Miracles do Happen!

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After a little picnic in her school to celebrate her 5th birthday, I took my daughter and my mother to St. Pio’s chapel in Libis, Quezon City. I have told you about this chapel in my previous post. As you all know, my daughter is suffering from asthma. My mother on the other hand, has rheumatic heart disease. I believe in miracles and I have faith that God will heal my dear child and mother from the health problems they have. It may not be a drastic or on the spot healing, but I believe that miracles do happen. They do happen. :)

I prayed before God and asked St. Pio’s intercession for the pleas i have in my heart. I have a lot to pray for but I don’t forget to say thank you. Maybe it is a good practice to praise the Lord and thank Him for all the blessing He is giving us. The solemnity and serenity of the place really gave me a relax and happy feeling. I can stay there for hours just staring at the life size statues of Mama Mary, St. Joseph, Jesus and St. Pio. I will never get bored praying. If you think about it. There are a lot of things we need to pray for. No only for our personal needs but for the welfare of the people around us as well. :)

I let mama write her petitions and gave her time to pray, while I look after my daughter. I wasn’t able to tour the chapel in my first visit. My daughter happened to be a keen observer and she found areas that I would never find it wasn’t for her. She saw glowing candles through the glass walls of the chapel and she asked me to go there. I was able to find the door that led us to a little St. Francis chapel. We also found the office where we got roses to offer to the saint. My daughter enjoyed placing flowers on the vases. :)

Our wandering led us to a garden where we found statues of St. Pio, St. Francis and St. Anthony. I took a picture of Nonet with St. Anthony and I told her that she got her name from him. We also found an alley that led to a praying Jesus in the garden of Getsemani.

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In the evening, outdoor lighting are turned on that adds beauty to the chapel.

It was really a day of prayers, fun and laughter! Of course, Nonet enjoyed so much that day. I took her to Eastwood after spending hours in the chapel. Well, it’s gonna be another story. I recommend that you visit the said chapel, too.

Ciao! :)

Mama @ 57!

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Last October 6, my mother celebrated her 57th birthday. Three more years and she’ll be able to enjoy the 20% discount offered to Senior citizens! Hehehe!

We didn’t have enough budget to throw a big party for her. We just have extra food on our table plus ice cream and cake. We ate and enjoy her birthday by singing in our videoke. :)

Mama is the only parent we have. Sometimes, she become hard headed and always make her own way instead of what is asked of her to do. You bet! Her way is always better! :)

I always pray to God to bless her with good health and long life. Long enough for us to give her a convenient and comfortable life. Long enough for her to enjoy playing not only with Nonet but with her future grand children. :)

God bless her! Love you mama.

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Ciao! :)

Caracoles Festival in the Parish

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I hope I spelled Caracoles correctly! :) It has been accustomed in our barangay that a street dance is held few days before the feast day. I live in Barangay Rosario. As the name of the barangay implies, we celebrate our barangay fiesta on October 7. Part of the celebration is the Caracoles festival. Each pamayanan showcased the different livelihood that can be found in our barangay. :)

Not so long ago, barangay Rosario is known for its good pottery. I remember when I was a child, my friends and I used to pick broken parts of a palayok to be used as pamato in our little street game called piko. Oh well, I hope you can still remember how to play piko. :)

Another livelihood in our barangay was fishing. The barangay is near Marikina river. Maybe in the old days, people used to catch fish from there. Native folks of the barangay used to be farmers as well.
The caracole dancers also showcased the sewing thread and garment businesses that can be found in the barangay.

As I enjoy watching the festival I realized that our barangay is offering a lot of sales jobs! From pottery to garment business, you’ll really find good sellers in here! :)

I really hope that the said festival will truly be part of the feast celebration. It really adds color and enjoyment to the celebration.

Ciao! :)

October is the Month of the Rosary

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It’s been quite a while since I work on this journal. I know that I have  a lot of catching up to do with you guys. I believe that it is just appropriate to start my updates by telling you the joy I felt after attending the living rosary this afternoon in our parish.:)

The feast of the most holy rosary is celebrated on October 7th. Therefore, October is set to be the month of the holy rosary. Every Catholic faithful is encourage to pray the holy rosary not only during the month of October but as much as possible, everyday. Well, I must say that I am guilty of not praying the rosary everyday. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I prayed the rosary until today. :(

When I got home from work, I took a nap for a while and ready myself to work on my journal. I noticed that my youngest sister, Pauline and my cousin April were preparing. They told me that they are going to church to attend the living rosary. There was this feeling from within me that made me came with them.

We met our aunt in the church together with other legionaries and parishioners. It’s good to see old friends and co-church workers before.

I felt the serenity and a certain joy in my heart after praying the rosary. I may have sacrificed  some material things for participating the living rosary, but its worth it. I didn’t regret going with them. :)

I cannot promise or commit yet that I would be praying the rosary everyday. But, I would say the holy rosary as much as I can. I believe that the mama Mary loves me and she keeps me close in her heart inspite of me being a sinner.

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Ciao! :)

Let Us Try

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Oh well, I just love this song and I just wanted to post it here! Enjoy and sing along!

When I see you on the street, I lose my concentration. Just the thought that we
might meet creates anticipation.

Won’t you look my way once before you go and my eyes will say what you ought to
know. Well I’ve been thinkin’ about you day and night…and I don’t know if
it’ll work out right…but somehow I think that it just might…if we try.

Faces come and faces go in circular rotation. But something yearns within to
grow beyond infatuation.

Won’t you look my way once before you go and my eyes will say what you ought to
know. Well you’ve got me standin’ deaf and blind…cause I see love as just a
state of mind…and who knows what it is that we might find…if we try.


You’re walking a different direction from most people I’ve met. You’re givin’
me signs of affection I don’t usually get. I don’t want you to pledge your
future the future’s not yours to give. Just stand there a little longer and let
me watch while you live.

‘Cause when I see you on the street, I lose my concentration. And just the
thought that we might meet creates anticipation.

Won’t you look my way once before you go and my eyes will say what you ought to
know. Well I’ve been thinking about you day and night…and I don’t know if it
will work out right…but somehow I think that it just might…if we try.
Somehow I think that it just might if we try. Yes somehow I think that it just
might if we try.

A Day for Myself

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I have planning on for a while to set a day for myself. The stress at work and at home makes me feel so tired and I feel that I am aging faster than I should. :( I thought of going to a spa and have some fine massage. I am planning to have a detox treatment
! I know that there are many detoxifying creams available but I wanted a cleansing session to detoxify not only the skin but do cleansing inside the body as well.

I have been reading different cleansing steps and most of the sites I have visited always end saying, that the best practice to be toxic free is to eat right and live right! :)

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Ciao! :)

An Inspiration or a Reminder?

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I noticed the picture of his wife and his children on posted on his station. I’ve known him for a year now, and he never had those pictures before, until recently. Sometimes, I thought of teasing him about those pictures but I didn’t. I guess it is normal for a married man or anybody to place a picture of his or her love ones on their desks. Looking at our love ones pictures inspire us to work and work harder. Thinking about them and the future ahead of them makes any fatigue we feel fades away.

On the other hand, it could also be used as a reminder that we are attached and we should keep our commitment. How can someone cheat if his wife is looking at him?!? Maybe I am just trying to encourage myself that he doesn’t feel anything special towards me. There are various occasions that I caught him staring at me and then he would tend to look at different direction. I may be foolish to believe that he cares for me more than a friend! But, to be honest, I feel that suppressed love. ? I know that I am not making believe or day dreaming. I can feel it. And that hurts me so bad. :( It’s just that he is so righteous and responsible enough to do what is right. I admire him more for being one.

I know that it would be best to pretend that I do not feel that “love” and that we’re good friends. It would be the best and right thing to do. Besides, he doesn’t tell me anything, and I know that he will never do. :(

*** *** *** *** *** ***

It’s a sad story yet, I believe that everybody can relate. When you love someone, you tend to sacrifice. And please try to connect your mind and your heart. When we’re in love, we always forget that our brains are placed on our head to conquer our heart. Doing what is right all the time will make your life easier and happy. Believe me. It is a fact! :)

Ciao! :)

My Computer got a Virus!

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Now I’d understand how a customer feels whenever they call our line for support. My computer was infected with a virus last Sunday and I needed to format my computer. :( I connected my USB flush drive because I need to copy a file. I cannot open the drive and it is showing a folder icon from My Computers. When I ran a scan, my anti-virus found a file but didn’t regard it as a harmful file. I still unable to open my flush drive. I tried rebooting my computer in safe mode but it wouldn’t get into safemode when I hit on DEL, ESC or even F8. I hated it! I then went to msconfig and selected Safemode with Networking from Boot. When I restarted the computer I started getting BSOD! I tried to do an OS repair but that didn’t help. I needed to format the C drive and reinstall Windows. :( My youngest sister was very upset. Well, it’s a good thing that she was able to back up her important files into our second drive. :)

Yet I still owe her a Nicholas Sparks’ book. I am just glad that I have secured all the CDs I received when I purchased my computer about 3 years ago. :) Reinstalling Windows was just a piece of cake as they say. And, good thing I did a backed up on all the pictures and videos of my daughter. It took me a while to download and install antivirus software and other applications such as Adobe reader. The dark circles around eyes are very visible the next day.  :( At least, I got our computer up and running again! :)

Ciao! :)

I missed It! :(

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I wasn’t able to watch Harana kay Maria last Saturday. Oh I regret that I passed that oppurtunity. :( I wasn’t able to watch Bukas Palad Music Ministry perform live. :( I had my nails done last Saturday. I told myself that I will take a nap for atleast 30 minutes for I was really sleepy. Well, I didn’t have a nap, I actually fell asleep. I woke up around 11PM in the evening that day. My mother told me that they are trying to wake me up but they couldn’t.

My daughter was so mad at me because I told her that we’re going to watch a concert yet I slept. Well, it’s a good thing that Barangay Fiesta’s Caracole will be held the next day. I told her that we will be watching it and I will wake her up early. :)

Well, I am glad that we’re able to watch the said street dancing. I tell you more about it on another post. :)

Ciao! :)

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