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I went to gym and tried doing some work out plan  provided by the instructor. I know that I have been gaining weight already and its to  time to lose some. :) Well, my “gym” adventure didn’t last that long for one of my “gym-mates” got pregnant. Maybe I am  not that dedicated at all, because if I really wanted to lose weight then I really have to sweat for it.

The  gym instructor once told me that losing weight and shaping up is not an overnight deal. One should really be dedicated and disciplined enough. Too bad, I wasted much time for not being dedicated to my losing weight goal. :(  I know that there are no shortcuts at this but, there maybe some medicine that could help like OxyElite Pro. I still need to read more reviews about it but so far, reviews about it are great. :)

Well, I hope I would be able to lose weight just in time for the event I am going to attend to. :)

Ciao! :)


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I was at Mercury Drug-Medical City Branch when I first heard this song. It played continuously and I my heart is really touched. I don’t know the title of the song nor its singer. Its a good thing, I remember few of its lines and google helped me found the singer and the song itself. I played the song over and over and I never get tired listening to this. I heard a bossanova version though, but still the lyrics and the music cuts my heart deeply.

It is not a surprise that the song was sang by the greatest; Beegees and Dionne Warmick. Well, they are one of my favorite singers of all time. I may not live during their era but their songs and music has inspired me a lot.

I found this clip from youtube and I hope you’ll like it too..

Ciao! :)

Acne Problems?

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Before I park my computer down to take a rest and go to bed, I came across  with this website that would definitely help with the acne problems you have. Check the  said  website and click here!

Acne has been a problem not only by women but by men, too. There are different  ways to cure and to prevent getting an acne all over the Internet but I believe that  the best way still is to live clean and to stay clean. Anyway, check the site and you learn and a lot from it!  :)

Ciao! :)

A Gift for the Graduate

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After the ceremony, Nonet was very excited to go home. After giving her graduation presents to her friends, Maverick and Audrey, she asked us to go home right away. She wanted to open her own graduation gifts. :) She opened my presents first then, her Tita Anne’s and Tita Joy’s the last. I gave her a pair of shorts and a pair of sun-glasses. Her Ta Anne gave her coloring book, while her Ta Joy got her a 64-piece crayon! Tabibe gave her two cute coin purses. :)

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Her father promised her a netbook, but due to the current middle-east crisis, the said gift has to be delayed for a while. I talked to her about it and I thought that she has forgotten about it. Yesterday, I told her that I had a chat with her daddy and showed him her graduation pictures. I told her that daddy is very proud of her. Then, all of sudden she asked about the gaming computers her father has promised! :)

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I explained to her that daddy will keep his promise but she has to wait a while. I told her that she can use our desktop as she waits for her own computer. She already knows how to shut down the computer properly. I haven’t teach her how to turn it on and how to login to Windows yet. :)

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I am really hoping that ney would keep his promise. Otherwise, I may have to get a netbook for Nonet myself.

Ciao! :)

Most Obedient Student

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I attended my daughter’s Graduation/Recognition last March 23. I am happy because my vacation leave was approved at the last minute. Thank God! :) I am not very excited though. Hehehe! The ceremony was around 9:30AM. I woke up around 5AM that day! :) I ironed my blouse and took a bath early. Nonet woke up at around 6:30AM. She ate her breakfast and was very excited about her graduation. Well, excited about our gifts for her! :)

She was one of the students who came early in the venue. We had the opportunity to take picture with her Teacher Ehlay and other teachers namely; Teacher Evelyn, Teacher Christy and Teacher Nene. :)

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Nonet is enjoying her summer vacation and we are doing our best to help her improve her health. This coming June, she would be a prep student. She would still be going to the same school where she finished Kindergarten. I am contented and satisfied with the curriculum prepared by the school for their students.

I know that Nonet has a long way to go. But with God’s help and blessings, I believe that she would finish college and would have a good job. :)

The Nursery, Kinder and prep students showcased their talents in declamation, singing and dancing! :) My mother, my two sisters and our Tabibe were all there to witness Nonet’s big day!

I was really happy and proud. She was awarded as Kinder’s Most Obedient Student. She may not be the outstanding one, but I believe that Nonet is a bright girl. :) I am just praying that she will have a better health.

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God bless you anak! Mommy loves you very much!

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Ciao! :)

What makes me happy?

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I have mentioned in my previous post that I am not a lavish person, and simple things really make me happy. As I contemplate on it, I remember the book that my sister Patty bought. If I am not mistaken, it is entitled, 14000 Things to be happy about; The Happy book. Forgive me for I don’t remember who the author was.

I pause for a while and think about the things that make me happy. Sometime, it is really helpful to be quiet for a while and list all the things that makes you happy and do it to brighten up your day. I guess it is more worthwhile than thinking and moaning about the different problems we encounter everyday. I believe I have told you about the Happy Box which my friend learned from a Nick show, Dora the Explorer. :)

Now, let me share you the different things that make me happy. Don’t worry, it may not be as much as the The Happy Book! :) There are only few. :) Well, I love books. Hehehe! I do love books. Looking at my book collection really makes me happy. Of course I read my books! (When I have the time). :) A date with my daughter makes me happy. A date with ney makes me happy (too bad he’s not here :) ). A dinner treat for my family makes me happy. Arranging my stuff and putting them in a plastic container box makes me happy. Collecting stickers and scrap book materials make me happy. Winding embroidery thread on a plastic bobbin makes me happy.

Eating a kwek-kwek and isaw-isaw makes me happy. A Mocha Frap Venti from Starbucks makes me happy. A cup of Mango Cheesecake or Strawberry Cheesecake from DQ makes me happy! :)

Listening to my favorite music and singing my favorite songs make me happy. Playing with our cats makes me happy, but it makes me misses Chaka so much, too. :( Chatting with friends and catching up with their lives makes me happy. Playing Barbie with Nonet makes me happy. Brushing Nonet’s fine hair makes me happy. Giving my daughter a hand and foot massage makes me happy. Collecting different pictures and interesting articles from news papers and magazines make me happy. :)

I feel happy simply listing down the things that make me happy. If you think about it, being happy doesn’t necessarily need to be coming from a material thing. And, life isn’t really bad after all. Life is still a wonderful gift we receive from God; something that we must value and take care of. It is something that we must be grateful for always! :)

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Why don’t you try doing your own list of the things that makes you happy? It would really give you a good feeling! :)

Ciao! :)

Price for the hard work!

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My company’s employees would be smiling even when talking to irate customers this Friday. Our hard work for the last fiscal year would be rewarded with many Ninoy and Escoda! :)

I have been with the company for a year and a half now, and this would be the first time that I would be experiencing the incentive bonus plan. I am thankful to my previous manager, Boss Ruwi for rating me fair. I know that I deserve my ratings and I am happy for it. :) I wish I could spend some for vanity and relaxation but I have to set my priorities first. Since, I have been informed of what to receive; I have already allotted my price to the top everyday expenditures of the family. I have also allotted some for my mother’s fare and pocket money when she goes to Antique. I have set aside something for my daughter’s skin test. Oh, well I’ll tell you about it on another article. My mother advised me though to spend a little for myself; something that will encourage and inspire me to work harder. :)

I am not a lavish person and simple things really make me happy already. Being a technical support is kinda stressing. I guess I would give myself a spa treat. :) I need to unwind. I have been checking different spa’s which offers different packages. There are spas that offer full body massages; a dip on their hot tub with fine hot tub covers; and a facial treat! :)

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You bet, everybody in our company has been waiting for Friday patiently. :) It would be like Christmas when Friday comes! :)

Let’s enjoy the fruit of our hard work guys!

Ciao! :)

A Homecoming

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I just finished texting my cousin about the family reunion of my maternal clan in Antique. My mother has been away from her birthplace for almost 40 years. When she went to Manila many years ago, she didn’t get the chance of visiting her hometown anymore. She’s now a widow, a mother of three girls and a grand mother, and hopefully this coming May, she’ll be going back to her town. :)

She talked to her younger brother last night regarding the said reunion and she found out that her mother and 3 younger sisters will be coming, too. Her eagerness to come home grows deeper. She has not seen my maternal grandmother for almost 10 years. The last time she saw her two younger sisters was before she left Antique going to Manila then. She last saw her youngest sister, when Tito Lino, her brother, got married in 1989. She is really excited about the said reunion.

I’d like to go too, because I want to meet my maternal relatives as well. I have been very close to my paternal clan because I grew up with them. My father was a native of Quezon province. Quezon is just about a 5-hour bus ride from Manila. I love Quezon so much that I want to keep coming back as long as my schedule and my budget permit. I guess it’s time for me to know the other half of me. :)

I already checked the fare with different airline and shipping companies, as well as bus liners that has a route to Antique, and too bad I may not be able to shoulder the fare for 3 persons! :( Well, if I would come then Nonet will come along, too. The plan departure date is on May 3. It is still a month away and I hope that I can still stretch my salary a bit to compensate for me and my daughter’s fare. :) I really love to go.

But if in case, my budget didn’t permit me to set off, at least mama would be there. I know that it would really make her very happy to see her mother and her siblings again. :)

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I’ll keep you posted! :) I hope that there would be promos and fare discounts then! :)

Ciao! :)

Schedule Reshuffle

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This week is my last week on a 10:30PM shift. Next week, my shift will start at 3AM Manila time already. :) I will have a considerable “weekend” off. :) At first, I didn’t really like my schedule, but then I realized that with my new schedule I will be able to complete the triduum prayer on Holy week. I haven’t had the chance to complete the triduum prayer since I started working. I feel so blessed and I hope that my new schedule would inspire me to work harder. :)

One of my rest days fall on a Sunday, and my sister asked me to join a group aerobics on Sunday morning. I just hope that would shape me up again. I get so tired using the different pull up bars available in a little gym I enrolled into. I used to be Small to Medium size. Oh, please don’t ask my size now! Hehehe! :)

I will be reporting to work for 6 days straight this week, then I will be reporting to my new team on Tuesday next week. :)

I hope I would be find new friends in my new team. I am looking forward to be inspired to go to work everyday! :)

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Ciao! :)

Is the End Really Near?

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I have been so excited about Antoinette’s graduation that I have not share my thoughts on the current issues that the world faces today. Putting Nonet’s graduation aside, my sister Patty shared me about an email she received regarding the 3rd secret of Fatima. I know she gave me a printed copy of it once but I didn’t really read it. I do not want to scare myself to death. What I wanted is to prepare myself for the judgment day.

Our evening news was filled with the civil war happening in Libya. Thousands of Filipinos were rescued from the upcoming danger. We have all prayed and continue praying for the safety of our fellow Filipinos in the said country. Then, an earthquake struck New Zealand. Many lives and properties have vanished. :(

Then, just last Friday, we were filled with horror when we learned the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a 20-ft tsunami that hit Japan. The said country is accustomed to earthquake for Japan lies on the Pacific ring of fire. They have developed different construction ideas to strengthen their buildings and other structures. Yet, even if Japan is said to be an advanced country as far as technology is concerned, if Mother nature hits us, then there’s nothing we can do. :(

My sister read a few lines from the email she received and the incidents that is happening around us, seems like signs of times. I didn’t really understand what she meant when “it” will happen before 2012. I believe many of you has an idea of what I am talking about regarding 2012.

Many of us, maybe asking, Is the end really near? Is the second coming really near? I have known since I was young that no one knows it will be. Not even, the great Nostradamus. For only God knows when.

So what are these disasters telling us? Whatever religion you are in with, everyone is asked to repent, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness and to pray, pray and pray.

We can never really tell when the judgment day will happen. But, what is important is that we are prepared if ever that day comes. :)

Ciao! :)

A Graduation Treat

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I am just so happy to know that my vacation leave on Antoinette’s graduation day has been approved. I received an email last night confirming that the vacation leave I have applied for is approved. :)

Nonet shares with us that the presentation they will have on their graduation day. :) I have already bought a gift for Nonet. I got her a pair of shorts and a sunglasses. :) I do not have enough budget to buy expensive toys. I know that she will love my gift for her. While I was at the mall, I went to the toys department and searched for something she would appreciate. I found different pretty baby gifts, but I reminded myself that my daughter isn’t a baby anymore. Whew! Time really flies so fast. :)

Another treat that I am planning to give Nonet is a vacation treat. It’s not that I am sending her to a land far away, but I am pretty sure she would enjoy the breeze and the environment in Quezon. She has been sickly lately, and I believe that a change in environment would make her health better. I also believe the she would enjoy the company of her cousins. :)

How I miss taking a long vacation break.. :( I haven’t had any month-long vacation leave after I graduated from college. God blessed me with a work right away. :) But, sometimes, I feel so tired and a long vacation break would satiate the “vacation hunger” I am feeling. Hehehe! I wish I have the money to spend. :)

Well, it will just be a week from now when Nonet receives her first diploma. I am proud of myself! Hehehe! I have a graduating student already. :P

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Ciao! :)

I have a good singing voice, too!

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Antoinette just arrived from school. After changing from school uniform to her pambahay, my mother reminded her of something, she would tell me. She then whispered into my ears, “Mommy sabi ni Teacher Ella ang galing ko raw kumanta.” (Mommy, my teacher told me that I have a good singing voice). Then, she said, ”Mana kase ako sa’yo!”.  I was laughing at this because, she was able to appreciates God’s gift of singing to me. One of the presentations that they will do on their graduation day is a singing of the song Yesterday’s Dream in unison.

Antoinette is already familiar with the said song, because she hear it often in one of the CDs she has. One day, she came home happy and told us that they will be singing the said song. While she was confined in the hospital, my sister Patty and I used to sing it to her until she learned the lyrics and can sing the whole song alone. :)

Well,  God blessed her with the gift of music, too. She can hit the note well. And, she can really sing. :P

I cannot wait for their performance next week. I pray that my vacation leave will be approved, otherwise I will really have to be absent.

Ciao! :)

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