Why do I Like the Rain?

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I went to my cousin’s apartment to relax and to write. Their apartment is on the second floor and they are only the two of them occupying the place. Since, I cannot find peace at our own house; I told them that I would be staying there for a while. Their dining table is located near a window. I decided to take a sit on a chair by the window and started writing.

Earlier that morning, my mother was with them as well. I get so stress staying at our own house. We have a visitor who really makes me mad just looking at her face; knowing that she’s around or merely hearing her voice. Honestly, I cannot help being so mean towards her. :( I know that I cannot help the bad feeling I have, so I decided to leave the house. I’ll tell you more about her on another article.

While I am trying to get started with my piece, the rain started to fall down. It wasn’t just a drizzle; it was raining hard. As I watch the rain, I felt a soothing feeling. I feel like the rain washes all the anxiety, the confusions and the hatred I am feeling. I needed the rain to temporarily cleanse my soul. For I know that until I wash those feelings away from my heart then I would be truly cleansed.

I guess that’s the reason why I love the rain. It provides me a good feeling especially during the times these times when I am confused. When I want my heart and my mind to accept a fact that I should believe in and live with it.

I needed the rain to calm my feelings. I needed the rain for when it pours; it is as if emptying the heartaches I feel in my heart. I needed the rain to wash and clear my weary eyes.

As the rain starts to calm down, I can also feel my heart and my emotions calming. I wish I could stay in Washington State where rainy days are countless.

I love the rain because it is the only way to the rainbow.

Ciao! :)

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