Unrequited Love

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People used to tell that falling in love is one of the greatest feelings one could ever feel. Yet, it is also one of the reasons that gives us to much emotional pain. And, if we wouldn’t be able to handle ourselves when we go through this pain, we might end up losing our sanity or worst, our life.

I had experienced a terrible heartache when I was 18. It was when ney and I had to separate for some personal issues. It was really painful. There is a saying in Filipino that describes a terrible pain as “tagos sa buto.” To be honest, it was the worst heartache I had in my life. :(

Many of us may have gone through the same pain or even worst than I have as far a love is concerned. But, blessed are those who are not afraid to love and love again in spite of all the pain it may inflict us.

There is another kind of love that I learned when I was in high school. I believe that once in your life, you had experienced a love called unrequited or one way street love. Why do we get hurt when we fall in love? Isn’t it that when we love someone, we shouldn’t be expecting anything in return? That we should give love for free? It is easier said than done. Very true.

When we fall in love, we tend to expect love from the other in return. And if that person, failed the return the kind of love we give, we got hurt. We are hurt so much that we tend to do revenge against the said person or to the one he love. Well, if you do that then you didn’t really love that person after all.

A one way street love happens all the times. It happens to almost each one of us. I admit that I was a victim of an unrequited love, too.

What we need to realize is that when we fall in love, we shouldn’t be expecting the person to love us back. When we love someone, but didn’t get the same kind of love back, we shouldn’t be upset. Instead, we should be happy that we fell in love. :)

I believe that God has created someone special for each of us. We just have to be patient and faithful while we wait for that someone, who’s hands will be clasped in our own for life. :)

As you wait, enjoy one of those romeo y julieta cigars. Who knows, your Juliet or your Romeo is just a step away. :)

Enjoy love! It’s God gift to us to be shared.

Ciao! :)

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