Gemini for 29 years; now a Taurus..

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There have been a lot of fuss about the change of Zodiac signs. Few weeks before the Chinese New Year, we just found out that there had been an addition to the more than century old 12 Zodiac signs. I didn’t know that the stars can change. Well, as far as Astronomy is concerned, there are stars that are being born and there are stars that die. I guess, there have been a lot of changes in the stars position, that’s why a new Zodiac sign was born.

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According to prime time news last night, the additional Zodiac sign is called Ophiuchus. It covers the dates from Nov. 29 to Dec. 17. According to my little research, the said sign is associated with a real person. The said person was an Egyptian called Imhotep. He was known to Ancient Greek as Aesclepius. It has been said that one of his abilities was healing and he was the one who introduced it to people.The symbol used to represent Imhotep is the serpent or the snake symbol which is still used to symbolize medical profession up to this day.

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It is really interesting to know that I slept one night as a Gemini then woke up the following morning as a Taurus. I wonder when did Astrologers decided to have 13 Zodiac signs. I read the status of my RS in FB and he mentioned that “does changing your zodiac mean you have to change the way you live and how you interact with people??? i look in the mirror and i still see the same me…”. Well, I guess he’s right. I always wait for Zenaida Seba’s daily horoscope when I watch Umagang Kay Ganda. She always, stressed out that stars do not hold our future. They are there to guide, and we have free will to use. Let’s be grateful for that free will. :)

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I do not know what the Taurus zodiac sign holds for me. I just hope that I’ll get over with being a Gemini, soon…

Well, let’s stop going crazy about this changes. We have one God who loves us all, and He wouldn’t let us go in vain. Let’s just put our trust and faith on Him.

Ciao! :)

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