Remembering Papa’s Birthday

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Tomorrow is the 20th day of May. There are different occasions which I remember on this day. First, my friend and my kumpare’s birthday, Don Glenn; Ney and I first anniversary as sweethearts; and of course, my father’s birthday.

If my father is still alive today, he would have been 59 years old. He died when he was 54. It has been five years since he died of cancer. Many would tell us that it is not important to remember his birthday anymore since he is dead already. What is important is to remember his death anniversary. But, to our family, we remember both.

I wasn’t able to provide papa the things that I have provided my family today. Or, I guess, he already appreciated the things I have done for him when he got sick. Due to complications, I needed to attend to all the things my mother should have done. But, since, no one’s going to take care of my little baby then, we decided that my sister, Patty and I will be the ones to attend whatever the hospital needed us to do for him.

My father liked pancit than spaghetti. On his birthday, he would often ask my mother to cook pancit for him. I don’t remember buying him a cake on his birthday. But I guess I bought an ice cream for him once. :)

This year (just like the past five years), we will offer a mass for his soul. If it does not rain tomorrow, then we might visit his remains in the cemetery.

If he would have survived today, I supposed, I would be getting one of those Bar Gifts for Men ! :)

He must have gone physically, but his love for us and his memories still linger. He may not be the perfect father in the world, but he would still be the best for us.

We love you papa and we miss you. Happy Birthday!

Ciao! :)

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