Another week @ the Hospital

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My daughter celebrated her 6th birthday last October 28. The same day that Nicholas Sparks held a book signing at The Podium. We’re lucky to have picked a “YES” from the lucky draw to get a signing pass. I know that it’s going to be a long wait, so I packed enough cookies and water for Nonet. I even brought a jacket for her and couple of toys. We ate at nearby McDonald’s so she can get a toy from the fast food’s Happy Meal. :)

We got home late then, but we both happy. She also got excited seeing one of my favorite authors.
Came Sunday, I treat her to a date. We went to Robinson’s Galleria and she enjoyed playing at Tom’s World. We also had lunch at McDo then. We had a good time and I really enjoyed our date.

What I didn’t realize was she got so tired, that another asthma attack made my mother rushed her to the hospital. It was actually my sister Pauline (who’s asthmatic, too) who noticed Nonet’s difficulty in breathing while she was sleeping. She told my mother that they needed to bring to the hospital already. Good thing, Joy was around to accompany them.

I requested my boss to go under time because of the said emergency. Gladly, Boss Armz understood and she allowed me to go early. When I saw Nonet at the ER, I couldn’t help but asked her why. Well, of course my daughter wouldn’t know the answer but she was so brave when the nurse put on her dextrose. The nurse said, she hoped that all children are like her. :)

Antoinette was confined for about a week. She had XRAY showing pneumonia. I still go to work at night and then stayed in the hospital from morning ‘til afternoon. I wish then that I have one of those Datawarehouse Designer Jobs where I can actually work from home, and in cases like that, from the hospital.

Her pediatrician, the very caring, Dr. Rabor, advised us to go home late in the afternoon about 2 Saturdays ago. I thought I didn’t have a problem with the billing because Nonet has a health card and she is my dependent in Philhealth. But, God, sometimes tried to kid us around and played a little joke on us. Nonet was given with another maintenance medicine and it needs to have baby haler. The baby haler cost around Php2400, and it was included in the bill! I only have 300pesos then. While the billing staff verified the said haler from Maxicare, I prayed to God, to Mama Mary and to all God’s saints that Maxicare would cover it. In the end, I only paid for P25 for a medicine tray which was given to us before we leave our room.

Praise and thanks be to God! :)

In spite of the health card, I still hope that Nonet will not be using it anymore. She’ll be undergoing a skin test soon and hopefully, our money would be enough to find a different house with better environment.
I believe that God will take good care of us, especially my daughter. :)

Ciao! :)

A Visit to Papa

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October 31 was declared a Special Non-Working holiday in lieu of All Saints Day, my sister Patty and my cousin April decided to go to Quezon for the holidays. They actually had a 4-day vacation then.
My father died in 2007 and he is buried to a public cemetery. Well, we do not have money to pay for a lot. His remains were buried in a cemetery apartment. The good thing is, papa has a lot of “neighbors.”

We usually pay visit on November 1, although November 2 is the feast of the souls. But, of course, in our hearts and in our prayers, we hope that papa is now one of the saints in God’s court. :)

My mother couldn’t come with us because she looked after my daughter who was having an asthma attack then. Only my youngest sister Pauline, our cousin Joy and I went to the cemetery. We lit three vigil candles for papa and we brought him flowers. We actually stayed there for less than an hour for we really didn’t have a place to actually stay or to even sit down. After saying a prayer for papa’s soul, we left.
We didn’t really leave the cemetery yet. We stayed quite a bit longer roaming around the cemetery. I really get intrigued with people who died at a young age, especially the babies. I really felt sad about for their parents. Another thing that we really enjoyed the most are the plenty food carts scattered in and outside the cemetery. :)  We really enjoyed the street food!

We arrived home maybe around 3PM in the afternoon and we’re all very thirsty! Though we ate a lot in the cemetery, we didn’t really buy and drinks there not even a soda.

We just rented the apartment slot where papa’s remains are currently buried. We only have five-year contract with for it. After five years (it’s going to be next year, 2012), we need to transfer our father’s remain to his final resting place. Patty wanted to transfer the remains in Quezon, where papa can join his parents and elder brothers’ remains. Well, Patty’s argument is not at all selfless; she wanted to have a “reason” to go to Quezon as often as she could. On the other hand, my mother wanted the remains to be near us. Patty said that it doesn’t matter where papa’s remains would lie, what is important is that, we always remember papa and we never forget to pray for his soul.

I know that we need to decide soon, because papa’s contract in the cemetery will expire in January, 2012. I understand both of them and I actually respect my mother’s opinion. In the end, I know that they are just waiting for my decision so the talk will be over. Honestly, right now I don’t know. I cannot tell yet if it would be best for the remains to be transferred to Quezon or just find a small slot for papa’s remains in Pasig Cemetery. I really don’t know yet. Sooner or later, I need to decide.

Papa will always be remembered and loved.

Ciao! :)

When Saints go Marching in!

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We have been accustomed to visiting the tombs or going to cemetery on November 1. But, November 1 is actually a day to remember all the souls which have entered the kingdom of God after they left their body. This is the day to remember all the heavenly saints not only the saints whose names are found in a Catholic calendar. All Saints Day was originally celebrated on May 13. Pope Gregory III moved it to November 1. I learned about this from the homily of a guest priest in our parish. I don’t remember the name of the priest anymore but he is a chaplain assigned at Camp Crame. I didn’t know that All Saints Day is actually a holiday of obligation. Well atleast now I know, and I will remember to hear mass on November 1.

November 2 on the other hand is the day we remember all the souls who have crossed the “bridge” already. Catholic faith teaches us that every human being has a soul. When the time comes, it will leave the earthly body. We often use crossing the bridge since their new journey begins. I wonder if there are three paths where the souls go through at the end of the bridge. A road that leads to heaven, another road to purgatory, and the road going to hell. Other religions do not have purgatory. But, in the Catholic church, we believe that those souls which needs cleansing will go to purgatory. These are the souls who needs a lot of prayers from us.

I believe that all of us wanted to be on the road going to heaven. I know that our life on earth is not as easy we hope it could be. But, then what do these two feast days remind us? For me, it reminds us that everybody will die. We need to die for us to become a saint. To become a saint, well, its going to be easier said than done, but I believe that we can be a saint by just doing simple things with all our heart. And in the end,  I know that we all wanted to be remembered both on November 2 and on November 1. :)

God bless us all!

Ciao! :)

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