God holds us Responsible for His creations

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This week is Nonet’s first periodical test. I made mock exams on bond papers for Reading and Mathematics. She was able to perfect the mock test and hopefully she did good in her real exams, too. Her other subjects include Science, Language and Christian Living. I decided to review her following the lessons in the books. My daughter loves and very interested in Christian Living. She appreciates God’s wonderful creation so much. Well, she herself is God’s wonderful creation. :)

Each lesson in her book has a passage taken from the Bible. One of the passages in the book says, “I put you in charge of all that I make (Genesis 1:28)”. This passage reminds us about our responsibility in all of God’s creations. When God created animals, plants, fish, mountains, seas, oceans, etc., He holds us responsible for taking good care of His creations. He made those wonderful things out of His love for us. In return, I believe, that it is our duty to value and take good care of those creations.

I live in an old apartment with my family in a compound. Most of my neighbors are the sons and daughters of our land lord. In a typical urban setting, even if the compound is owned privately, there are still tenants like my family, who are fond of having cats and dogs as pets. There are also stray cats that hang out in the “looban”. One of my neighbors who happened to be an active church servant gets very mad at those animals, especially the stray cats. She said that the cats just poop everywhere, and that they make the looban dirty. I heard her say one day that they have called Sanitation department of Pasig City to get rid of those poor animals. I learned from a friend that Pasig City doesn’t have any animal pound. If the Sanitation team will get the cats and dogs, what would they do to them then?

Honestly, I don’t even want to entertain the thought that comes to my mind. :(

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Out of respect, I did not bother to confront her. I believe that as an active church servant, she may have the responsibility in honing the spiritual wellness of young people. Yet, she should know most of all, that we people are responsible for taking care of God’s creations.

I was talking to Ate Ness about this and she told me that there is nothing I can do to people like that. But, there is something I can do for those animals that I really care for.

We have five cats at home and as much as I want them free, I need to put them in a cage. Well, as long as my “goody good” neighbors will learn that these animals are God’s creation, too and we have the responsibility of taking care of them, our cats would remain in the cage as long as we’re in the said looban. :(

I know that the poor cats and dogs in our looban are just few of the many creations God has made, that we people should be responsible of.  My article wouldn’t be enough to cover all those wonderful things that God made for us. Beautiful creations that we tend to abuse and take for granted.

God loves us so much, and hopefully sooner or later, we should learn to value these creations before it’s too late.

On the lighter side, I am just glad, that at five years old, my daughter has a heart already for God’s little creatures such as abandoned kittens. My mother told me that the other day, that on their way to school, they saw a kitten which looked very weak. My daughter told my mother that she pity the poor kitten and she wanted to adopt it.

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I talked to my daughter and told her that at this time, we can only pray for the safety of those animals. But in God’s grace, someday, we’ll have our own house with enough space for those poor animals.

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony de Padua pray for us and for God’s beloved animals.

Ciao! :)

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