Typhoon Pedring hits the Metro

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I am taking advantage of the time while I wait for my colleagues Vic and Loui to finish their reports. Luzon is again hit by a typhoon. It’s been 2 years since the hundreds of lives were lost due to typhoon Ondoy. The weather bureau said that Pedring is similar to Ondoy. I can see from the office window, how the wind blows and how strong the rain pours. It may be scary especially to those people who were affected badly by typhoon Ondoy. I can feel the trauma and the nightmare that day brought them. :(

Storm signal number 2 is raised in Metro Manila and the classes are suspended. My daughter hates it when there is no classes. She just love going to school. I admire her for that. :) I hope that she will continue to be interested in studying until she finished college. :)

I am just praying that no one will get hurt or affected with the recent typhoon that hits the country. I believe that we are more prepared now compared to what happened with Ondoy then.

Inspite of the scare brought about the strong typhoon, I still find a positive thing out of it. Well, for me only I guess. My neighbors will not be hanging around outside our window and wouldn’t make any noise. I always question myself if those peole have been taught what respect is about. Or if they even know the word repect exists.

In any case, they are lucky for the the word patience exists in me. Hehehe! :D I know that I would have a goodnight sleep this afternoon. I will be able to go to work as fresh as I can. I will be able to pamper myself using my sister’s dermorganic beauty products. Ofcourse, I use it. Like I always tell her, there are things that I buy for our family. There are also things that she buy. Hehehe!

Please be careful people. I believe that God will not let us get harm. God bless us all!

Ciao! :)

So help me God

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When  I became part of Sto. Rosario Parish choir about 12 years ago, I was able to use the gift of music which God gave me. I enjoyed singing in the choir. I felt that my talent in singing has been honed and developed further. The joy was different every after mass. I felt that I became closer to God for using His gift to praise Him. It was really a wonderful feeling. :)

While I was in the choir I learned different songs which can be sang in the mass; songs of praise; songs of faith and inspiration. When I was in college. I was assigned by our department head to organize a small choir who will sing in the mass offering to be held in the school. I also led the choir who sing in a first Friday mass offered in my previous company. I believe that I made God happy by sharing my talent. :) .

Last Saturday, my friend Victor and I attended the album launch of one of my two favorite choirs, Hangad (the other one is Bukas Palad Music Ministry). Both group originated from Ateneo de Manila. As I watch and listen to the songs offered in Hangad’s new album, I dream of sending my daughter, Antoinette, to ADMU, so she would have an opportunity of becoming the next generation member of either Hangad or Bukas Palad Music Ministry. Well, I wouldn’t have the means to do so but with God’s help I believe that I will. :)

Tonight, as I listen to the inspiring songs of Hangad choir, I realized that it doesn’t matter whether someone would be part of a famous choir or not. What matters is that when you becthome part of a ministry, you do it for God’s glory. :) What is important is that, you would able to use God’s gift to praise Him and to spread His love to other people.

I still have the dream of sending Antoinette to Ateneo, though. And to top it all, her third name happens to be Jesuita. :) She will just turn 6 years old in October. She has a long way to go. But, I believe that God has amazing plans for her, like He has for me. I just need to be faithful. :)

Here is one of my favorite songs by Hangad choir.

Ciao! :)

Gift Ideas

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I went to SM Megamall yesterday with Auntie Tina for a grocery and I noticed the different items on Sale. :) I really like sale. I felt bad because I don’t have extra money to buy Christmas presents. Well, I have not work on my Christmas list either. The different items gave me different gift ideas as well. :)

For my god-children, I want to give them something that will remind them of me for we seldom see each other. I am thinking of giving them personalized T Shirts! :)

My sister’s gift to her godchildren last year were personalized tshirt. I think it would be cute and children will appreciate them. :)

It’s just first week of September yet, I can feel already the Christmas breeze!

Ciao! :)


Happy Birthday Mama Mary

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I know that today isn’t really the exact date or day that Mama Mary was born. But then, the essence of this day is not just about the date but for us to remember that a humble woman was born and obediently followed the will of God. Without Mama Mary’s “YES” to God’s call, we might not be around today. :)

Happy Birthday dear Mother Mary.  Thank you for everything. :)

Ciao! :)

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