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After reminiscing through the pictures, let us hear once again the songs that have been associated with EDSA People Power revolution. Whenever I hear the song, Handog ng Pilipino, I really cannot help but cry. Many Filipinos sacrificed their loves for our freedom, starting with of course our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Then we had the People Power revolution. I hope that the lessons learned and the freedom that our fellow Filipinos have fougt for should always be valued and remembered.

Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo

While I was a looking for the video of Magkaisa, I have seen a video of Ninoy Aquino’s death. It was so stupid of me not to know my country’s history. I have seen a video Ninoy in a coffin with blood all over his face and eyes swollen. It was only then that I learned that Ninoy’s remains was not cleaned at all when he was shot at the tarmac. I learned that it was Ninoy’s mother who wanted that way. To show the true face of Marcos’ dictatorship. Good thing, that is all over.



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