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Today is Easter Monday. The 40-day preparation for Christ’s resurrection is here. My Holy Week celebration this year has been so meaningful and I am really happy. I feel God’s love so much and I believe that I will be okay in spite of all the challenges that life may bring. ? Let me share with you the holy week I had. :)

Last Holy Monday, my mother and I attended the Lenten Recollection held in our Parish. The recollection facilitator was Father Benjo Fajota, (I hope I spelled his name correctly) of St. John the Baptist Church in San Juan.

He said that we have been attending different recollection but what does recollection really means. For me recollection means to remember what needs to be remembered. :) Like the passion of the Christ. :) Well, according to Father Benjo, recollection came from Greek word “recollectio(which I do not know how to spell)”. In the older days, when Greek soldiers needs to strengthen their defense force, the captain would shout the word Recollectio. The soldiers then would go back to their camp to get more firearms, to plan and to strategize; to defeat their enemies.

In our life, our number one enemy is sin. Every now and then we should tell ourselves the word, Recollectio; to strengthen our defense, to increase our weapon, to plan and to strategize how to defeat sin.

Temptation is everywhere. Satan is trying to tempt us to do sin starting from our own mind. If we do not have the strongest defense, then we will easily fall for his threat. :(

The Father gave us His only Son to die on the cross to save us from our sins. We do not need to die on the cross for one great God has done that for us already. What He asks for us to now is to come back in His loving arms. The Lord loves us in spite of our sins. Whatever we have become, whatever we have done, it doesn’t matter anymore. The Lord is calling us to come home.

Our God is just god. He is a loving and forgiving God. We must not be afraid to come back in His loving arms.

Ciao! :)

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