Enchanted Kingdom: The Magic Stays With You

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I believe the most awaited place in the educational trip was Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna. We arrived at the park maybe between 12:30 to 1PM.

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It was my third visit and Nonet’s first. My first visit was when I was in 4th high school. Long long ago. My second was in 2004. Quite a while still. I was really happy to be back. Nothing much has changed in EK since my last visit. But, I am still enchanted by the park’s beauty. The stone train still sits in the Boulderville. I had a picture in its first coach, and I had Nonet’s picture taken in the same spot. :)

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It was a Thursday and there were only few people around compared to the number of people during weekends. We’re able to enjoy almost all the rides. I was surprised on Nonet’s bravery. She was not afraid to try the different rides around. :)

Our first ride was the roller coaster. I was carried away with Nonet’s excitement and courage. She even raised her hands when the coaster goes down. :) We enjoyed driving the bump car and the bump boat.

Her friends enjoyed the different kiddie rides especially the carousal. We also went up aboard one of the cabins of Wheel Fate. Nonet was not afraid of heights. I kept on telling her not to look down but she enjoyed our height and the top view of EK park! I enjoyed that ride, too. :)

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We saved Riogrande Rapids for last. It’s a good thing, Ate Mhiles asked me to bring clothes for Nonet and I. I brought extra pair of jeans, shirts and undies for both of us. Pau’s bag was a big help, too. It was truly a waterproof bag!

We took the rapids twice. The kids enjoyed it too. They loved getting wet! :)

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After changing into dry clothes, Nonet and I had a little shopping. I bought her and mama a shirt. I also bought Wizard wand and the penguin. I asked if she wanted Eldar instead but she preferred the penguin. Before I brought the penguin; we had an agreement that she will be more obedient and kind to mommy and mama. So, every time she gets a little “pasaway” I always remind her about our agreement with the penguin. :)

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Truly it was a day of fun, laughter and camaraderie. I get to meet parents and make new friends. It was one day I would never forget. :)

Ciao! :)

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