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How can a man say that he loves her wife if he is beating her up? How can a wife let her husband do it to her? How can a love so pure and true that someone’s spirit will come back to ensure the safety and emotional welfare of the family that he or she has left behind? How acceptance helps people moves on with their lives?

These are just few things which continue to linger on my mind. I just finished reading the Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. It is the first novel I have read that was written by Nicholas. My youngest sister Pauline was the one who introduced me to Mitch Albom and Nicholas Sparks. I have told you in my previous post that when I read, I want to relax. That is why I do not feel like reading the novels written by Paolo Coeli and the like.

Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom are Pauline’s favorite authors. We already have the three novels written by Mitch Albom which are internationally released namely; Five People You Meet in Heaven, Tuesdays With Morrie and For One More Day. We have yet to get his other novel, Have a Little Faith.

I was strolling at SM Mega Mall last May 26, two days before Pauline’s birthday. I love going to different bookstore while I am at the mall. On that day, Powerbooks had a 20% off for all Nicholas Sparks’ novels. I have not read any Nicholas Sparks novels then, and there are many interesting novels available. I heard Patty and Pauline talking about the different novels of Nicholas. I know that Pau have finished reading several novels and she wanted to start a collection. As presents, I decided to get Pau two novels. My dilemma then was which one?

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Safe Haven was his latest novel, so I decided to get it. It took me a while to decide which one to get that I sent a text message to Pau asking what novel is good to read. Her reply, ALL!!! Until, we agreed upon getting The Lucky One. Her first option was The Guardian, but it is not available. So, then I went home with The Lucky One and Safe Haven. :) Of course, Pau is happy. On the other hand, I bought Mean Girls VCD for my other sister, Patty, as a birthday present, who celebrated her 27th last June 2. :)

I just finished reading Nancy Drew’s 5th Mystery and I decided to take a break from reading mystery books. I thought of getting Have a Little Faith, but we still have a lot of unread books in our shelves. I have this agreement with myself that I will not buy another book until I finished reading one. :)

Almost all the people I met at Powerbooks are Nicholas Sparks’s fans. :) I decided to read one of the books I gave Pau. She is currently reading, The Lucky One, and so I end up reading Safe Haven. :)

I am not used to reading long novels anymore. I got bored during the first few chapters but I really slept late because I just can’t my get my eyes off the book! How can that be boring if I can’t stop reading it?!? :)
I guess I finished the novel in 2 ½ days. Well, that may sound long but that’s an accomplishment for me already! :)

I enjoyed reading the novel. :) I loved the way Nicholas wrote the novel. He used simple English terms and described each scene using straightforward word and terms. It is very easy to understand. I need not to get my Meriam-Webster to check on the words. But, what is admirable in his novel is that, it captured the heart of its reader. It has affected me emotionally more than mentally. :)

Safe Haven is a story of a wife who has been experiencing domestic violence from his husband. A husband who adored her yet beats her to death. Katie or Erin is a woman of courage and cleverness who escaped from her husband. At the end of the story, her husband still found her. Justice prevailed though, when Kevin was killed as Katie protects herself.

Another touching part is the letter created by Jo, a friend whom Katie met when she first arrived in Southport. Katie didn’t have any idea that Jo was the late wife of the new man in her life, Alex. Little did she know that the Jo whom she came to know, who laughed with her, drank wine with her and watched the stars with her was an angel who led her to Alex. I was really moved after reading the Jo’s letter. I was really moved by the novel. :)

I am glad that my first attempt of reading a Nicholas Sparks novel was a great one. My next novel to read is his A Walk to Remember. I have watched the movie though, but Pauline said that there is a big difference between the book and the movie. Well, I’ll find it out. :)

Ciao! :)

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  1. joyce Says:

    hello there again! :) mukhang mgnda nga mga novels ni nicholas sparks. actually my complete collection ako ng book ni sidney sheldon at ni stephenie meyer. ang tagal q n din hndi ngbabasa. i’ll try nicholas sparks. thanks for your informative blog annette!

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