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I recently finished reading the book of Mitch Albom that was released internationally. I do not have a copy of this book yet. But, I will definitely get one. I know that many people will be benefited if I would get a copy. :) Besides, it will complete my Mitch Albom collection. :) I already have, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day and Tuesdays With Morrie. Soon, I will get Have a Little Faith. :)

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The book was released in 2009. When I read the teaser of the book, it didn’t really interest me. But since, it was written by Mitch, I have this confidence that it is a good book. Something that is worthwhile reading. :)

My friend and colleague Ruth, lent me her copy. When I started reading the book, believe me, I couldn’t take my eyes from it anymore! I just need to convince myself to stop for a while and get a good sleep for I need to go to work in the evening. Sometimes, my mother will just turn off the light in our room so I would stop reading!

The book is about two leaders from different religion; opposing religions. One was a Jew rabbi and the other one was a Christian Pastor. Rabbi Albert Lewis was Mitch one and only rabbi. Mitch was asked by Rabbi Al to do his eulogy. Mitch didn’t know then that the rabbi had cancer. On the other hand, Mitch met Pastor Henry Covington in Detroit. He was the senior pastor at I Am My Brother’s Keeper. Mitch learned about the humanitarian activities led by the pastor in his church and Mitch wanted to extend some help.

The two church leaders may have different beliefs, follow different traditions and may have been raised differently, but both taught us to be kind and be a accountable for one another. :)

I am Christian, a Catholic. Yet, I admired the late rabbi of Mitch. I learned a lot from him by simply reading the book. On the other hand, Pastor Henry taught us that each one of us was given a chance not only once but God is patiently giving us chance after another to renew our faith and turn back to Him. Pastor Henry made us realize how forgiving our God is. He also reminded us that in the end of our life, we will still be judged by what we have done.

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Mitch with Rabbi Albert Lewis

The book only states that Rabbi Al passed away and Mitch also wrote his eulogy for Rabbi Al. He also kept his promise to his Rabbi, that the Reb will not die a second death. Second death: which the rabbi said as being forgotten. He also mentioned the help that was extended to Pastor Henry’s church in Detroit.

As I finished reading the book, I prayed to Rabbi Al. I believe that we may have different faith, nor he wouldn’t know, I believe that he is now happy and rejoicing with God. :)

On the other hand, I searched over the Internet about what has become of Pastor Henry. I was able to find his church website and learned about the hole in the roof of their church. And, the memorial concert for his foundation.

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Pastor Henry Covington

I was really surprised when I learned that Pastor Henry has passed away as well. He passed away peacefully on bed while sleeping in one of the hotels in New York in December, 2010. He and Mitch attended in an interview earlier that day. :( Upon learning about his death, I immediately offered a prayer for the late pastor.

Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry taught us that even if we came from different faith, there is only one God. We may call our god differently, we may have different traditions and festivals to commemorate our faith, at the end of the day, we still worship one and only God. And, whatever congregation or religion we belong, we are taught to love, care, respect and be accountable for our neighbors. :)

I believe that Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry are both with God now. Both are happy. Both are content. Both are lucky that in their lifetime, they have met a good friend in Mitch; who made a way for them not to die a second death. Truly, both Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry will always be remembered.

I recommend that you get a copy of this great and inspiring book. :)

Ciao! :)

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