A Trip to Daranak Falls and Calinawan Cave

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Since, we’re there, the barangay secretary let us use the service and tour around the Tandang Kutyo, which includes visit to Daranak Falls and to a cave called Calinawan Cave (I hope I remember the name of the cave correctly). It our time to unwind! :)

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Our first stop was the Calinawan Cave. I was bad; I forgot to ask the name of our tour guide. He said that the said cave served as a home to wounded soldiers during the war. How I wish there were available incontinence products during that time that our brave soldiers used when they were wounded.

The cave is bounded with tress and vines. One wouldn’t really notice it at all. We didn’t dare to get into the cave but we were told that many people have been exploring the said cave and their local barangay is planning to develop it further and introduce it as a tourist spot.

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After a quick visit and “picture picture” at the entrance and exit of the cave, we headed off to Daranak Falls.

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Exit of Calinawan Cave

It was my first time to see a falls within my reach and enjoy the cold water from the mountain’s spring. I have seen different falls like Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna and Maria Christina Falls in Lanao in pictures but not as close as Daranak Falls. One would really appreciate God’s creation.

The running water was really inviting! I do not have extra clothes and we do not really have plans of going to Daranak. I rolled my pants up and kicked my shoes off. I really enjoyed the water! I wonder if the water from the falls will ever run out. Well, as long the source or the springs continues to produce water then we will be able to enjoy this wonderful God’s creation. :)

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I would like to share this wonderful experience, not only because it was worth telling but I want this to be an eye opener to everybody. That we should be thankful for the wonderful creations God made for us. And, that we should be responsible in taking care of them. In our own little ways, we can help each other preserve the beauty of these creations.

Ciao! :)

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  1. Marella Inah Soriano Says:

    Hello. Pwede ko po ba kayo mainterview tungkol sa experience and kung ano nangyari sainyo sa pagpunta ng Daranak Falls?

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