Cuddling a Cub

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Our next stop was at the Malabon Zoo. The lot area of Malabon Zoo is not as big as of Manila Zoo. There are only few animals to see as well. We started our tour looking at the birds and fishes they have. Then we turned to a small passage to see the reindeers. There are a bunch of reindeer in the cage. I felt bad about their status. Their cage is too small for them. Since the cage is too small, their poops spread everywhere. :(   Opposite the deer’s cage are the crocodiles haven. The zoo does have big crocodiles! I forgot to ask our guide about the crocodiles age though. If I can remember it right, there are around 4 big crocodiles I have seen in there!  Adjacent to deer’s cage is the Wild boar cage.

Our next turn was to the tiger’s den. I believe that this is one of the zoo’s main attraction. The zoo has a urangutans and greezly bears as well. The bears were sleeping when we arrived. Even if the children made a very loud noise, the bears were not awaken. I lost track of how many tigers they have in the zoo. The tigers ang bengal tigers. I guess the zoo owner breeds the those tigers in the zoo. 

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We had an oppurtunity to take pictures with a tiger cub. My daughter is an animal lover like us, and she wasn’t afraid of the cub. I had fun taking pictures with the cub, but the happiness wasn’t complete. :( The tiger cub may not say it but it get so stressed with the number of people who wanted to take pictures with it. Even the baby urangutan and the phytons were stressed as well.

When I attended the PAWS seminar way back then, I remember that different animal welfare societies are against zoo. I remember Ms. Anna Cabrera said that a study was conducted and children get familiarized with different animals and their habitats by means of media such as watching TVs (such as Animal Channel and National Geographic Specials) and DVDs. I find the cub the cutest, but I really felt that these wild animals would be more happy and contented in their natural habitats.

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On the second thought though, since these animals are not that safe in the wild as they were before, I guess it would be for their own good, that they are kept in different zoo. I can only hope that those animals are being taken cared of and loved very well. :)

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Ciao! :)

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