Not Allergic to Cats, Thank God!

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I have been very busy working on my cases at work and I wasn’t able to find time to write on my online journal. My desktop at home is still down and I’m just taking advantage of the avail time I have in the office. :)

My last post was about Nonet’s recent hospitalization. Well, it was her third this year alone. Hopefully, its going to be her last. After she was discharged in the hospital, we went to her ever compassionate pediatrician for follow up. Nonet is doing well in her recent check up. But, I was asked by our doctor, that Nonet should have her skin test the soonest possible time. Well, I have been told about this since March of this year. :( I admit that it was my fault why the skin test has been delayed for so many months.

Nonet’s father is so worried that he sent enough money for the skin test to be performed. Last November 26, we had our appointment with her Allergy specialist and performed the skin test. There were around 27 samples of allergens that were injected to her skin. We waited for about 20 minutes for the results.

I have been an animal lover since I was a young girl. We used to own a dog. We had around 20 cats in our old house. Today, we have 5 cats at home. Since, my daughter is asthmatic, outer cats usually get the blame for it. My sisters and I have been asked many times to give up our cats. My mother even asked me to choose between my daughter and our cats. Our cats are just local cats, or what other people used to call “pusakal“. Nowadays, those cats are called as Puspin (or Pusang Pinoy). Though are cats are just ordinary cats, we love them dearly. It hurts me so much when Nonet is being hospitalized due to asthma. And, it hurts me too thinking that I might have to give up our cats, if Nonet’s skin test result will show that she is allergic to cats. :(

My younger sister, Patty, accompanied as to the doctor. Both of us were praying and hoping that Nonet is not allergic to cats. After about 20 minutes, the doctor told us the different things which Nonet is allergic to. Thank God, she is negative with cats! :) It was a relief!

Nonet is most allergic to pollens and grass. She is allergic to mango, too. She is allergic with dogs but not with cats. When she was a baby, she was so allergic to peanuts but the skin test shows negative to it. We told the doctor that we have been so vigilant in giving Nonet any food that may contain peanut. The doctor said that it is possible that peanut has become foreign to her body allergy that’s why it didn’t react to the test. But, she told us not to give peanuts to Nonet yet. She said that the “peanut test” will be conducted in her clinic.

When we got home, I showed the skin test result to my mother with my specialist’s signature, highlighting the items which Nonet is allergic to. She couldn’t believe that Nonet is allergic to dogs but not to cats. :)

I am just glad that we don’t need to give up our cats. But, I’m sad because Nonet loves dogs, too. In her father’s house in Quezon, they have number of dogs which she loves to play with. Little did I know that she is allergic to them.

She is now 6 years old and hopefully, she will outgrown asthma before she turns seven next year.

God bless her! :)

Ciao! :)

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