New Washing Machine for Mother :)

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Our old National Washing machine has retired after being in service for almost 15 years. Last week, it just stopped working and we didn’t try to repair it anymore. Well, it has served us so much and we believe that it is time for it to take a rest. :)

My sister Patty and my mother are the ones who do the our laundry. I really hate doing laundry. When I wash my clothes, I am not confident that it is clean. :( I always depend on them for washing our clothes. In fairness to me, I am the marketer. Hehehe! I am the one who goes to Pasig Mega Market and search for low priced goods without sacrificing quality. :)

When the old washing machine stopped working, my sister decided to get a new one. Abenson offered a good deal and we asked favor from my mom’s godmother so we can buy a new washing machine. Last Friday, I went to Galleria and got a new Samsung Fully Automatic Washing machine. :) It was delivered the next day, but they waited for me to arrive to have it setup. My sister is lazy to read the manual.

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After taking a rest, I started reading the manual and how to install the water source into the machine. Since, there is available direct faucet that can be installed to the washing, I did a work around instead. I used a water hose and I bought another faucet which will be connected to the washing machine hose. It really took me a while working on it. My mother is already losing her patience and blamed us for getting a fully automatic machine instead of getting a regular twin tub machine. She already wanted to get someone to do the installation for us. I told her that I can do it. She doesn’t know that I am already praying to have it all hooked up.

Finally, God listened to my pleas and we’re able to make the washing machine work. It is really fully automatic! I taught my mom how to operate the machine using two buttons only. The power button and the start button! :)

She was able to appreciate the new machine afterwards, for when she took the laundry out of the tub, she will just need to hang the clothes up. It was really a convenience on her part. :)

That’s the reason why my sister got this washing machine. Well, they can already ask me to do the laundry this time. :P

Ciao! :)

Fruit of his Labor

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Well, even if we are experiencing issues lately, I am still happy to hear that ney can now afford to buy different gadgets that he wanted to have then. Although, sometimes, I am having difficulty asking for assistance our daughter’s finances, it’s still happy to know that he can now get the things he wanted. :)

Last night he called me to let me know that he already got one of those high-end flip cameras available in Saudi Arabia today. :) About two years ago, I bought a Sony video cam for my sister, Pauline. Well, her course requires a lot of video shoot and video recordings. Sometimes, she cannot pass her assignment on time because she doesn’t have one. It may sound costly but I neeeded to get her one.

When ney saw the video cam, he also wanted to have one. He loves taking pictures and recording video while he plays the drum. (He’s a great drummer!) :) When he told me that he got a video camera for himself, I really felt happy for him. I know he’s happy that’s why I am happy, too. I am happy because he is enjoying the fruit of his hard work.

Ciao! :)

P-Noy reports to Pinoys

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When I was still studying, SONA would always be part of our homework in English, Social Studies, and Journalism. Honestly, I didn’t understand those SONA’s before up until I become socially aware. Well, kinda! :) Though, I do not write down everything that a president would say in the SONA or criticize him or her if the plans mentioned in the SONA was not accomplished, I still observe if there has been a change in people’s life.

When I vote for President Noynoy to be president, I have this trust and faith in him that he would make a difference in our country. A difference that will start with “cleaning the messy goverment” we currently have.

I really admired him when he chose to use Filipino in his SONA or to his report to the Filipinos. He was able to reach out and connect even to the poor. I didn’t find any detailed economic plan in his report, but his plans for having a clean government is serious.

I believe that once we achieved the kind of government we have been dreaming to have, everything we follow. :)

I feel sorry for those people who depend on P-Noy alone for them to have a better life. Well, we tend to put all the blame on our leaders, not only to P-Noy now but even in the past, if our life didn’t progress. Yet, have we ever ask ourself even once, if we have done something to improve our life? Or do we just whine and blame our president?

Well, nothing will really happen if we are not going to do anything at all. P-Noy is here to lead us, but we cannot ask him to do all the work for us. He will lead us and together we will do our part; we should and we will work hand in hand in making a difference in our country and in our life. :)

Ciao! :)

Fashion @ SONA

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Before I give my insights to the recently concluded state of the nation address of President NoyNoy Aquino, let’s talk about first the beautiful Filipiñanas wore by respective women who attended the said event. SONA has always been a red carpet event. I guess, aside from the contents of the president’s SONA, the beautiful gowns are much awaited for. :)

I waited for SONA even if I needed to sleep already not only to hear the president’s report but to see those beautiful gowns. Here are some of the beautiful ladies in their Filipiñana. I really enjoy looking at them. :)

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Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez

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Congressman Manny Pacquiao with wife Jinkee Pacquiao

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ms. Helen Gamboa-Sotto

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Congresswoman Lani Mercado

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Loren Legarda

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Assunta de Rossi

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Vice President Jejomar Binay and wife Elenita

I tried to find a clear photo of Kris Aquino’s gown but I am unable to find one yet. I bet some of those women who attended the 2011 SONA even ordered a pair of shoes from yellow box shoes :) !

My favorite of all is the pale pink Randy Ortiz gown of Lucy Torres. She is really elegant (as always)!

I am keeping this article and will be waiting for the next SONA. :)

Ciao! :)

True Love is Selfless Love

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In our lifetime we may give and receive different kinds of love. There’s friendship love, platonic love, paternal love, maternal love, sisterly love, brotherly love, unrequited love and many other forms of love. One may also say that once in our lifetime we have found a love called, true love.

How do we define true love? How can one say that the love he is feeling is true love? How can you be sure that the love you found is true love?

Sometimes we’ll say that when you found true love it would mean a lot of sacrifices. Yet, amidst all the sacrifices we did, if we didn’t get the kind of love we expect to receive, then we get hurt. Well, it is normal for us people that if we fall in love, we tend to expect love in return.

When we speak of true love, we speak of a selfless love. I remember a song written for the the celebration of the Year of the Son, Jesus Christ, about few years ago. The song was entitled, Only Selfless Love.

It is true that the love Jesus has given and giving the world is a selfless love. His love couldn’t be compared to any forms of love we have felt or we are feeling.

Yet, I believe that we can still find true love in spite of us being human. When we fall inlove with someone and we learned to accept the love he can give or wouldn’t give, and add up ample amount of prayers, then you will just find yourself hoping and praying for his or her success and being happy when he is. I mean truly happy. :) The said person may not know all your good wishes for him or for her; he or she may not even recognize you, yet inspite of these all, you continue to value that person in your heart. And, by simply loving the said person, makes you happy. :)

Wether that person loves you back or not, it wouldn’t matter anymore. You may continue to love and be truly happy when he is, yet there wouldn’t be any pain of rejection or not being loved. :)

If that happens, then you can say to yourself that you really have found true love. :)

Ciao! :)  


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I have been going through a lot of stress lately. Work related, financial issues; and recent hospitalization of Nonet. I know I need to unwind. One of the best relaxation I love to do is going to a spa. Taking advantage of the cozy place they offer. Enjoying their tub filled with flowers and beautiful hot tub spa covers. Feeling so relaxed with the different massages they offer. Oh my, I really wanted to go now. But wait, I remember, I don’t have enough budget yet. :(

Well, once I get an extra, I would really treat myself to a spa. Sometimes, it is still necessary to give yourself a treat! :)

Ciao! :)

Another Day.. Another Chance..

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I was about to write my trip to Cavite, two Sundays ago, when I visited my bestfriend’s new house. :) Then, when I checked my fb account, I was tagged by Vic to a very inspiring article. He told me about this yesterday and it is really a right timing, when he tagged me today to the said article.

I am really going through a financial difficulties these days and I really don’t know how to attend my obligations. I cannot focus at work or to anything because I am thinking about my financial responsibilities. I have been praying to God for assistance and I believe that help will come the least I expected it to. :)

I have this faith that everything’s going to be okay. In my prayers I always tell God there is no one that I can turn to except Him. Sometimes though, I feel so frustrated that I really wanted to cry and cry. :( Sometimes, I really doesn’t want to think about my problems and that I just let fate and faith lead me.

But, after reading Vic’s article, I am really encouraged and inspired that God has given us each day a chance. We are given each day more than we deserve. :) After reading the article, I really can’t help but cry. I was really touched by the article, as if God is speaking to me. That I should be strong and should never lose hope for everything will be okay; for God is always there for me. :)

I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or the next days. I am just entrusting my life to God. :)

Ciao! :)

What is it with Bumblebee?

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As part of the work balance culture, our company has, we have been given free tickets to watch Transformers 3 at Eastwood Cinemas. I haven’t watch Transformers 1 and 2 and to be honest, I do not have any intention of watching the movie either. I decided to give my ticket to my friend Pam, who planned to bring her kids along. Anyway, I ended up keeping my ticet, for our viewing schedule is different from Pam’s team. It’s a good thing that one of my teammates will not be watching the movie, I decided to bring Nonet to her first movie at the theater. :)

Even if Transformers is not the kind of movie I would watch, I really enjoyed watching it. It’s a good thing that I did watch the movie. I love it. I may have not watche the first two installments of Transformers, but I was able to grasp the idea of the movie. It was really worth watching! :)

Alright, since that was the first movie that my daughter will be seeing in the bigscreen, she was given a heads up of what to see, what to expect as well as do’s and dont’s inside the cinema by my sister Patty. Well, Transformers is a 3-hour movie. At first, Nonet tried to make herself comfortable by eating popcorn and drinking soda. As the movie started, she asked me to carry her as she started asking questions about the movie. Then, she decided to sit on her own chair again and started on my popcorn. She felt bored during the middle part of the story that she asked me to carry her again because she is sleepy. Well, she didn’t fall asleep. I asked her to drink soda again. Hehehe! As the end of the movie is approaching, I found her sitting upright and focused on the movie.

When the movie ended, the viewers gave it a round of applause and so did Nonet. As we leave the movie house, she was asked me to buy her Bumblebee. Bumblebee really made a mark on her. She didn’t care whether Optimus Prime is stronger and bigger than Bee.

I wonder what is it with Bumblebee that captured the heart of my daughter.  I guess even if Bumblebee is a robot perse, he has a heart. Inspite of his being a metal and iron, he has a heart. I was really touch and near crying, when Bee was about to be destroyed by one of the Decepticons who captured them. I was touched, how Sam Witwicky cried as he watched his friend nearing its end.

Bumblebee made us all laugh at the end of the movie, when he dropped several “rings” and hummed a wedding march as Sam and his girlfriend were reunited. :)

Since, I was at Megamall last Saturday already, I decided to check Transformers at Toy Kingdom. My daughter is only five years old only and I thought of getting her a diecast model of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. I also bought her a small “robot” version (sorry for my terms. I just don’t know the right words to use.. :P ) of Bumblebee. According to the label it is very easy to assemble and to transform into car and into robot. :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My daughter was delighted of course. I told her that she can play with the Bee and Optimus diecast, but we’ll just keep the robot one on display. I told her that when she’s older, then she can play with it as well. :)

Oh, don’t get me wrong. My daughter is not a tomboy. She just enjoy playing cars and robots but she plays Barbie and dolls more often. :)

Well, she is looking forward to another movie that we will be watching. I might take her to Harry Potter 7 Part 2, since she has been watching Harry Potter DVD with us always. :)

Ciao! :)

Got The Notebook!

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Got The Notebook! :)

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Last Saturday I met with Ms. Loi at SM Megamall to purchase the book, The Notebook. Ms. Loi is an Ebay reseller and one of her items on sale is the said book. When my sister Pauline introduced Nicholas Sparks to me, she also asked me to read one of the first books he’d written. She said that it’s a must to read this novel by Nicholas Sparks. Well, I have read two books already (A Walk to Rememerber and Safe Haven), I still have two books on the shelf to read which are The Lucky One and The Guardian.

My sister wanted to start a Nicholas Sparks novel collection. Since I am a bookworm as well, I wanted to help her in the said “planned collection.” Although, I wanted the book to have its original cover and not the movie tie-in. My mother once said that it would have the same content, its just that it has different covers. Well, for me, the cover matters. Hehehe! :)

Since, The Notebook is highly recommended, I decided to search for the said book with original cover on it. I went to different bookstores in big malls and those bookstores in discrete locations but wasn’t able to find any. I then, decided to search online since I bought the book, A Walk to Remember with original cover on it through Ebay. I often check Ebay for updates. There are available books but I don’t feel like getting them. ‘Til one day, I found a newly posted book for The Notebook which is a hardbound copy and has an original cover in it. :)

Luckily, it was posted again by Ms. Loi. I sent a text message right away and was glad to know that the said book is still available for sale. :) Yey! :D So, we set our meet up and there, I have the book. :)

I was really happy to have a copy of it. I may be on a tight budget but opportunities like that shouldn’t be swept away. It is really difficult to find a copy of the said book unless you order on from abroad. :)

I will just finish reading All I Need to Know I Learned from Kindergarten, then I’ll have The Notebook next. As always, I will give you my insight after reading the books. :)

Ciao! :)

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