Healthy Thinking: “Man, I am Happy I have a job!”

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I slept late at night for whatever reasons. My shift is 3AM and I need to get up from bed at around 2AM the latest, yet I was still wide awake at 11PM. :( I was praying hard enough that God would bless me with a good sleep so I would be prepared mentally and physically when I go to work.

I took a cab going to work because, I will be late already if I didn’t. God knew that we will not be taking a lot of calls today, because US is celebrating their Memorial Day! :) I took advantage of the avail time to “clean up” my Outlook. I have been out for almost two weeks and my outlook has reached its maximum capacity. While doing the clean up, I bumped into an email sent by one of our coaches, Valerie. Everyday, she sent ”Happy Thoughts” Email. One of the email she sent says;

Sick thinking: “I hate my job!”
Healthy thinking: “Man, I’m happy I have a job!”

Honestly, not all working men and women are happy with their job. Only few have been blessed with a job that they really love doing. I may say that recently, I am feel that I am not happy with what I do anymore. Well, I still love troubleshooting computer issues, but I just don’t want to take in calls anymore. In the last few weeks, I only go to work because I need to not because I want to. :(

When I was advised to have a voice rest for few days, I felt relieved. I guess I was just tired taking in calls for the last seven years! I believe I needed a break. While I was on voice rest, I really felt relieved. I felt like I have been free after many years. :)

But, then to be honest, I missed going to work. Whether I admit it or not, I cannot bear not to have any work for a long time. Aside from the obligations and responsibilities I need to attend to, I miss being at work.

Although, there are really moments (well, many times) that I feel so lazy going to work, I am still thankful for I have blessed with a good paying job. Millions are jobless out there. Millions are thinking where to get money for food, clothing and for shelter. So, I believe, everyday when we  go to work, let us start the day with a healthy thinking. That we should be happy that we have a job.. :)  

Ciao! :)

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