happy as well. I told ney that she could have been the first honor if not for her absences. Honey told me that Nonet got her “brains” from me, while her absences from him. Hehehe! Well, I told her that we have our own share of genes in Nonet. And, that Nonet is very lucky to have us, as her parents. :)

Nonet is just starting and she has a long way to go. I pray to God that she will be blessed with good health and that her talent, skills and intelligence will be nurtured. I also pray for my mother who will be taking care of Nonet as I go to work. That mama will have a good health and long life. I pray that God will bless ney and I with good health and good work, to support our daughter. I pray for my sisters who will be there to support me and Nonet, too. I also pray for Tabibe who has been there to support us since I was born.

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In spite of the complications we have in our relationship, ney and I are very thankful for having Nonet as our daughter. I may have committed mistakes in the past and may have hurt number of people, but God has always been good and loving to me. And, Mama Mary has always been praying for me.

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Thank you Lord, I love you. To You be the glory. :)

Ciao! :)

Manufactured Houses?

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Most of us wanted to have our own house. A place we can really call our own. I know that most of us are getting tired of paying high monthly rentals. I have watch tv few days ago about houses made of container trucks and some of ready made walls and roof. The said manufactured homes are very affordable and I guess comfortable to live in. :)

Well, said houses are good enough to stay in while we wait for our dream house to be built. Oh, I hope soon we can have one. :)

Ciao! :)

Back to EK

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I hope that I would be able to go back to EK. We are having our team building this month and EK is one of the choices. Most of my teammates would like to have it in Redbox. Some out of time, but I would want it in EK. I love the place. I love the rides. It’s happy to enjoy theme park once in a while.

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Enchanted Kingdom’s location is very relaxing and stress free. :) Of course, I want to enjoy Rapids again and get wet from the river’s splash! :)

We are yet to decide where and hopefully my choice will win the vote.

Ciao! :)

Be Thankful you go to School

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Last Saturday, I had a date with y family at Robinson’s Galleria. Thanks to Ate Ness for being kind to us. :) I got Nonet a pair of shoes and a dress that she will use on her graduation, next week. Our mother got a blouse for Pauline’s graduation. Patty and I got pairs of shoes as well. We are all happy and excited. :)

We arrived home at around 5PM already. I was really tired and sleepy. I ate a piece of Ensaymada and was gone to bed. Nonet slept beside me. She was tired and sleepy, too. I walked up at around 11PM. While Nonet walked up a little earlier. After eating our very late dinner, we decided to watch I-Witness replays on Philippine TV channel 11. They featured different stories. One episode, featured abused children. Another one on babies born inside a jail. Then, about having many wives of Islam. The last episode was entitled, Maestrang Bulod.

Maestrang Bulod was about teachers who come up to the mountain to teach grade school students. They need to travel a 3-hour boat ride on a river that connects Albay and Sorsogon. I admire those teachers.

The classrooms have rotten chairs to no chairs at all. The classroom can barely be called a classroom but more on a bodega. :( The teachers also stayed in the classroom where they teach. The classroom has very few cooking utensils and there is no LPG. They used do old fashioned cooking. The teachers also sleep in the said classroom. One of them brought folding bed but the others slept on the chairs; trying to get good sleep in the absence of bedroom vanity. To top it all, there is no electricity!
Some students are not able to go to school because their parents do not have money to buy them school supplies. :( Some children were not able to go to school because they need to help their parents work in the field.

As Nonet and I watched the documentary, I told her that she is so lucky that she goes to a good school. That she is given good school supplies and even if we are not rich, she still has comfortable life.

At a young age, I want her to be aware that she has to value education and the things we give her and the things we do for her. I told her that not all children are lucky to be sent to a school. I told her that there are many children who wanted to go to school but not all are given the opportunity.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with an intelligent daughter. She is just quiet as we watched the documentary and while I am giving her “lectures.” At the end of the episode, she told me that she will study hard and will be good at school. :)

I know she would. She will graduate as second honor this March. If not for her many absences (due to constant asthma), she could have been the 1st honor. But, it’s okay. I am proud of my daughter and I am really happy for her achievement. :)

What is important to me is that, she realized that we are doing our best to send her to good schools and that we work hard to provide for her and give her a comfortable life.

Well, I owe it all to God. I know that I may not be able to provide for Nonet and to my family without Him. Thank you Lord and please continue to shower us with your love and blessings.

Ciao! :)

My God

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I have always love musical movies. I have grow up watching The Sound of Music. I remember when I was a kid, the said movie used to be played in Philippine TV Channel 13 during Christmas holiday. I remember buying a cassette tape of the movie’s sound track!

When I started working and earned extra money, I bought a CD copy of the said movie. My mother, my sisters and I still love watching it. :)  When Nonet arrived, and turned 3, we have her watch it, too.

In the recent year,  we have all come to love Sister Act, Enchanted and High School Musicals to name a few.

I have love the songs from the movie Sister Act but I have not actually seen completed watching the movie. About a month ago I bought a copy of the said movie. And, I love it! I was amazed on how a simple and ordinary song can be a song of praise and dedication to Jesus.

My favorite songs from the said movie are Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, I Will Follow Him and My God (My Guy). If you could listen to the song My Guy, every line is something that a Christian should live by. I am guilty though, that I sometimes do not obey my obligations as a Christian. But, I am trying to be one. It takes a lot of prayer and prayer to do that. :)

Hope you enjoy the video below which I got from youtube (uploaded by Sovranita on June 21, 2008). :)

Ciao! :)

Pregnant Again?!?

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Nah, I am not pregnant! My officemates and friends are teasing me though, that by June, I will be. :P

Ney is scheduled to arrive in few months from Saudi. He will be finishing his 2-year contract in there. I must say that I am so proud of him. Just recently, he showed me pictures of him being awarded as Best Operator. :)

Since, he’s been away for that long, my friends are thinking that I will really spend quality time with him. Hehehe!

Yesterday, while I am looking for Nonet’s toys, I found my maternity dresses which are actually plus size dresses. I have not seen those clothes in a while. :)

If God wanted to give me and ney another gift then I would receive him or her with a grateful heart. But, if God would ask me if I wanted another baby, I would answer yes, but not soon. He knows the reason why. I would like to fix the things that needed to fix first before another baby comes. In time I believe, that everything will be okay and I will be ready for another bundle of joy.

Oh God please bless me..

Ciao! :)

Chicken Soup for the Teachers

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Nonet will be graduating from preparatory school on March 20. She took Kinder and Prep in pre-school. When she was in kindergarten, she was a shy yet studious student. :)

Like my sisters and I, her first teacher is my mother. It is my mother who taught her ABC and counting 123. :) I guess, it wasn’t hard for her teacher Ehlay to teach her ABC and I23 then. :) Yet, I am thankful for teacher Ehlay for being my daughter’s first school teacher. She is very patient.

Her teacher right now in prep is teacher Evelyn. I personally know teacher Evelyn, or Ate Evelyn as I call her. I was still a little girl when I met her. :) Her children and I were legionaries (like her). And, we were nurtured to be good Christians, being part of Legion of Mary, under my own aunt, Tabibe (Tita Evelyn).

It is the reason why I decided to send Nonet in their school. :) And, I did not regret it. Ate Evelyn is very nice and treats her students like her own children. :)

In their school there are other two teachers who cared for their students; Teacher Nene and Teacher Christy. :)

As a sign of gratitude to these beloved teachers, I decided to give them something that will remind them of Nonet. :) Since, I love books and I love to read books, I decided to give them a book. :) I chose Chicken Soup for the Soul to give to them. I guess I need not to explain why. :)

I already received the four books which I purchased online and I intend to give them the said books on graduation day.

I have finished kindergarten from NFWC about 25 years ago but I still remember my kinder teacher, Mrs. Erlinda Jimenez. I will be forever grateful to her. I believe Nonet will be thankful to her teachers too, and will never forget them.

God bless our teachers!

Ciao! :)

Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday marks the start to the Lenten season. This year, 2012, Ash Wednesday was celebrated last February 22. Like many Catholics around the globe, I was one of the faithful who went to the church to hear mass and to have our foreheads marked with ashes in the shape of a cross. The ash is a reminder to us that from ash we came, to ash will end.

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Ash Wednesday though cannot be found in the Bible. Therefore, observing Ash Wednesday is not really an obligation. However, whether or not Ash Wednesday is a day of obligation, what is important is the reason why we celebrate the said day. Christians and other children of God are called to repent and to turn away from sins.

Believe me turning away from sin is not easy or simple as saying it. But, we can. Truly we can. We just have to pray hard.. harder.

Ciao! :)

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