Cousins Day

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After the side trip we had at Rizal Shrine we went ahead to Catherine’s place. It was about 15-minute tricycle ride from the plaza. The guests were eating when we arrived. Jeboy have blown his birthday cake’s candle already as well.

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Antoinette and Jeboy

I knew that Cathy was very happy to see us. We gave our birthday presents to Jeboy and we enjoyed the food they prepared for his birthday. My daughter and her cousins Jeboy and JC started playing around after eating. I let her play with her cousins and Jeboy’s classmates. :) It’s really happy to see them play and enjoy each other’s company. They are the family’s next generation children. :)

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With JC and Jeboy

While the kids are playing, we enjoy the videoke! :) Our family loves to sing. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a singing voice. My sisters and my cousins can hit the notes of a song well, too. :) We sang and sang until the microphone died on us. Oh well, my cousin April stepped on the cord and pulled the microphone out of the videoke machine! Great!

Like Antoinette, Jeboy and JC, my paternal cousins and I are also close to each other. We are not only cousins but we are friends. I remember the times when we were younger and single! My father’s brother used to get angry always when we go home late at night. He would always say how sorry he was for having nieces and not nephews! Hahaha! :) My paternal grandparents have 11 grandchildren. There are 8 girls! Our ages are very close to each other that’s why we really enjoy hanging out with each other. :)

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Enjoying the Videoke Machine!!!

As we grow older, we have had a lot of misunderstandings that made the bond we had loosened up. :( It was sad though. The trip we had in Laguna, made me realize that whatever differences we have and whatever misunderstandings we had in the past should be a closed story already. I feel that the happy moments and the friendship my cousins and I shared are stronger than any differences we have. To top it all, we have the same blood running in our veins. :) With that, we are planning to have a reunion in Summer next year! :)

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Enjoying Sinigang na Hipon before going back to Manila

Ciao! :)

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