The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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I was really exhausted when I get off from work last Thursday. To release the stress I am feeling I decided to visit a bookstore. I went to NBS at Cybermall on my way home. The store is offering 20% off from selected books. I am planning to get a Nancy Drew or a Hardy Boys Classic Mystery Collection but this branch is not offering it anymore. It took me a while to decide on what book to get. I even had second thoughts of buying one, since I am running out of cash. I went to the Classic books to the inspiration one.

Like me, my sisters love reading books, too. But, unlike them, I do not read books that don’t have any happy endings. I don’t like reading books that will require deep thinking. Reading for me is a relaxation. My youngest sister Pauline loves reading the novels of Nicolas Sparks, Paolo Coeli and Mitch Albom. When she tells the stories of what she read to us, I didn’t really get interested of reading what she had read. Although, both of them convinced me that I would enjoy reading the works of Mitch Albom.

I decided to get one of Mitch Albom’s work, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I just finished reading the book this afternoon and I enjoyed it. :)

Most of us thought of heaven as a paradise. A place where you can see crystal clear water of the river, birds chirping and flying freely. Abundant fruit trees and flowering plants. A place where there are no hunger and thirst. A place where we reunite with our relatives and friends who came home before us.

In the story, Mitch Albom shared the experience of his own uncle, Eddie. How Eddie met five different people, who had affected his life on earth. It is surprising that Eddie didn’t meet the said people in one place alone. Yet, he met the said people in different places. The places where he met those people are chosen by them. The places they have chosen, one way or another were heaven while they were still alive.

The five people that Eddie met in heaven were not all his relatives. Some, he didn’t really know personally but has touched and made a difference in his life.

Eddie thought that his life was a waste. What he didn’t know that his humble work as ride maintenance head in a pier park, had saved many many lives.

After reading the book, I asked myself, when I die, who will be those five people I will meet that will enlighten me; people who will explain what my life had become on earth and why I died.

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One thing is for sure, we people are all connected. In the end, we would be judged on how we live our lives on earth. Now that we still have time and blessed with opportunities to do good and show compassion to our neighbors, then we must do it now. Like what the Blue Man told Eddie in the book, STRANGERS ARE JUST FAMILY YOU HAVE YET TO COME TO KNOW. :)

Ciao! :)

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