Another Hospital Visit

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Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, she still tend to forget that eating too much candy is bad for her. :( When they went to Taytay last Sunday, my sister noticed that she ate a lot of candies. The following day, she started coughing and sneezing. We knew then, that she was experiencing difficulty in breathing because of her cough. My mother nebulized her to make her feel better. She also bought cough syrup.

I knew that if we will not pay attention to her cough, it would trigger her asthma. Added to it is the kind of weather we have now.  Her last confinement due to bronchial asthma was only last June. And I do not want her to be hospitalized again. Yesterday, I brought her to the hospital to see a Pedia-Pulmonologist. Well, I remember that I have been asked by her pedia, Dr. Rabor to bring her to a Pulmonologist already.  She has been hospitalized twice this year already due to asthma.

We went to Maxicare office and get Letter of Authorization for her consultation under Dr. Sua. We got to the hospital too early but Nonet didn’t bother anyway. We both enjoyed looking at the scrubs uniforms worn by the different medical staff. :)

When Dr. Sua arrived, she noticed right away Nonet’s dry skin. She said that my daughter is really asthmatic. Though she is not under attack when we went there, which is good news actually. :)

Dr. Sua requested Nonet to undergo a PPD test just to rule out primary complex. We went back to Maxicare office where the said test was performed.

On Saturday we’ll go back to the hospital for follow up check up.

Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, sometimes, I really cannot blame her for eating candies. Well, she has a sweet tooth. She loves chocolate especially Cadbury. :)

I pity her at times, but I just explained to her that one day, she would be able to outgrown her asthma and she would be able to eat as much as chocolate and candies as she want. But, for now, she needs to control herself from eating too much sweets. I know she understands it but she’s a child who is really tempted with colorful candies! :)

I am really praying for her good health. I believe that the Lord can hear me, and in His sweet time, Nonet will be free from asthma. Amen!

God bless you, anak. Mommy loves you so much.

Ciao! :)

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