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I went to PAWS this afternoon to pick up our two girls who have been spayed last Friday. I have not take pictures of them yet because I want them to have a good rest to recover fully from recent operation. Spaying means to remove the ovaries and uterus of a female animal. We decided to have our girls, Miyette (far left) and Tiki (far right) go through the operation because of their growing family. Our family lives in an apartment and it doesn’t provide enough space for the cats. Aside from that, our neighbors are not that animal friendly. :( We do not want to cause any troubles because of our cats in our neighborhood.

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Although, mating and giving birth are common to animals, we decided not to let our girls go through that nature because of the reasons mentioned above. Our newly spayed cats are seven months old already. Every year, I believe every February, PAWS or Philippine Animal Welfare Society holds a free neuter and spay day. Thanks to Ate Ness and Ate Heidi for bringing the cats to the shelter for me. :)

One of the many things I learned from PAWS’s seminar for volunteers, that I wanted to share with you is that PAWS do not adopt animals but they rescue animals who have experienced cruelly. The shelter rehabilitates the animals until they will be ready to be part of a loving family.  They are like orphanage for animals, where deserving pet owners can adopt and give those animals, a loving and caring family that they have been longing for.

Most of the cats and dogs in PAWS are of ”common” breed. Nevertheless, animals at the shelter may not be one of those commercially breed animals, yet they may be able to return the love you will give them, well, even more. :)

There are many cats and dogs in the shelter who are waiting for a new mom and dad. You can call the shelter at (02) 475-1688, or visit their website to know more about the details.

Ciao! :)

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