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When my boss Dan was promoted as team manager, I was part of his original team, along with Paolo Jose, Rico, Pamela and Paul. I have been working for Dell for almost two years and he has been a Dell tm for just as long. And I have grown to love and care for that team. That’s why, whenever they would have a teambuilding we are still invited to come. I missed to join them in their previous team building but I told myself that I would be joining them on their next. Gladly, Pam was able to make it as well. :)

We went to Sierra Madre Spring Valley resort. It is located in one of the mountains of Sierra Madre mountain ranges. I wasn’t able to check the time when we left Pure Gold, infront of Sta. Lucia East Mall. But, Dex told me that it travel time would be around an hour or two depending on the traffic along Marcos highway.

The place is spectacular. I really loved it. Since, I needed to report to ney that we have arrived in our venue, I asked Pam to accompany hike a nearby mountain so I can send my text message. Oh yeah there is no cell phone signal in there. I was told that there isn’t any nearby cell site. Well, even if tried climbing at a certain height, there isn’t any signal still. Since, the trek is not that clear and there were only two of us, we decided to go down.

I really loved the place. Will all the greens and fresh air. A good binocular with large scopes would be nice to have. :)

I got to meet new people and found new friends. I really miss the company of my old team. I miss having them around. I really missed my boss and my rs. Would you believe that I have not seen my boss for 2 months! Yet we are on the same building and same floor; but different wings though.

I get to enjoy singing in the videoke. Ofcouse, I cannot let the team building pass without enjoying the videoke. I got to sing with my team mates. I miss boss Dan taking the microphone from his agent and singing the song that is currently playing. He never changes. Hehehe! :D

I get to talk to Pam about life and work and anything under the sun. I get to the dance with them. Gosh! It was really something that I would treasure all my life. :)

I was too happy that I get a little scared; scared because we might not be in Dell forever; scared that we might not be able to see each other again. Scared that the kind of team building I had with them, will not happen again. Well, I am just praying that even if the day comes, that we get to leave Dell, we would still find time to have a team building like that.

And I hope that the bond we have as brothers and sisters of team Oneil will always be remembered and valued. God bless Team Oneil! God bless boss Dan and RS Treb!

Ciao! :)

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