P-Noy reports to Pinoys

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When I was still studying, SONA would always be part of our homework in English, Social Studies, and Journalism. Honestly, I didn’t understand those SONA’s before up until I become socially aware. Well, kinda! :) Though, I do not write down everything that a president would say in the SONA or criticize him or her if the plans mentioned in the SONA was not accomplished, I still observe if there has been a change in people’s life.

When I vote for President Noynoy to be president, I have this trust and faith in him that he would make a difference in our country. A difference that will start with “cleaning the messy goverment” we currently have.

I really admired him when he chose to use Filipino in his SONA or to his report to the Filipinos. He was able to reach out and connect even to the poor. I didn’t find any detailed economic plan in his report, but his plans for having a clean government is serious.

I believe that once we achieved the kind of government we have been dreaming to have, everything we follow. :)

I feel sorry for those people who depend on P-Noy alone for them to have a better life. Well, we tend to put all the blame on our leaders, not only to P-Noy now but even in the past, if our life didn’t progress. Yet, have we ever ask ourself even once, if we have done something to improve our life? Or do we just whine and blame our president?

Well, nothing will really happen if we are not going to do anything at all. P-Noy is here to lead us, but we cannot ask him to do all the work for us. He will lead us and together we will do our part; we should and we will work hand in hand in making a difference in our country and in our life. :)

Ciao! :)

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