For Nonet’s Health

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I am happy to know that ney is enjoying his stay and his work abroad. :) Everytime we talk over the phone, he always have exciting and new stories to share. In return, I tried to tell him good stories, too. I tell him the things I do and the things that keeps me busy so that I will not be sad while waiting for him. He told me that he was able to visit different market and malls already. He said that he would buy Nonet a new model of nebulizer and a pulse oximeter that she can use when an attack of asthma happens. He said that he will buy a portable oximeter so I could monitor the oxygen saturation in her, and I would know when to rush her to the hospital. He said that medical equipment there are very affordable.

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Pulse Oximeter

He said that he would also find a portable airconditioning unit for Antoinette. He said that he worry about his daughter’s health and as much as possible he’s been praying that she will not get hospitalized anymore. He said that he is miles away to be with us when she gets sick and he doesn’t want me to worry about her as well.

I told ney that her daughter is being taken cared off well and that she is so much loved. I told him not to worry so much about us and that he should take good care of himself well.

Antoinette, ney and my family’s good health are part of my birthday wishes. I do not want them to get sick and I prayed that God would grant my prayers for them. :)

Ciao! :)

Preparing for School???

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Last Friday, while my sisters and cousins were busy singing through our midi player, Nonet and I stayed in the room and I read her some of her Grolier books. I must admit that the books I got from Grolier are costly, but then I believe that the set worth its price. Antoinette was only 2 years old when she learned about different animals. She was only two when she was able to distinguish a cheetah from a leopard. Well, honestly, I get confused with those big felines. :)

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She also loved playing Logico. I received a comment from my one of my posts about Logico that the company had a sale last May. Too bad I wasn’t able to go there. :( I hated my collector for not telling me about the sale. :( Well, in any case, I got my Logicos brand new. :) I am so happy because, Antoinette was able to answer the different slides in the different categories that Logico has. There are some categories that I need to explain to her and give her example but most of the categories, she was able to answer on her own. :)

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I remember the day I decided to get Logico for Antoinette, her daddy was so against about the idea. :) Of course I know what I am investing on and I told him that I will be the one to pay for it :) . When the set was delivered to the house, he checked on how it works and tried some of the slides. You bet he was convinced that, the price I am paying for Logico is worth it. :)

I know that when Antoinette started going to school, she would be spending more time reading her text books. But I would see to it, that we still find time for Logico to enhance her logical thinking and reasoning skills; and also read I Wonder Why to improve her knowledge about things, places and many more. :)

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I hope and I pray that Antoinette will not only do good in school but will also enjoy being at school and take pleasure in studying.

God bless her.

Ciao! :)

Another year older yet WISER

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I hope so!!! Hehehe!!! I celebrated my 29th birthday last Friday and I really enjoyed my day. I didn’t have any party at all. My mom just cooked some of my favorite food, then we ate together. My sister Patty was on leave on that day. My cousins Joy and April were present, too. Patty’s bestfriend, Oui came in for dinner later that night. :)

I heard the 12Noon mass at Sto. Rosario Parish Church. I actually planned to visit Antipolo Cathedral but had to re-schedule it some other time. I didn’t have enough money to buy my cake, and so I had this funny idea for me to be able to blow a candle on my birthday! :) Since mama made biko for dessert, we formed it in a round cake form and stick a candle in the middle. Looking at from a far, will make you think it was a chocolate cake but moving closer to it, you would be surprised to find a native kakanin. :)

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Nonet and Mommy. Both of us miss our daddy..

I was really laughing when we lighted the candle. Then my family started singing happy birthday and I whispered my birthday wish. Well, God knows the desires of my heart and I believe that everything will be granted in His sweet time. :)

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My family. Patty, Antoinette, Me-me, Mama and Pauline.

I have grown another year older but I am more wiser now. Well, hopefully. Hehehe! I am planning to focus on my career and enhance my abilities and knowledge as an IT Engineer. Perhaps, one day I would be part of an IT consulting company like Consonus. I will also start reading and taking the assessment for DCSE at Dell.

I have plans of going abroad, but it isn’t my priority this time. And I hope that in 3 or 4 years time, I would be walking down the isle to marry ney. Well, by then, Pauline is already graduated from college and hopefully has a job already.

I would like to thank God for continuous blessings and love He is giving me.

Ciao! :)

I love SpongeBob!!!

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I am checking on the different photo folders we have on my the computer. I’m looking for something that I can use for my profile pic in fb. :) The pictures are all scattered in different folders! Wew! I may need a day to arrange all those pictures. As I check one folder then another, I stumbled on these cute pictures of Nonet with some of her Spongebob stuff. She loves Spongebob and Winnie the Pooh. When she was a baby, most of the things I bought for her were from Winnie the pooh collections. :)

I have posted these pictures here, not only because of the cute poses with Spongebob but because she’s wearing a dress here. Oh, she hates wearing one! That’s why I love these pictures. We’re able to have her wear a sleep dress. :)

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With pillow spongebob given by Ninang Oui.. :)

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With big Spongebob from Ta Ti.. :)

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With big and small Sponges!

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Smile Smile with the Sponges!

Ciao! :)

It’s my Day today!

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I woke up around 3:30AM this morning. Well, I slept at around 6:30PM last night. :) I am on leave from work for 2 days. I am so happy that the first person who greeted me today is ney from abroad. :) I have friends who have been wishing me a happy birthday since yesterday, too. Oh, I just turned 29 today and I am not getting any younger, but growing wiser (I hope!). I’m afraid that I might be getting adult acne, too. :(

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for another year of life. A life so wonderful and beautiful inspite of all the challenges that came with it. I guess that’s what make life beautiful. :) Thank you Lord for everything. For all the blessings you have given me and for all the blessings yet to come.  Thank you for all the “angels” You  have given me here on earth.

I have inteded to hear mass in Antipolo Cathedral. But I decided to attend the noon mass in our parish here. Mama is cooking pancit and my favorite relyenong bangus for my birthday. She would also make biko  and gelating. :)

I don’t have any guest. Just me and the family. My cousin Anne will be here, too. Well she’s always present in all family occasions. Hehehe!!! I am not sure if we’ll drink the 2 bottles of Vodka which were “left overs” from Pauline’s birthday. I will enjoy this day and would stay happy always. :)  

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Ciao! :)

Our baby is now a Mommy (to be!)

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I wonder if Ro will be a mommy to be too if she didn’t leave that soon. Well, her sister Tika was able to make it this far and hopefully she will be with us for many more years. :) Tika was adopted sometime in October, 2009. She was a cute kitten. I know she felt sad when Ro passed away. She is a lucky kitten because even my mother loves her. :)

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Days passed so fast and we just realized that she’s ready to be a mom. Our friend Ate Ness, told her to bring to the vet for spaying. We thought that Tika is too young for that. And, getting “in heat” is part of animals nature. My sisters and I decided Tika to be free and let her explore “her world”. :)

Days later we noticed that her tummy has grown unusually big. Hehehe!!! Then we knew that our baby is soon to be a mom.. :)

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This morning we let her inside the house and we noticed that she went to the different corners of the house. She went under the tables and cabinets. We know that her natal day will be sooner than we have anticipated. We have had cats before which tried to hide to their kittens for us not to touch them.

I arranged a good stack of old clothes and mats in her cage and let her in. Hopefully, Tika will have a good delivery. We are very excited about the beautiful kittens.. :)

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Ciao! :)

Another year for Patty!

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Patty, Pau and I’s birthdays happen only within a week. Last Friday was Pauline’s birthday; today, my sister Patty is celebrating well, her 26th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She took a day off today and I believe she went to Antipolo Cathedral to hear mass. What could I wish and pray for you? I pray that God will bless you with good health and heal all the illness that you have. I pray for your happiness and peace of mind.

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Patty with Governor Singson’s Tiger during her trip to Ilocos.

As for my gift, well, since you’re not getting any younger, a wrinkle cream would be the best! :) Hehehe!!! Well, I will try to find sweet dreams pocket books for you from different book sales I go to! :)

Enjoy your day!!! God bless you!!!

Ciao! :)

The Baby is now a Lady

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Last May 28, my youngest sister celebrated her 18th birthday. Oh I cannot imagine how time flies so fast! I remember when we learned that my mother was pregnant. We all hoped for a baby boy because there are already 2 girls in the family. :) I remember how scared we were when my mom was giving birth because she has heart problems. I and my younger sister, Patty were in Quezon when mama gave birth to Pau. Patty was 8 and I was 11 at the time of her birth. :)

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She was the baby not only in our own family but in my father’s side. She always claimed that she’s the favorite niece of Aunt Evelyn. Well, there’s no doubt about it! Hehehe! I don’t envy her because my daughter is Aunt Evelyn’s favorite grand-niece. :)

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We do not have money to throw a big party for her. We were thankful to Tita Lea and Tito Noynoy who offered their place in Taytay to celebrate Pauline’s womanhood! I wasn’t able to attend the “party” because I need to go to work. But I believe that it was something that she would treasure for the rest of her life. :)

I didn’t have a party when I turned 18. But, it was one of the happiest days in my life because honey was there. :)

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Her friends on the Food!

Well, I pray that Pauline will be able to finish college and will graduate with flying colors! I know you can do it (her report card shows!). I also pray that God will bless her with a good job after college (so, that she can help me pay the bills for Nonet’s education.. hehehe!).

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Her friends sang the birthday song as she blows the candle on her birthday cake!

I pray that God will bless her with good health, good luck and many more birthdays!

Belated Happy Birthday Pau!

Ciao! :)

Watch your Health!

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One of the good things I love being at Dell is the Well at Dell program they have. Recently, we had a health check up in the office. There were doctors and other health advisors who went to the office to check our blood pressure, our cholesterol level, the fat contents and sugar level. It’s a good thing that even though I love to eat chicken and quail eggs, my cholesterol level is normal. :) Well, there are a lot of cholesterol treatments out there for those who need it! :)

There were health advisors, too who gave tips on how we’ll be able to stay fit and healthy!

Just recently, I received flu vaccine to keep me from getting influenza especially during this rainy season. :)

It may sound a cliche though, but I still believe that Health is Wealth!

Ciao! :)

Pre-Departure Date

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I was checking on Pauline’s debut pictures when I stumbled upon these pictures. These were taken 2 days before ney left to work abroad. We called it pre-departure date. Hehehe!!!

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I took the above picture when ney and I went to see a movie at Ever Gotesco Mall. Well, we actually went to SM Taytay but wasn’t able to find an interesting movie to watch so we landed on Ever Mall. After seeing Shutter Island (which gave me a terrible headache!), ney watched some peeps playing the “giant” chess board. Ney then took his turn in playing chess. It was a tough and tight game. In the end, ney has to give in because we were both hungry! :)

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This one was taken when we had our date with our daughter at SM Megamall. Nonet enjoyed the horse ride.

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Antoinette watched her father hit the drums. Ney’s passion is playing the drums. He is a musician by nature. It may take a while before he would beat the drums again. So, while we’re at the mall, I let him enjoyed it! I guess we spent around 200 pesos for the tokens!

Nonet and I are looking forward to playing at Tom’s World and Worlds of Fun with ney again. :)

Ciao! :)

Keeping Fit, While Daddy is Away

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Last week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. There had been happy and sad days. In my fb status line; I said that “Behind the cheerful smiles is a lonely heart.” Well, asking the current status of my heart I still feel sad and missing honey so much. I have cried 3 days because of the pain I felt when he left to work over seas. :(

Last May 25, Nonet and I bid farewell to ney who has a 2-year contract abroad. My daughter saw me cry and tried to ease my feeling by telling me that daddy .

I must admit that ney and I had a lot of misunderstandings. We are not a perfect couple and you bet we often argue even if we don’t live together. But I guess, it is true that you would only realize how important a person is, on his absence.

I wrote him a letter before he left. I told him to read the letter on the plane and when he misses us. I entitled the letter I made for him, Our Love Story. In my letter, I stated my own “point of view” about how our relationship started; the obstacles that our love went through and thewill work so he can buy her many toys. That when she would turn 7 years old, her daddy will come back again promise that I would wait and be faithful to him during the time that he is away. One of this days, I will share that love story with you. :)

I told him that while he is away I will keep myself busy by doing productive and meaningful things. I needed to wait few days after he left to ensure that I wasn’t pregnant before I start my diet. Hehehe! Although ney doesn’t mind my weight, I would still wanted to look good and feel good especially during these days. I know that if I lose just a little weight then that would add my to the confidence I have. A little help from elliptical machines will do the trick. :)

It may sound expensive but we made sure that we talk over the phone atleast once a day. He had set his number to roaming so I can send him text messages as often as I can. I told him about my diet plan and he said that it was a good idea. He also said that I continue working on my cross-stitch which I started when I was in 2nd year college. Hahaha!!! That was about 10 years ago! :)

Well, I pray and I hope that ney will be safe there. I always pray to God that He would keep ney away from all harm and temptation. He is many miles away and the only thing I can do for him is to keep the love we have for each other and to pray so hard for him and for us.

Ciao! :)

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