The Fuss About Friday the 13th

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Today is Friday the 13th. Many believed in the superstitions that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. There are several considerations why Friday the 13th is thought to be an unlucky day. First, it followed the number 12, which in numerology considered as a number of completeness while 13 is irregular  (as per Wikipedia). Friday on the other hand is considered an unlucky day because, in the older times, there were “unlucky things” incidentally happened on a Friday. In Christianity, Friday was thought as an unlucky day for Jesus Christ died on the cross on a Friday.

I accompanied my sister looked for a hospital this afternoon to have an ecg. The hospitals where we go to are conducting ECG, however, the readings and results will be released the following day. I didn’t notice at first that my temper is very very short. I almost lose myself when a woman didn’t handed us the change for our fare. The jeepney driver is extending his hand already and this woman is just looking at the change. I really felt bad and wanted to get back to her. I know that it is bad to curse, but for some reasons,  I wished that woman lost her hands. :(  I am really mad at her. After the incident, I prayed and said sorry for I had wished for. Then, I told God that I am taking that curse back. I realized that if I acted that way then I would be like that woman. I didn’t really understand why I lost my patience so quickly. I am not sure if it because of Friday the 13th.

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For me, Friday the 13th isn’t really unlucky after all. If something bad would happen, the it would happen anytime. And that it happens for a reason. :)

Although, it is always recommended that we should pray for protection and blessings, and be very careful, not only on Friday the 13th but every day.

Take care!

Ciao! :)

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