Keeping Close through Technology

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It’s a good thing that we have technology to use to keeping close to our love ones overseas. Few days ago, ney was able to use one of his colleagues portable. Ney is one of those “pre-schoolers” when it comes to the use of computers and the technology around it. His co-worker taught him how to use yahoo messenger and how to use the webcam. He was so excited about it and he called me first to tell me that he will be online. :)

I setup my webcam and waited until ney is online. You bet, ney and I chatted for almost 5 hours! :) I am so happy to see ney. I believe she is happy to see me as well and our daughter Antoinette. He also said hello to my mother and my sister Pau. He said that he will buy his own laptop when he transferred to middle east. He is lucky to be employed at an international company. His immediate superior told him the other day that he will be transferred in the middle east for his knowledge will be used and utilize more in there. From snow to sand. Well, as long as he is okay and safe, then it is fine with me. Besides, he told me that gadgets and appliances are cheaper there because there is no tax. He also learned from his father that during Ramadan, items would really go on Sale. That’s a good side of his transfer! :)

I am just happy that he was able to learn to use the technology we have today. We may be miles and miles away from each other but the tools we have today made it easy for us to keep in touch and stay close to each other! :)

Ciao! :)

Bad Experience @ Chowking

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I have always loved Chinese food. When, ney was here, we would always go to Binondo to eat some Chinese food. When we’re at the mall, aside from the Jollibee, KFC and McDonald, we always love to it at Chowking. Chowking has a lot of food to offer. But in spite of the food choices, I believe that the quality and the cleanliness of food should matters.

Chowking like other food chains, have different branches in the Philippines. Different branches, have their own manager and people who maintains the quality of food they serve and the customer service they offer to the customers.

In this article I do not want brand bash, Chowking. But I would want to get the owners attention, that whether a certain branch is just a franchise or a company run, the store still holds the name, Chowking.

About two weeks ago, Ate Ness told me her story about her Chowking experience. Like me one of her favorite food shops is Chowking. She was very disappointed when she and her brother Renee, dined at Chowking in Hidalgo St. in Quiapo Manila. She said that they ordered for a noodle soup and was dismayed when she found cockroach eggs from her food. Eewwww!!! She was served with another one, but she didn’t take it anymore. She was not sure, whether the staff took the cockroach eggs only but it was still the same soup.

Another bad experience she had with Chowking was in their branch in SM Taytay. She said that the staff served them with soft drinks with floating fly. :(

I had my own bad experience with Chowking. This happened in Chowking Eastwood City branch. I ordered for my favorite soup noodles. I was eating with my colleague Judy. When the food was served, I found a fly hidden within the noodles. I called one of the waiters’ attentions and showed them what I found. The store manager went to us and apologized for what happened. My food was replaced and to my dismay, I found a small fly floating near the soup’s veggie. My friend got up and went to the store’s kitchen. She asked them to show her how to prepare the noodles they serve. Finally, I was able to eat a good one.

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Well, I believe that not all Chowking branches are like the ones I have mentioned. In fairness to Chowking, so far, their branch at Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas is the best branch I have dined in.

My intention in this post is to call the attention of the big bosses of the store managers of Chowking in Hidalgo in Quiapo, in SM Taytay and in Eastwood City. Not all people will understand that incidents like these, happened in certain Chowking branch only. Not all people who would know about these things, may not stereotype Chowking.

I still love to eat at Chowking that’s why I believe that certain actions are needed to address these things.

Ciao! :)

Tika Got Three!

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It’s been a while since I tell you stories about life and family. Sorry about that. I got sick last week and I really find it difficult to work then. Well, to start with, I have good news for those kitten-lovers out there. Our baby Tika is now a mother of 3 beautiful kittens. :)  I knew that Tika went through a difficult labor. She first gave birth to an orange kitten which we named Chi-chi junior. I have witnessed her pain and stress while in labor. We thought that we would bring her to the vet, but then I realized that God will help her go through the whole process of giving birth. I thought of those cats and dog on the street which were able to give birth without human intervention. :) I prayed during her labor pains and I also massage her tummy. I witnessed when she gave birth to her second kitten, which we named Tiki. :)

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Tika with second kitten, Tiki

Maybe, she already learned how to breath and pushed her kitten away from her tummy after the second kitten. For few minutes later, the third and the last kitten was born. :) We named her Miyette. :)

I needed to touch and carry the newly born kittens in a safe place, because their mummy Tika tends to lay on them. It’s a good thing we put the box near the sinks where I was able to wash my hands right away. :)

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Tika feeding her kittens. (L-R) Chichi Junior, Miyette and Tiki

We gave Tika a pat on her back for a job well done. The kittens are 4 days now and Tika is a very protective mother. Tika didn’t grow up with her mother. We adopted her when she was about 2 weeks old. I am really amazed on how God created and designed each and everyone of us.

Ciao! :)

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