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Everyday when I go and leave work, I always see a signage pointing to Padre Pio’s church. I didn’t mind that signage though I know that it is pointing to a church. Maybe I wasn’t interested at all. I didn’t know who Padre Pio was, that’s why.

About 2 days ago, my cousin Anne asked me if I know how to go to Padre Pio’s church in Libis. I told her that I have seen a mark pointing to Padre Pio’s church, but haven’t been there. This afternoon, I decided to look at the said church. I’m telling you, the church is very solemn. I really felt good going to the church. I noticed the three life images inside the church. The images are Padre Pio’s, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I loved to take pictures inside the church but of course, out of respect, I forbid myself.

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Padre Pio’s Chapel in Libis, Quezon City

Since that was my first visit to the church, I uttered a wish (wishes actually!). I noticed that in front of Padre Pio’s life size statue, I observed that there are people writing. I thought that there could be relics of Padre Pio in there and people can write petitions. I went forward to write my petitions as well. I just found myself on the queue waiting for my turn to come closer to Padre Pio’s image. While waiting for my turn, I took a piece of paper from my bag and I started writing my petitions.

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Padre Pio exposing Stigmata

When it is my turn, I went forward and whispered my prayers to Padre Pio. I told him that I do not know him personally but with all faithfulness, I asked him to pray with me and present my petitions to God. I felt serenity. :)

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Uncorrupted body of Padre Pio. It was exhumed 40 years after his death

When I arrived home, I browsed the net and searched about Padre Pio Pietrelcina. I learned that he is also known as Padre Pio of Stigmata. Stigmata are bodily marks, causing pain and bleeding in locations that correspond to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ. The first occurrence of stigmata was in September 1918, and it ended until the end of his life in 1968. Padre Pio had a poor health as well. He suffered illness after illness; operations after operations. He died because of health deterioration. Pope John Paul II canonized him as saint in June 16, 2002. Like many other faithful who were elevated to sainthood, his body is uncorrupted when it was exhumed in 2008, 40 years after his death. :)

When I was reading the church’s mass schedule, there is always anointing of the holy oil. I just realized that Padre Pio had gone through spiritual and physical sufferings when he was alive. Yet, he was able to win that battle because of his great love and faith to God.

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Chapel’s Schedule

I believe that we can offer a request to Padre Pio to join us praying before God our pleas. He suffered numerous illnesses when he was living on earth, therefore he knew the pain that people suffering from cancer, may it be a breast, brain cancer or any forms of illnesses people go through. People suffering from grave illnesses may try to visit the said chapel in Libis. Please bring with you great faith and trust to God Almighty. It is located between Honda Cars and Eastwood City.

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Saint Pio is said to be one of the popular saints in the world. Well, I guess he would be one of my favorite saints now along with the 7 Archangels, St. Anthony de Padua, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Bernadette of Lourdes and St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

Ciao! :)

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