Good Morning Sunshine!!!

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I will be saying good morning sunshine next week. We had a schedule rotation and our team will be on the morning shift. I have been in the graveyard shift for more than a year and I kinda got used to it. :)

It was a mixed emotion when I learned that our team would be in the morning shift already. I’m kinda sad because I will not be able to take advantage of the night differential for more than two months. :( And, I will not be able to see my other friends very often anymore because we’ll be in “scattered” schedules. I would definitely miss my previous team. My boss Oneil then asked me to join their team building. I said, I do not want to go. :( To be honest, I wanted to join and have fun with them because I miss them so much. I miss my friends and the “singing voice” of my boss then. :D But since we’ll be in different shifts and different rest days, I cannot join them anymore. So sad. :(

Well, there is always a positive side in every situation. :D Since I will be reporting to work at 5AM, I will be able to take advantage of sleeping at night. How healthy! I can minimize drinking coffee (I hope! :P ). I will be able to spend more quality time with my daughter and I will be able to do more things than when I’m in the evening shift. :)

I am excited of reporting to work next Tuesday since our new off would be Sunday and Monday. Yet, starting that week, I have to be more thrift, because I know that there would be a cut in my salary since the hours allotted to get the night differential would be less. That’s fine. :)

And, I would definitely be able to update you guys with different things since I will have more time in my hands! :D

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Ciao! :)

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