After 22 years!

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Last February 8, my mother, my sister Patty and I went to NAIA Terminal 3 to fetch our Tita Edna and her student. Her student will be competing in a national level science competition in Baguio City. The last time I saw Tita Edna was during my Tito Lino’s wedding. It was 22 years ago! I was only 8 years old then.

I took a vacation leave from work because their expected arrival is around 9PM. They arrived at NAIA Terminal 3. It was my first time in the airport. I might have been in NAIA Terminal 1 but I can no longer recall. My sister Patty told me that I am such a loser! Hehehe! :)

We took a bus ride bound to Baclaran. The traffic in EDSA drives me crazy! I was really getting mad because of the traffic my sister seemed so relax while listening music on her phone. She said that it is usual in EDSA. And the traffic we have encountered was just a light traffic. She works in Makati and she is used to this kind of traffic.

We’re supposed to get off at Pasay Road but my mother decided to cut the trip and we got off at Dusit Hotel. We took from there going to the airport. I was really excited when we arrived at the airport. I was never a traveler. I like to see and visit different places but if I cannot afford it, it is fine with me. I can live staying at home while reading books, or working on my cross-stitch or working on my blog site. :)

The last time my mother saw her sister was in May 2010 when they had a grand reunion in Antique. After about 45 minutes of waiting, Tita Edna and her student, Zy, arrived through Cebu Pacific plane from Davao City. I was really excited and happy to see her. She was still studying when we saw each other. Now, she has a daughter who will be graduating in college this year and a son. :) How time flies so fast!

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We ate our dinner at Kenny Rogers. I know that she is excited to see us as well. She told me that she was expecting a little Anette to fetch her. She didn’t really expect that we are all grown ups now. Well, I told her that I am not just grown up, I have a daughter already which made her a grandaunt already! :)

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We also met her student Zy, who is very quiet. He just observed us while we chat and laugh. But, he responded when asked. :)

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After a little tour in the airport (we got a little lost, my bad), we headed to Victory Liner in Pasay. We waited until they are onboard the bus going to Baguio. I miss Baguio. I have only been there twice but it is one place I will never get tired of spending vacations. I love the different tourist spots, the cold weather and the vegetables and strawberries!

It was really a fun and exciting day. :)

Ciao! :)

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