A Run for Dolphins

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I wasn’t able to go to work today because of muscle strain on the nape area. I have been enduring the pain since Saturday. When I felt the pain on my right shoulder area, I decided to see a doctor already. The doctor advised me to take a day rest without any muscle restraining activities. I was prescribed with a pain reliever and a muscle relaxant tablet. Somehow, I felt better now. I had a good rest. And, tomorrow I will be reporting to work again. :)

While checking on my facebook friends, I found a picture of an old friend with Dolphin hat. I checked her other pictures and she participated in a run called Run for Dolphins. I have read a lot of articles about the stress a dolphin experiences in a dolphin show. In a recent news, a dolphin died before it reaches its destination for a show. PAWS and other animal welfare organization have been fighting for these dolphin show organizers. Well, not only dolphins but also seals and sea lions, too. These sea creatures experienced a lot of stress when they undergo practice for their show.

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It is sad to know that these gentle animals are used to earn money. :( In one of the PAWS seminar I attended, I learned that children get to know animals better while watching Animal Planet and reading books. I can say that it is true. When I bought my daughter a Grolier book called I Wonder Why, she learned about different animals. She can identify a leopard from cheetah. She was only three, then. :)

Well, if ever another Run for Dolphins will be held, I would participate. I hope that a simple run will go a long a way. Not only for dolphins and also for all zoo animals. I remember the poor elephant in Manila zoo. I really feel bad about its condition. :(

I hope that my daughter will have a better health condition for I wanted to bring her with me with nice Treksta evolution running shoe on. :) I wanted her to be aware and be concerned about animal welfare even when she is still young. :)

Ciao! :)

The Salubong

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I didn’t participate in the Salubong because, I wanted to bring Antoinette in the Easter mass with me. My mother and my sister Patricia, participated in our parish’s Salubong. Mama Mary’s image and the risen Christ’s image met in the church, and an angel took Mary’s veil to see that her Son has risen. :)

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(The image of the risen Christ is set ready by one of our neighbors as it waits for the dawn procession for the Salubong).

Since, my daughter got sick yesterday, I decided not to bring her to church anymore. We just prepared Easter eggs for her to find around our house. :)

My sister Pauline and I heard the 8PM mass. In the mass we renewed our baptism vows. :)

I am really happy and I can truly say that my lent has been meaningful. But, being a Christian didn’t stop at Easter Sunday. We are called to exercise our faith everyday of our life. :)

Happy Easter!

Ciao! :)

The Easter Vigil Mass

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The Easter Vigil Mass is the 3rd day of the Triduum prayer. Finally, I was able to make it. It has been said that it is the most important mass of the year. A vigil mass, as we wait for Jesus’ resurrection from the death.

The masses were advised to stay outside the church. The celebration started with the blessings of fire and the lighting of the Pascal candle.

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The light from the Pascal candle is shared to all the parishioners. There were four readings and psalms from the Old testaments. After the prayer for the fourth reading, Father Lito started singing Papuri sa Diyos! The knight of the altars rang the bells, as the Sto. Rosario Grand Chorale continuously sang Papuri sa Diyos with joy! :)

My heart was filled with joy! I cannot explain the happiness I felt then. I prayed and asked God’s blessing not only for my family, for me and for all people.

We are all blessed that in Jesus’ resurrection we are all born again. We have a new life and we are called not to waste the chance given to us!

Ciao! :)

The Good Friday

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Aside from Manny Pacquiao’s boxing events, Good Friday is a day when there is no traffic; when the streets and main roads are very quiet; when number coding is suspended and there are only very very few passenger vehicles available!

I went home early from the office. My family decided to listen to the Seven Last Word on tv only. Then, at 3PM together we went to the church to venerate the holy cross and to receive the Holy Communion. We decided not to bring Antoinette with us.

The Gospel was played by the church’s youth ministry. Many people cried after watching the play. Again, I am thankful that I wasn’t born in Jesus time. I contemplate on His passion, and if He is not God, then how would He be able to go through that hardships. I don’t believe that any human being can go through the same suffering He went through. And, if Mama Mary’s faith is not strong enough, then the she wouldn’t be able to bear the pain of seeing her only Son’s torment. :( I cannot imagine the pain she went through.

After the communion, my sister Pauline asked me to participate in the procession. My mind is telling me not to go because; I still need to go to work early in the morning the following day. But, my heart wanted to go. This one of the many times I followed my heart instead of my mind. :) I told myself that this sacrifice is nothing compared to what Jesus went through.

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I may be tired and sleepy when we arrived home but I am happy. :)

Ciao! :)

The Celebration of Jesus’ Last Supper

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Maundy Thursday is the start of a 3-day prayer until Easter. When I was younger, it was called as “Misa ng Masang Pilipino”. There may have been a lot of names associated to this mass, but its theme didn’t change. The mass reminds us of Jesus’ friendship. He wanted us to love each other like the love He has given us for us. :)

Our parish priest, Father Lito Jopson imitated Jesus’ washing the feet of His disciples. Twelve members of the Lay Ministers acted as the disciples. After Father Lito washed their feet, the said Lay Ministers washed some of the parishioners’ feet as well. The washing of the feet is very symbolic. In his homily, father asked if we can tell our friends that we are ready to die for them. It is not easy to say and even harder to do. But, Jesus did it for His friends. And, we are lucky to be called His friends. :)

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After the celebration, the Holy Eucharist was placed in the altar of repose. An image of a lamb was placed on it, too.

When people do the Visita Iglesia, it is advisable to pray before the Altar of Repose. It is actually the “one” being visited, not just the church. We didn’t stay long for a vigil but we prayed before it.

Maundy Thursday is also the day, where people participated in the Alay Lakad. People from all over the metro, walked the long stretched of Ortigas Avenue extension going to Antipolo cathedral. I was able to participate in the said Alay Lakad when I was 12 years old only.

As I watched people from all walks of life passed by, I prayed for their safety and that God may grant whatever petitions they have in the sacrifice they are doing.

Ciao! :)

The Parade of Saints

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I was able to reach home in time for the parade of saints. Every year, our parish (and I believe different parishes in the Philippines) hold the parade of saints. The images of the different saints present in our parish’s parade of saints were; St. John the Evangelist, St. Maria Magdalene, St. Maria Jacobe, The Samaritan Woman, St. Peter of Aramatea, St. Peter, St. Martha and the grieving image of Mama Mary.

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St. Mary Magdalene

The said saints played important role in Jesus’ passion. As I watched the procession passes by, I thanked the Lord, for I didn’t live during His time. I don’t know whether I would be one of the people who mocked Him or would I be one of those women who cried for Him.

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St. John the Evangelist

I guess we are all lucky to be born today. As the image of the holy Mother passed by, I silently prayed and thanked Mama Mary for her courage and obedience. What if she has not said yes to God’s call? What if Mama Mary had not been an obedient lady? What if her heart was filled with fear and didn’t trust the Lord? Then, we wouldn’t have Christmas, we wouldn’t have Jesus and we wouldn’t be here today.

Catholics honor and respect Mama Mary for being Jesus’ mother. She is a role model of obedience and humility. She was there to witness her Son’s passion. She was hurt. Yet her faith was unshaken. Mama Mary is not a god. But her faith elevated her to a level above anyone of us, and she wanted us to be in the same position. She continues to pray for us to her Son. :)

Ciao! :)

My sins are forgiven

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I have not visited the confession box for a long time. I knew in my heart that it is time for me to admit what I have done wrong and ask for forgiveness through God’s priest. Many people wouldn’t understand why Catholics go to confession. But, this is my faith. I prayed so hard that God will grant me His grace as I go to confession. I called to Mama Mary to pray for me as well.

I went to EDSA Shrine last holy Wednesday to confess my sins. It’s really been a while since I made a good confession. I was so blessed because I was able to attend the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and a Holy Mass before my turn comes. I believe it was God’s grace for me to participate in the said novena and to hear mass, to prepare myself to have a good confession.

I was really nervous, when I went inside the confession box. With all honesty I told the priest what I have done. I believe that Jesus himself was there. The priest was so gentle and kind. All the fears I had, had vanished. I was crying because I really felt God’s forgiveness. I am really sorry for all my sins.

In my heart, I know that God didn’t leave me at all. I may be a sinner but God’s love for me never ceases. My whole being was blessed and I felt really good. :)

I wanted to share that wonderful experience, because, many of us may be afraid of admitting our sins. We are embarrassed to admit what we have done. But, what made me decide to finally go to confession after a long time is God’s love and forgiveness. Besides, God already knew what we have done. We can never hide anything from Him. Not even those indecent and awful plans we have in mind. Even before we even thought about it, God already knew.

Our God is truly a loving and forgiving father. He loves us in spite of what we have done, what we have become. I continue to pray that someday, I would be able to tell God that I love Him so much and with all my heart.

Lyrics | Don Moen lyricsStill/Be Still And Know lyrics

Ciao! :)

A Recollection

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Today is Easter Monday. The 40-day preparation for Christ’s resurrection is here. My Holy Week celebration this year has been so meaningful and I am really happy. I feel God’s love so much and I believe that I will be okay in spite of all the challenges that life may bring. ? Let me share with you the holy week I had. :)

Last Holy Monday, my mother and I attended the Lenten Recollection held in our Parish. The recollection facilitator was Father Benjo Fajota, (I hope I spelled his name correctly) of St. John the Baptist Church in San Juan.

He said that we have been attending different recollection but what does recollection really means. For me recollection means to remember what needs to be remembered. :) Like the passion of the Christ. :) Well, according to Father Benjo, recollection came from Greek word “recollectio(which I do not know how to spell)”. In the older days, when Greek soldiers needs to strengthen their defense force, the captain would shout the word Recollectio. The soldiers then would go back to their camp to get more firearms, to plan and to strategize; to defeat their enemies.

In our life, our number one enemy is sin. Every now and then we should tell ourselves the word, Recollectio; to strengthen our defense, to increase our weapon, to plan and to strategize how to defeat sin.

Temptation is everywhere. Satan is trying to tempt us to do sin starting from our own mind. If we do not have the strongest defense, then we will easily fall for his threat. :(

The Father gave us His only Son to die on the cross to save us from our sins. We do not need to die on the cross for one great God has done that for us already. What He asks for us to now is to come back in His loving arms. The Lord loves us in spite of our sins. Whatever we have become, whatever we have done, it doesn’t matter anymore. The Lord is calling us to come home.

Our God is just god. He is a loving and forgiving God. We must not be afraid to come back in His loving arms.

Ciao! :)

Why do we wave palms on Palm Sunday?

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Palm Sunday is the start of the Holy Week. It is the time of the year when Catholic believers are obligatory called to do penance and repent. Although asking forgiveness should be remembered and done all the time, but Holy Week is a time when we required to do so.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. In the Bible, the said event is written in the books of Matthew 21:1-7, Mark 11:1-7, Luke 19:29-35 and John 12:12-16. In the Children’s Bible (Retold by Anne de Graaf) I bought for my daughter, the said event was entitled the Big Parade. It was the day when Jesus and his disciples entered Jerusalem. Jesus was followed with a big crowd waving palm branches. They saw Jesus as their king, the one who might deliver them from the Romans.

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Today, we are blessed because we have been freed not only from the Romans but from our sins. We are blessed that our king who is loving and kind has saved us all. There is no reason for us to be afraid or lonely for Jesus has saved us.

Holy week is a reminder of what Jesus went through to save us. There is no reason for us to be sad on Good Friday but instead we should be thankful to God for giving us, Jesus. Holy week is a reminder that there would never be another Jesus and we should value what He has done for all of us. It is a reminder that we didn’t have to be nailed down to the cross because a king and a one true God had done that for us.

What He is asking for us in return is to do good and stay away from sins. I know that it is easier said than done. But it is possible and I believe that we can do it. We just need to pray and pray and pray.

Ciao! :)

Summer Songs!

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When I get to spend my summer vacation in Quezon before, my sister Patty and I have these summer songs that we love listening to and singing. Singing these songs on the bus going to Quezon, makes the trip more fun and exciting! :)

The songs that we used to sing include, I can see clearly Now by Johnny Nash, which actually been a number 1 in Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1972; Walking on Sunshine by Aly and A.J. and Summer Holiday by Cliff Richards, which was a summer hit of 1963. (Oh boy! Our summer songs are very “classic”, yet great!)

I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

Walking on Sunshine by Aly and A.J

Summer Holiday Cliff Richards

There are other summer songs that I love singing and listening to. These songs are Summer Sunshine by the Corrs, Cold Summer Night by the late Francis M., Our Last Summer by ABBA and Summer Day by Dar Williams. :)

Cold Summer Nights by Francis M.

Oh I can really feel the summer air! :) What’s your summer song then?

Ciao! :)

The Heat is on!

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I just got up from a nap. I still wanted to sleep but the heat wakes me up. :)   Well, summer is really here! :)

When I was still studying, I always look forward to summer vacation. :) I believe that most students look forward to summer vacation; no more assignments and quizzes; no projects to work on, no terror teachers to face and all I can think about is to relax and play! :)

Another thing that makes me wishes for summer break is the thought of spending a long vacation in my father’s hometown, Quezon. I really felt bad when I didn’t go to Quezon for a vacation. Why? Because I would miss the blue beaches; I would miss playing with my cousins in the rice fields, I would miss climbing trees and I would miss seeing my first love, honey. Hehehe! :) You bet! I had this big crush on ney when I was younger. :)

Now that I am working, I can only file a vacation leave from work. I would be lucky enough if my leaves are approved. If so, then I would be able to spend summer break in Quezon, this time with Nonet. Too bad, ney is not around to enjoy with us.

When we talk of summer, beach and outings are the first one to come to our minds. I love going to the beach, the water really makes me calm and relax. The Philippines is surrounded with many beautiful beaches. I have never been to Puerto Galera or Boracay, but so far, Laiya beaches in San Juan Batangas are my favorites. When ney had a project in Laiya, he took me a “virgin” beach with sparkling white sands. It has been a year ago but that resort is still under construction.

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Aside from going to the beach, there are other summer activities that one would be interested with. :) One would be interested in joining swimming lessons, acting, music, piano, voice and many more. :)

Well, I hope that you guys will enjoy your summer vacation. It is the time to relax and enjoy. I just hope that my leaves will be approved. For the meantime, I get myself busy with work and looking for a designer upholstery fabric for our chair. It needs a little upholstery today. :)

Ciao! :)


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While I was taking a rest last Saturday, my mother asked Tabibe what happened to one of our neighbors. My mother told my aunt that she noticed their worried voices and faces when she passed by their house. Tabibe said that our said neighbor just received their electric bill which has been set to Php 90,000.00! That’s their recent monthly bill. I was really surprised to hear that. Our neighbor doesn’t have business that would generate a bill like that for a month only! She said that it happened after Meralco replaced their analog meter with a digital one.

Ney’s family in Quezon owns a rice mill which operates 24 hours a day especially if it’s reaping season. Their rice mill is electricity operated but their bill would rise up to Php35000 only.

When our neighbors went to Meralco, they are asked to pay 1000 a month on top of their monthly bill.

That was so awful! I heard a story that there is a scam happening in Meralco regarding these digital meters. I am still doing further research about this matter. I told my mother not to have them replace our own meter, not until the billing issue of our neighbor is settled.

I do not know how many consumers experience the same problem like my neighbors. I thought of writing about this here to inform you guys about this subsequent trick or maybe a flaw on the new digital meter.

If ever you have a similar experience, please let me know. Maybe, we can do something about it if we act together.:)

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