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I will turn a year older this year and yet I feel like I have not been focusing on my career path seriously. I have been working for nearly seven years now and I do not see any growth in my career. Well, I guess the reason is I don’t even know what and which path I wanted to go to. I do not have any solid plans yet as to what I would be doing until I retire.

I had a very nice talk with my friend Mona yesterday. Like me, she’s thinking of shifting a career from the IT world into a totally different one.  I wanted to go back to school and study accountancy. It was my second choice next to Civil Engineering. I don’t think I can still handle Civil Engineering subjects anymore, that’s why I thought of enrolling to Accountancy instead.

I got into the computer career because Computers and IT are very in demand when I stepped into college about 12 years ago. I am the eldest in three siblings and I needed to get a job after college to support my family. Then, I found myself in the Computer Engineering department of PUP. Well, I am glad that I have finished CoE for I am still an Engineer by profession. And, being part of CoE department was like a prestige. :) It has been said that CoE students are PUP’s cream of the crop! :)

Well, my 5-year stay at the said department were really tough years! I got a job right after graduation, and I know that it was God’s gift to me and to my family. I would always be grateful to God for it. :) But now, I don’t see myself retiring in a call center. I am part of a prestigious company and I am a level 2 tech. My work is really stressful. People may think that call center agents have scripts and it is an easy job, well, technical supports are not! I still love what I am doing, though. But, it gets really tiring as day passes by.

Mona and I talked of shifting into a different career but if I have plans of going abroad, then I may need to cultivate and enrich the job I have now. She said that her brother went to Australia and is working as a Chef but he is a CPA. Then, she said that can be a waitress, if the price is right! :) Well, I can push those medical computer carts from one room to another, too if the price is right, why not! :)

Yet seriously, I would like to have a job that would really enjoy and would never get tired doing. I am praying that God would bless me and grant me a job that my heart really desires. I know that it’s time for me to get serious with working. Antoinette’s expenses are getting bigger each day. I know that I need to be serious now and focus on what I really want be doing until the day I started enjoying my pension. :)

God bless me!

Ciao! :)

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