Good deed makes one feel good

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On our way home from the mass last Sunday, I saw a lady accidentally dropped a Php500 bill. The money was drop near the rear wheels of a car. The incident happened very fast, and by instinct, I immediately picked the money and ran after the lady. I was able to give the money to the lady. She was still in shock when I left her. She didn’t know that she dropped a bill, and maybe she was really surprised when it was returned to her. :)

It was a great feeling. :)

I told my mother who was with me at the time, that if I didn’t see the lady dropped the money, and if the money was just lying on the street, then I would take it and tag it as “finders keeper.” But then, I was able to see what happened. Honestly, I didn’t have any second thoughts of returning it. And, even if I am experiencing financial difficulties, I do not have any regrets of doing what I did. :)

Truly, good deed will make you feel good!

Ciao! :)

Who is Jesus for me?

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Last week’s gospel talked about the identity of Jesus. How His apostles know Him. My family and I heard the 11AM in our church. During the homily the priest then asked the faithful, if we are to ask who Jesus is, what would we answer? We may be Catholic believers and we know Jesus as one true God, one of the persons in the Holy trinity. These are all being taught to us by our religion teachers. But who is Jesus in our lives?

In my life, Jesus is my God, my Savior, my confident and my friend. In my prayers after the Holy Communion, I told him that He is the only one I can turn to especially during the very low moments of my life.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is so deep to understand when you think about it. But if you have faith, then faith will lead you to understand the profound vagueness of the Holy Trinity. :)

I hope that we not only call unto Jesus during when we have problems. I believe that He would also love to hear our thanksgiving and praise as well as the happy moments we have in life. :)

Ciao! :)

Marcelito deserves what he has

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I was able to watch the life story of Maecelito Pomoy in MMK about two Saturdays ago. Marcelito is the recent winner of Pilipinas Got Talent. Marcelito has had a lot of hardships in his life. Yet his determination is strong and I really admire him because of this.

While we watch MMK, I cannot help but to get pissed off with Marcelito’s mother and eldest sister. I thought of Sarah Geronimo’s mother as well, Divine Geronimo. I am mother as well, and I cannot imagine how those mothers afford to give their children heartaches. Marcelito’s mother abandoned them and when he found her, she seemed to make money out of Marcelito. Well, Divine on the other hand, took care of Sarah, but she tends to be greedy of her. Maybe Divine is afraid to lose their bread winner. Those mothers are lucky to have Marcelito and Sarah as their children; I know that Marcelito and Sarah are good and kind hearted people.

Going back to Marcelito, he truly deserves what he has now. I pray that Marcelito will have more projects and I hope that he would have a good life. Of all the hardships he went through and going through, he deserves a good life now.

I was truly inspired by Marcelito’s story. When I have problems, I tend to feel so down but then, I realized that my problem is just a bit compared to another person. What is important here is that we learn to keep on fighting, and we should never give up. God loves us all and He sees us. And, He would never let us down. He would never leave us.

God bless you Marcelito. God bless us all!

Ciao! :)


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This morning, my team mate Jojo asked me if I know the song with lyrics that goes.. la la la la la la. He sang that part of the song only and I told him, that the song title is Bridges. He wouldn’t believe me at first then I sang parts of the song with the la la la la la la. He believed me then. Hehehe! :) He asked how I learned the song, I just told him that I just knew it.

Well, the truth is I have been humming that song also way back then. Like him, I only knew la la la la la  la then. Since, I like the song so much, I didn’t stop searching for it and even studied its notes.

Today, I have been singing Bridges in our karaoke and I love singing it. :)

Here’s the song and I hope you’ll enjoy it like I do. :)


La la la.. la la la la la.. la la la.. la la la la la
hmm hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

I have crossed a thousand bridges
In my search for something real
There were great suspension bridges
Made of spiderwebs of steel

There were tiny wooden trestles
And there were bridges made of stone
I have always been a stranger
And I’ve always been alone

There’s a bridge to tomorrow
There’s a bridge from the past
There’s a bridge made of sorrow
That I pray would not last

There’s a bridge made of colors
In the sky high above
And I’m certain there must be
Bridges made out of love

I can see him in a distance
On the rivers of the shore
And his hands reach out in longing
As my own have done before

And I call across to tell him
Where I believe the bridge must lie
And I’ll find it, yes I’ll find it
If I search until I die

When the bridge is between us
We’ll have nothing to fear
We will run through the sunlight
And you’ll meet me halfway

There’s a bridge made of colors
In the sky high above
And I’m certain there must be
Bridges made out of love

La la la.. la la la la la.. la la la.. la la la la la
hmm hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

Another Hospital Visit

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Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, she still tend to forget that eating too much candy is bad for her. :( When they went to Taytay last Sunday, my sister noticed that she ate a lot of candies. The following day, she started coughing and sneezing. We knew then, that she was experiencing difficulty in breathing because of her cough. My mother nebulized her to make her feel better. She also bought cough syrup.

I knew that if we will not pay attention to her cough, it would trigger her asthma. Added to it is the kind of weather we have now.  Her last confinement due to bronchial asthma was only last June. And I do not want her to be hospitalized again. Yesterday, I brought her to the hospital to see a Pedia-Pulmonologist. Well, I remember that I have been asked by her pedia, Dr. Rabor to bring her to a Pulmonologist already.  She has been hospitalized twice this year already due to asthma.

We went to Maxicare office and get Letter of Authorization for her consultation under Dr. Sua. We got to the hospital too early but Nonet didn’t bother anyway. We both enjoyed looking at the scrubs uniforms worn by the different medical staff. :)

When Dr. Sua arrived, she noticed right away Nonet’s dry skin. She said that my daughter is really asthmatic. Though she is not under attack when we went there, which is good news actually. :)

Dr. Sua requested Nonet to undergo a PPD test just to rule out primary complex. We went back to Maxicare office where the said test was performed.

On Saturday we’ll go back to the hospital for follow up check up.

Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, sometimes, I really cannot blame her for eating candies. Well, she has a sweet tooth. She loves chocolate especially Cadbury. :)

I pity her at times, but I just explained to her that one day, she would be able to outgrown her asthma and she would be able to eat as much as chocolate and candies as she want. But, for now, she needs to control herself from eating too much sweets. I know she understands it but she’s a child who is really tempted with colorful candies! :)

I am really praying for her good health. I believe that the Lord can hear me, and in His sweet time, Nonet will be free from asthma. Amen!

God bless you, anak. Mommy loves you so much.

Ciao! :)

God holds us Responsible for His creations

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This week is Nonet’s first periodical test. I made mock exams on bond papers for Reading and Mathematics. She was able to perfect the mock test and hopefully she did good in her real exams, too. Her other subjects include Science, Language and Christian Living. I decided to review her following the lessons in the books. My daughter loves and very interested in Christian Living. She appreciates God’s wonderful creation so much. Well, she herself is God’s wonderful creation. :)

Each lesson in her book has a passage taken from the Bible. One of the passages in the book says, “I put you in charge of all that I make (Genesis 1:28)”. This passage reminds us about our responsibility in all of God’s creations. When God created animals, plants, fish, mountains, seas, oceans, etc., He holds us responsible for taking good care of His creations. He made those wonderful things out of His love for us. In return, I believe, that it is our duty to value and take good care of those creations.

I live in an old apartment with my family in a compound. Most of my neighbors are the sons and daughters of our land lord. In a typical urban setting, even if the compound is owned privately, there are still tenants like my family, who are fond of having cats and dogs as pets. There are also stray cats that hang out in the “looban”. One of my neighbors who happened to be an active church servant gets very mad at those animals, especially the stray cats. She said that the cats just poop everywhere, and that they make the looban dirty. I heard her say one day that they have called Sanitation department of Pasig City to get rid of those poor animals. I learned from a friend that Pasig City doesn’t have any animal pound. If the Sanitation team will get the cats and dogs, what would they do to them then?

Honestly, I don’t even want to entertain the thought that comes to my mind. :(

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Out of respect, I did not bother to confront her. I believe that as an active church servant, she may have the responsibility in honing the spiritual wellness of young people. Yet, she should know most of all, that we people are responsible for taking care of God’s creations.

I was talking to Ate Ness about this and she told me that there is nothing I can do to people like that. But, there is something I can do for those animals that I really care for.

We have five cats at home and as much as I want them free, I need to put them in a cage. Well, as long as my “goody good” neighbors will learn that these animals are God’s creation, too and we have the responsibility of taking care of them, our cats would remain in the cage as long as we’re in the said looban. :(

I know that the poor cats and dogs in our looban are just few of the many creations God has made, that we people should be responsible of.  My article wouldn’t be enough to cover all those wonderful things that God made for us. Beautiful creations that we tend to abuse and take for granted.

God loves us so much, and hopefully sooner or later, we should learn to value these creations before it’s too late.

On the lighter side, I am just glad, that at five years old, my daughter has a heart already for God’s little creatures such as abandoned kittens. My mother told me that the other day, that on their way to school, they saw a kitten which looked very weak. My daughter told my mother that she pity the poor kitten and she wanted to adopt it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I talked to my daughter and told her that at this time, we can only pray for the safety of those animals. But in God’s grace, someday, we’ll have our own house with enough space for those poor animals.

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony de Padua pray for us and for God’s beloved animals.

Ciao! :)

The Notebook

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In the first pages of the said book, Noah Calhoun stated that some people find his story as either a love story or a tragedy. After reading the book, I can say that for me it is a love story. A very inspiring love story and I am not sure if the kind of love Noah and Allie shared can still be witnessed in our times.

The first Nicholas Sparks novel I read was Safe Haven. My youngest sister Pauline, is the one who introduced Nicholas and Mitch to me. Last May, I bought her 2 Nicholas novels as a birthday present. When I was at Powerbooks, I was able to talk to other Nicholas “fanatics” and they recommended me to read The Notebook. :)

A number of Nicholas’ novels have been made into movies already and most of the books being published these days has movie tie in covers. I prefer my book to have its original cover. It took me sometime to acquire a The Notebook with has original cover on it. I didn’t get the chance to read at the time I got it because of my busy schedule.

When I started reading the novel, I cannot get my eyes from it. I liked the part when Noah was able to acquire the old house he’s been dreaming off. The way he spent all day working on the house. He might have used abrasives for finishing touch then. I liked the way he spent the night sitting by the porch, watching the sky with his beloved dog, Clem. :)

When Allie walked down through his front door, and the two see each other after 14 years, I didn’t stop reading the book up to the end. :)

The love which Noah and Allie shared was something that many of us wanted to have. When Allie got sick with Alzheimer’s, Noah’s love for her did not change. Even if Allie tend to forget Noah most of the time, I believe that the strong love she has for Noah made it possible for her to remember him at times. It her heart and their love which made her remember him. :)

Their love story is one of a kind. I don’t know where Nicholas Sparks got the inspiration to write such a novel. Like many others, I cried after reading the story.

There are two passages in the book which I like the most;

“Miracles , no matter how inexplicable or unbelievable are real and can occur without regard to the natural order of things.”

The other one is;

“It seems only old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content . The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.”

I hope one day ney and I would be sitting on bench and would be appreciating world’s beauty in silence.

Ciao! :)

To Sir With Love

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Since I am in the mood of checking on you tube with songs. Let me paste in here a song that I dedicate to a very good friend and my most loved boss ever. Boss Dan, thank you for all everything. I will always treasure the friendship and the love you have given me. I hope one day, I would be able to sing this song for you. Or maybe in our next team building?!? :)

Ciao! :)

Never Surrender

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I know I first heard this song when I was young. I just didn’t know what the title of this song then. But it really touch my heart whenever I hear this song. Lately, honey told me that he is going through some kind of a homesick. Well, honey it will just few months to go and you will be home soon. Be strong and be safe always.

This song is for you. I love you much. :)

Ciao! :)

Gift Idea

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Since my computer is not working at home, I need to spend sometime in the office to chat with ney (ooohhh, utilizing office resources..:P). I like it when ney and I chat about our the things that happened to us recently. I like it when we do not fight. :) We had a good chat today and it’s a good thing that it didn’t end up with a fight. I guess, reading The Notebook really helped me a lot. Ney told me that he is kinda homesick right now. He has a 2-year contract abroad and it will end in May next year. I told him that it will just couple of months to go and he will be home.

He will be celebrating his birthday this August as well, and I find Mens Jewelry & Watch Boxes as gift ideas for him. :)

Well, I already has one on mind but I am yet to buy it still. Anyway, it will still be 9 months until I can give him my gift.

Ciao! :)

An Affectionate Dream

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While taking my last break at work, I decided to write in here the dream I had last night. It was a nice dream. Sweet dream in fact that I keep rewinding on my mind. :) Yet, I need to wake up from that dream to face a reality. For the person who has shown me great affection in my dreams, is someone I value so much in my heart but someone I can never be with. :(

Many people would say that a dream is made out of our subconscious mind. It is something that we want to happen but is not happening in real life. I know that we would remain friends only. Good friends in fact, and I am happy and content that I met him in my life. :)

I was with a friend and we are strolling in a mall. Then I saw him attending a wedding. He is so happy and enjoying the wedding. When my friend and I passed by the reception hall, he saw me but ignored me somehow. In the next scene, I saw myself talking to him about something I don’t remember now. What I remember was, he gave me a pair of sandals that are in gold color, and when it fits me so well. Then, I remember we gave each other a big hug. It was a hug of affection.  It was a heartfelt hug.  Then, before we part ways, we gave each other a kiss on the chick.

I tried to search the meaning of it over the Internet, but found no concrete meaning. :(

He is my friend and I know that he loves and he cares for me so much too. I have accepted in my heart long ago that he would always be just a friend. And, though he may not know, he is my stress reliever. I do not deny the fact that sometimes, I get hurt about the love I have for him. But, in the end, I just find myself happy for having to meet him and have him as a friend.

Well, I feel better now. I really feel gloomy this morning thinking about it. Hehehe! I may have fallen for boss but the truth is, it would still be ney in the end. And I would love ney til the end.

Thank you for the time. I just need let my feelings out. :)

Have a great weekend people!

Ciao! :)

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