Once in a Lifetime

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While waiting for the 60 pictures to be printed, I went home and spent time relaxing while singing in our midi player. It’s been a while since I sing that much. :) I needed to rest my voice while I was on leave last week. I sang couple of songs and I needed to take some vitamins to re-gain my strength. :) How can I be so tired? Well, I dance while I sing. :) Then, to wrap up my little concert, I key in one of my most loved song. I have loved this song since I was young.  :)

Since I cannot get over yet with the song, I searched for its video and found couple of it. :) I found a 1991 video of Gregorian singing the song but it wasn’t a full video. So I just picked one of the videos that has lyrics on it. Oh, I really love this song. Enjoy!

Ciao! :)

On the Cruise!

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My friends and I were talking over lunch earlier about our career. I asked Mishie on how to apply for Dell Scholars. I am planning to go back to school and Dell offers a scholarship for Masteral. Of course, there is bond for it. Then I told her that I have plans of working abroad already. I am determined to work overseas. I have to save for my daughter’s future. She has her father but I do not really depend on him. I do not want to gamble her future.

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In any case, I told Judy and Mishie about my plans and they told me to seize my dreams and turn my plans into actions. I told them that I am interested in becoming a Cruise ship staff . Well, I am not after the free tour but I am after the good opportunities that will be opened for me.

If it’s God’s will then I maybe out of the country by the 3rd quarter of this year. I still have to consider a lot of things though. And, I would be doing a lot of praying and praying.

Ciao! :)

Eat Out With Team Leih!

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We had a team eat out at Stackers in Eastwood yesterday. It was my first to eat out with the team. We spent the team’s fund for carb full meal! :) Most of my teammates ate burger and had a to go chicken. Well, I don’t find burgers that cost much a practical meal so I decided to order for 3-piece chicken and chips both for dine in and take out. I also had Strawberry Milk Shake.

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I didn’t get the chance to actually eat my 3-piece chicken at the diner for it took more than 30 minutes before the chicken was served. I was able to finish my Strawberry drinks yet the main course has not been served yet. :( It’s a good thing that my teammates shared their fries to everybody.  I decided to have my food to be wrapped for to go.  Somehow, it was fun. I enjoyed talking to my new found friends. Although, there still nothing can be compared with the team buildings I had with Boss Dan. How I miss my friends from that team. :(

I went home late from the office and slept late as well.  That’s why these pimple are popping like mushrooms on my face again. I do not worry that much for I do have a natural acne solutions to take of those. :) What is important is that I was able to join my team and I’m hoping that more bonding sessions will happen maybe Red Box or out of town next time. :)

Ciao! :)

Viva Sto. Niño

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Today the  Catholic believers is celebrating the feast of Sto. Niño or the child Jesus. There are a lot of street dancing and festivities. In the southern part of the Philippines, in Cebu to be specific, the Sinulog festival is being held. Every year people from all over the Philippines and from all over the world come to participate in the said festival. Cebu is where Philippine Christianity was born. The celebration of Sinulog or Sto. Niño when Ferdinand Magellan gave an image of Niño Jesus to Reyna (Queen) Juana as gift. She and husband, Haring (King) Humabon were the first Filipino Catholics. :)

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In local parishes around the archipelago, the feast of the Sto. Niño is celebrated as well. I used to participate in the street dancing holding an image of  Sto. Niño when I was younger. But, now, I just watch the procession passes by. :(

We watched the procession passed by with mama and Antoinette. We asked her to bring the little Niño we have and have it danced. We watched as the parishioners pass  by dancing to the different tunes played by the drum and lyre bands commissioned by the our church. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a picture of our good looking mayor and barangay captain. :)

My family and I heard the 11AM mass. In the homily, one of the key points that the priest laid is that we celebrate the fist of the Sto. Niño to remind us to be child-like. Child-like and not childish. Child-like being innocent and pure and being dependent to God.

In his homily, the priest told a story of Alexander the Great. He said that Alexander got sick and called for the best doctors known. But none of them was able to cure him. When he plan a funeral for himself, he asked his servants that he would want the doctors who tried to cure him to carry his casket; that is to remind people that no doctor can save us from death. His second request is that, he wanted his gold and all his fortune to be laid on the path where his coffin will pass by; that is to remind people that when we die, we cannot bring anything with us. And, lastly, he told his servants, that he wanted his hands to be open wide in his casket; that is to remind us that we came on earth empty handed and we will be going back to the father, empty handed as well. :)

It was a very good mass. :) After the homily the children 12 years old and below were called to the altar and were blessed. At the end of the mass, I told my daughter to be good and obedient all the time. And that my family loves her very very much. :)

Ciao! :)

Cheezy Shanghai

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It’s lumpiang Shanghai actually. :) My mother and I went to the wet market this morning to buy food for one week. I usually being accompanied by my cousin April by she needs to do the laundry today. I slept late last night and I wasn’t able to join my daughter in her weekend biking at the park, so my mother went with her. When they arrived, I asked my mom if she can go with me the market. After resting for a while we set off to Pasig City Mega Market. :)

We got home at around 12 noon. We decided to cook lumpiang shanghai with a kick. Well, the kicker is the cheese. :) I have watched a demo cooking in one of the grocery stores along Ortigas Avenue, and I learned this lumpiang shanghai with cheese dish. The woman who did the demo, put on slices of cheese when she rolled the mixture into the wrapper. I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I had a better idea. We still have Quezo de Bola left over in the fridge and I think that it would really taste good if we used it in our lumpia. :)

Instead of using the cheese as toppings while wrapping the mixture, I chopped the cheese and mixed it with the shanghai mixture!  :)

I prepared the pan and deep fried lumpiang shanghai. I do not exactly know how you call it in English, some says it is called, Filipino Egg Roll. :) Well, it taste really good! Oh am I drooling?!?

Well, you can try it and I guarantee that it really taste superb! You can find different versions of lumpiang shanghai’s recipe on the web, choose whatever you feel like doing just add cheese in the mixture. :)

Happy Eating! :)

Ciao! :)

Nearly over

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My 5-day long vacation (including rest days) is almost over. Tonight is the last night that I will enjoy my vacation. Tomorrow, I will be back to reality, work and work. Take calls, solve the problems and sell, sell and sell. I don’t mind taking and resolving technical issues. However the sales part is really driving me crazy. Maybe I am really not a sales person. Anyway, it is part of my metrics and I have to do good about it, whatever it takes.. :(

Anyway, I am savoring the last day of my vacation and spending hours in the bathroom, when I noticed that our bathroom faucet needs to be changed. The water leaks even if it closed, and you need to do a little trick to prevent water from leaking. I have told my mother about changing it but she said that since the “trick” is still working then we can keep our old faucet.

I guess the vacation I have isn’t really enough to attend to my things and keep them in order. I don’t know why I have been packing my things, in a way that those may be untouched for a long time. I have kept my books that makes me happy as if I may not be reading them for a while. I guess, this plans of going abroad is getting into my nerve, slowly but surely. I pray that God will be bless me.

I do not know yet what 2011 and having Taurus as my Zodiac is in store for me. But, I am praying and I am hoping that this year will be better especially when it comes to financial aspects. I know that I need to work hard for my daughter. I wanted her to go to a fine school and take whatever course she’s interested with. I do not want to give her any responsibility of helping me yet. I just want her to enjoy. She’s so precious to me.

God bless me always. I love you and thank you Lord for everything..

Ciao! :)

Gemini for 29 years; now a Taurus..

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There have been a lot of fuss about the change of Zodiac signs. Few weeks before the Chinese New Year, we just found out that there had been an addition to the more than century old 12 Zodiac signs. I didn’t know that the stars can change. Well, as far as Astronomy is concerned, there are stars that are being born and there are stars that die. I guess, there have been a lot of changes in the stars position, that’s why a new Zodiac sign was born.

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According to prime time news last night, the additional Zodiac sign is called Ophiuchus. It covers the dates from Nov. 29 to Dec. 17. According to my little research, the said sign is associated with a real person. The said person was an Egyptian called Imhotep. He was known to Ancient Greek as Aesclepius. It has been said that one of his abilities was healing and he was the one who introduced it to people.The symbol used to represent Imhotep is the serpent or the snake symbol which is still used to symbolize medical profession up to this day.

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It is really interesting to know that I slept one night as a Gemini then woke up the following morning as a Taurus. I wonder when did Astrologers decided to have 13 Zodiac signs. I read the status of my RS in FB and he mentioned that “does changing your zodiac mean you have to change the way you live and how you interact with people??? i look in the mirror and i still see the same me…”. Well, I guess he’s right. I always wait for Zenaida Seba’s daily horoscope when I watch Umagang Kay Ganda. She always, stressed out that stars do not hold our future. They are there to guide, and we have free will to use. Let’s be grateful for that free will. :)

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I do not know what the Taurus zodiac sign holds for me. I just hope that I’ll get over with being a Gemini, soon…

Well, let’s stop going crazy about this changes. We have one God who loves us all, and He wouldn’t let us go in vain. Let’s just put our trust and faith on Him.

Ciao! :)

So far, So good

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We had a terrible fight on new year’s eve. That fight might have been the end of a 6-year relationship. I would still feel bad if ney and I would separate for good. I still love and care for him. Besides, he’s still the father of my daughter.

I am glad that somehow, we were able to patch things up. I do not want to give him any heartaches or headaches as much as I can, especially now that he is away on a foreign land. I wanted him to enjoy his work and enjoy the fruits of his hard works. I bet he’s enjoying Cityville while smoking Cohiba! :)

Only God knows what would happen next. I am just hoping and praying for the best. God bless us!

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Ciao! :)

Papa’s Gift

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I rested my hands from writing for a while, and I started checking on the boxes I have moved from our closet. I have plans of keeping my “anik anik” in the same box. So, it would be easier for me to find them. While checking one of the boxes, I found a box of pen which my father gave me about 12 years ago. Some of the pens ran out of ink already but I can always have them refilled. My name (full name with middle initial actually!) is engraved on each pen. :)

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I plan to keep these pens as long as I live. I would always cherished these pens!

Miss you papa..

Ciao! :)

My Dream Farm

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Part of my plans for a career move is going abroad. I have plans of working overseas and literally on seas, too! Yep! I have considered working on a cruise ship if given a chance. If I would be blessed with a good and high paying job, I would really earn a lot to put up a farm, A flower and vegetable farm to be exact. :)

I love flowers and I love to eat vegetables. I would like to have a business that I will enrich and grow even after I retire. The farm that I wanted may not be necessarily big. But, I want it to be equipped with hydroponics system. It is a gardening system that would maintain the temperature and water level in the farm. :) Then, I would sell my harvests to different markets, restaurants, food chains and flower shops.

How happy I would be if I will be able to turn my dream farm into reality. I believe that God will bless me fulfill my dreams. :)

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Ciao! :)

What happened to JB?

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You may wonder who JB might be. Well, the title will be that long if I would put Josephine Bracken’s name in there. :)

My sister Pauline said that in her Rizal class, she will be reporting about Jose Rizal’s love interests. Oh there were quite a few! :) Rizal’s love life was my favorite topic in my  Rizal class back in college. I remember how my father used to brag his grades in Rizal. He said that he got a flat 1 grade in the said subject! :)

While wer were talking about Rizal’s girlfriends, I remember about Josephine Bracken. We all know that she was Rizal’s last girlfriend and fiancee. Although, many believed that they were married though no proof was found. She was with Rizal during his last days. When Rizal was shot to death on Dec. 30, 1896 at Bagumbayan, we have not known what happened to Josephine after his death.

I did a little research about this lady’s life after the death of her fiance. I learned that she joined the revolutionaries but voluntarily returned to Hongkong after receiving a threat of torture and imprisonment. She then married Vicente Abad and had a daughter named, Dolores. She died of Tubercolosis in 1902. But she was buried in an unknown grave. :(

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Well, I just hope that Josephine and Jose had a happy life together.

Ciao! :)

Shifting Career?

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I will turn a year older this year and yet I feel like I have not been focusing on my career path seriously. I have been working for nearly seven years now and I do not see any growth in my career. Well, I guess the reason is I don’t even know what and which path I wanted to go to. I do not have any solid plans yet as to what I would be doing until I retire.

I had a very nice talk with my friend Mona yesterday. Like me, she’s thinking of shifting a career from the IT world into a totally different one.  I wanted to go back to school and study accountancy. It was my second choice next to Civil Engineering. I don’t think I can still handle Civil Engineering subjects anymore, that’s why I thought of enrolling to Accountancy instead.

I got into the computer career because Computers and IT are very in demand when I stepped into college about 12 years ago. I am the eldest in three siblings and I needed to get a job after college to support my family. Then, I found myself in the Computer Engineering department of PUP. Well, I am glad that I have finished CoE for I am still an Engineer by profession. And, being part of CoE department was like a prestige. :) It has been said that CoE students are PUP’s cream of the crop! :)

Well, my 5-year stay at the said department were really tough years! I got a job right after graduation, and I know that it was God’s gift to me and to my family. I would always be grateful to God for it. :) But now, I don’t see myself retiring in a call center. I am part of a prestigious company and I am a level 2 tech. My work is really stressful. People may think that call center agents have scripts and it is an easy job, well, technical supports are not! I still love what I am doing, though. But, it gets really tiring as day passes by.

Mona and I talked of shifting into a different career but if I have plans of going abroad, then I may need to cultivate and enrich the job I have now. She said that her brother went to Australia and is working as a Chef but he is a CPA. Then, she said that can be a waitress, if the price is right! :) Well, I can push those medical computer carts from one room to another, too if the price is right, why not! :)

Yet seriously, I would like to have a job that would really enjoy and would never get tired doing. I am praying that God would bless me and grant me a job that my heart really desires. I know that it’s time for me to get serious with working. Antoinette’s expenses are getting bigger each day. I know that I need to be serious now and focus on what I really want be doing until the day I started enjoying my pension. :)

God bless me!

Ciao! :)

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