Christmas Rush

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It’s just seven days before Christmas and you may find people everywhere always on the go, doing last minute shopping and groceries. Shopping malls everywhere are filled with people from all walks of life. Who would say Filipinos are poor? :) Well, its a good insight after all, right? :)

Talking about Christmas rush, I accompanied my sister Patty at SM Mega Mall yesterday. She has to buy more than 20 gifts for her godchildren, nieces and nephews. Since, she has a budget for each (and she follows her budget, unlike me.. Hehehe!), we needed to check every section of the department finding good gifts that will fit the budget. It took us maybe an hour or two to complete the list.  :)

The struggle brought about by Christmas rush didn’t stop at finding good stuff for a strict budget. It was just the beginning. After making sure that she didn’t miss any from her list, Patty tried to find a cashier that is not queuing. Well, how can she find a cashier that is not queuing at this time of the season! It’s a good thing that most of the cashier today are using barcode scanner. Waiting for your turn to pay for the items you bought isn’t that long anymore.

From the department, we went to pick up the new tower and printer I got. My old 4 year old tower decided to quit and I need to get a new motherboard, processor and casing. My hard drive and optical drives are still working so I didn’t need to get new one. I thought that since the tower didn’t have much component installed, it will be easy to carry. I also thought the same thing about the printer. Well, I was wrong! I carried the printer because it is heavier while, Patty is on the tower.

We knew that finding a ride to go home wouldn’t be that easy. Yet, we are both tired and we are carrying heavy things so we eliminate the bus ride going home. We went to the taxi bay and as expected, it is queuing again! The rain brought about typhoon added to the traffic brought about by the season. We found ourselves on the line, when Patty noticed empty FX bound to Pasig. Since, we can take that route as well, we decided to take FX and get off at Rotonda in Pasig. We just paid all the 4 sits available at the back portion of the FX. It was still raining when we got off at Rotonda.

The struggle going home didn’t stop at Mega Mall. When we reached Rotonda, we found many stranded people too. There are only few jeepneys bound to Marikina. Since, we have a lot of things with us, she told me that we should take the tricycle instead. I looked over our things while Patty checked on the tricycle that can bring to Roasario. Finally she found one. She took the backsit while I stayed inside with all the things we bought. It wasn’t comfortable as taxi but, if we didn’t take the route we did, we might still be in Mega Mall waiting for a taxi.

When we got home, we were both tired and exhausted but we’re happy. :) Thank you Lord. :)

Ciao! :)

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