See you soon Honey!:)

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I had a good chat with honey last night. As much as possible, I tried to avoid anything that would trigger our fight. :) I don’t want to give him something that we will worry about. In spite of our indifference, I know in my heart that it would still be Thata. :)

Like him, Nonet and I are also excited about his arrival. I am so proud of him. He will be able to finish his 2-year contract this year. He was able to save money from his salary as well. Its a good thing that he send to his mother. Oh well, he feel more secure when he send his savings to his mom than to me. It’s alright with me. I can’t blame him. :P Hehehe!

He told me that they still have a cold weather in Saudi. I believe it’s still winter in there. He said that it is really pretty cold. I told him to get one of those columbia jackets on sale, it’s going to be helpful to him. Anyway, he will be in Saudi for few more months.

He is so excited that he showed me the things that he bought. I am glad to see that he was able to buy the things he wanted. Gadgets and jewelries that he was only dreaming before. I am glad that those things motivated him to work hard and He also told me that he was awarded as best operator.

He also asked me what I wanted. I can say that ney is lucky to have me in a way that I have a good job, too. That somehow, I can provide for myself and for Nonet, too. But, I asked him to buy Nonet a PlayStation Portable. Nonet has always wanted to have one. He is planning to give her a netbook though, but I told ney that Nonet will be happier if she has a PlayStation. :)

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As for me, I have requested for Lacoste Touch of Pink and Ferragamo Incanto Shine. Hehehe! I believe these perfume cost cheaper there because there is no tax.

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There is another request I have asked for. But, it is up to honey to buy for me or not. I just wanted to have it. I didn’t ask for any new cellphone because my old N73 is still good and working. It may not be a touchscreen phone but I love it. :) What I have asked for honey is an IPOD. I want the classic one only. :) I told him that it’s up to him if he will buy me one. If he did, then thank you ney. If he didn’t, it’s fine with me. :)

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What is important is that ney will be home soon safe and sound. :) God bless you ney! See you soon! I love you.

Ciao! :)

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