An Affectionate Dream

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While taking my last break at work, I decided to write in here the dream I had last night. It was a nice dream. Sweet dream in fact that I keep rewinding on my mind. :) Yet, I need to wake up from that dream to face a reality. For the person who has shown me great affection in my dreams, is someone I value so much in my heart but someone I can never be with. :(

Many people would say that a dream is made out of our subconscious mind. It is something that we want to happen but is not happening in real life. I know that we would remain friends only. Good friends in fact, and I am happy and content that I met him in my life. :)

I was with a friend and we are strolling in a mall. Then I saw him attending a wedding. He is so happy and enjoying the wedding. When my friend and I passed by the reception hall, he saw me but ignored me somehow. In the next scene, I saw myself talking to him about something I don’t remember now. What I remember was, he gave me a pair of sandals that are in gold color, and when it fits me so well. Then, I remember we gave each other a big hug. It was a hug of affection.  It was a heartfelt hug.  Then, before we part ways, we gave each other a kiss on the chick.

I tried to search the meaning of it over the Internet, but found no concrete meaning. :(

He is my friend and I know that he loves and he cares for me so much too. I have accepted in my heart long ago that he would always be just a friend. And, though he may not know, he is my stress reliever. I do not deny the fact that sometimes, I get hurt about the love I have for him. But, in the end, I just find myself happy for having to meet him and have him as a friend.

Well, I feel better now. I really feel gloomy this morning thinking about it. Hehehe! I may have fallen for boss but the truth is, it would still be ney in the end. And I would love ney til the end.

Thank you for the time. I just need let my feelings out. :)

Have a great weekend people!

Ciao! :)

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