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Some lessons are best learned through pain. Sometimes our visions become clear only after our eyes are washed with tears. Sometimes we have to be broken, so we can be whole again. If God meant the day to be perfect, He wouldn’t have invented tomorrow.. whatever your heart feels, trust God for it.

I am going through a hard time right now. I am not sure whether I should wallow or just keep the shield I am trying to use to protect myself from being hurt. I don’t want to go through the same pain again. But if I should, I know that I will be able to get through it. I’ve been there before, and with God by my side I know that there’s nothing I should be afraid off..

Araw ng Kagitingan

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Today is a National Holiday here in the Philippines. Araw ng Kagitingan is also known as Bataan Day. On this day, we remember the great Filipino soldiers who suffered and died because of dehydration, heat prostration, untreated wounds and wanton execution as they march the 90-mile road to Camp O’Donnell in Bataan.

It has been decades since that fearful day happened. I hope and pray that it will never happen again.

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Ciao! :)

Blueberry Cheesecake

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When Antoinette was confined at the hospital last Friday, I brought 2 blueberry cheesecakes which I ordered from one of my colleagues. Oh I really love this cheesecake! When ney arrived from Quezon to check on his daughter, he said that I gained weight again! :( Well, I don’t mind! :) I have been working so hard and I find so much comfort with my favorite foods such as blueberry cheesecake! Ney told me that he will start looking for the best diet pills in town for me. :)

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Well, I really love this cake. My sister told me that why do we need to pay hundreds of pesos or even a thousand if we can make our own cheesecake. She said that she found a recipe for a no bake cheesecake. Well, she’s been telling me about it since last year and we haven’t been able to make even one piece! :)

I know that I need to trim down a bit especially if Ney and I decided to have a child again. But, since I have been so stressed out lately (and always!), I cannot afford to deprive myself from eating! Hehehe!!!

Ciao! :)

Green for Black?

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Due to lack of sleep and failed to wash my face thoroughly, I tend to get blackheads. :( Oh I hate it! I asked my friend Judy if she can recommend a natural way of cleansing it. Well, aside from being regularly washing your face, she said that one of the best ways of pimple and blackhead treatment is rubbing off calamansi on the your face. She said to let the skin absorb the juice for 5-10 minutes then wash it off. It’s the natural way though, and it takes a lot of patience and perseverance though.

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Why not, atleast you know that the treatment is safe and natural! :) I guess I would start doing it today.

Ciao! :)

Green Pastures

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He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters (Psalm 23:2)

Green pastures. Oh, how I love the smellof the grass, the feel of it under my bare feet, and the sight of the jewel-like color. I should wnat to lie down in the softness and relax – to revel in Your leading.

The problem is I don’t always want to lie down and rest in the pastures that You have provided. Sometimes my “pastures” seem dry. The grass feels brown and withered. I look at my house, and then I see the neighbor’s house; it doesn’t need a coat of paint. Their children seem better behaved. Sometimes I long to leave the place You have for me.

Thank you for making me to lie down even when I don’t want to. Thank you for leading me beside quiet waters when I need the solace.

(Prayers and Promises for Mothers: Rachel Quillin and Nancy J. Farrier)

Let us reflect on this…

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Ciao! :)

God’s Guidance

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I was chatting with my friend this afternoon and she asked me if I wanted to try applying as a technical support engineer in their office. She said that they do support software configuration and troubleshooting. She didn’t mention what software it would be but asked me then to apply.

I have been with Dell for 8 months now and I have been happy so far. Though there are really times when I get de-motivated because I am not making any sale. The first two weeks of April is about to end and I have not meet my target yet. Even the weekly target. I felt bad though. I know that I am doing my part positioning sales as a total solution to customer’s computer problems,  but it really makes me feel so bad when I wasn’t able to close a sale. I often pray to God to bless me in my work and hopefully I would be able to do well and find a better career in the company. I know in my heart that God blessed me to be hired at Dell because He knows that I would be okay in there.

As I was saying, my friend asked me to send my resume as we chat. While I am updating my resume, my computer just restarted on its own. I didn’t know happened, but the computer just restarted. I logged in again and finished updating my resume. When I am about to send my resume to my friend’s email, the lights went out. :( We had a power interruption!

I didn’t attempt to send the resume anymore. I believe that I should have to trust God with all my heart and to hold His hands very tight. For I know that He will lead me and help me with my work and with life.

I just wanted to share with you that incident that happened this afternoon. Like me, I know that you too keeps on praying for things that we already have. Sometimes, we tend to be so blind that the blessings we have asked for are given already. :) We should always remember that God’s way are always better than our ways. He gives much much better than we have asked for! :)

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Ciao! :)

Addition to the Series!

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I had extra money last pay day and I decided to add a new series in my Hardy Boys collection. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to buy Mystery number 9 (Great Airport Mystery) in the series for it is out of stock in the 2 bookstores I went. When I found Mystery number 10 (What Happened at Midnight).  I didn’t hesitate to buy of it. My mother told me once that I have been buying books but some of them are still in the packaging. Well, I do enjoy buying books especially those great books that are on sale. I am taking advantage of the sale. :) For I know that I will be able to find time to read them.

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Well I hope that my next stop to another bookstore I will be lucky enough to find series number 9. :) I really wanted to complete the Hardy Boy’s Mystery Stories! :)

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Ciao! :)

It’s Summer Time

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It’s Summer Time! It’s summer vacation and everybody especially the students are so excited. I haven’t spend the summer vacation for the last 7 years. :( When, I graduated from college in 2003 God has blessed me to get a job right away. The longest vacation I had since I started working was 4-day vacation or if when I got sick and need to stay at home for a week. Well, that wasn’t a good vacation though.

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Bitukang Manok, or the old zigzag road that pass through the towns of Pagbilao and Atimonan, Quezon. Today, only light vehicles are allowed to pass through this stiff road. This picture was taken at the highest point of the zigzag road! We used to pass this when I was younger.

Like any student, I always look forward in spending the summer vacation when I was studying. I always wanted to spend my summer vacation in my father’s home town in Quezon. There were two things why I wanted to spend a vacation in Quezon. First is because I wanted to go to the beach. Oh how I love the beach! And second, I wanted to see my crush and first love. Antoinette’s father! :) He has been always the reason why I wanted to go home. It’s so nice that I have him now. Hehehe!!! :)

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This picture was taken from our cottage during my last visit in Quezon. It is one of the cottages in Villa Urigino’s Beach Resort in Atimonan, Quezon.

Another thing that made me excited going to Quezon is the different barangay feasts being celebrated in the month of May. I enjoy the company of my friends there. We visit one barangay after another. How I enjoy the delicious food being served to the guests. Another thing that I enjoy the most is the “Sayawan” at the night of the feast day.

How I miss the company of my paternal cousins! I remember going to Tubigan and our little “Manggahan”. Well, the term little Manggahan is very literal there. There were only few Mango trees in that field! :)

I am planning to print other pictures I have on file and make a scrap book. It’s really good to look back and reminisce the good memories I had during the Summer break. But first I need to clean up my printer.  It’s a good thing, there is an available Anilox roll cleaner to help me out. :)

Filing a leave for a long summer vacation will not be possible for me to do now. Next year, I would really plan my summer vacation in Quezon and organize a family reunion as well. :)

Ciao! :)

Ikay @ Home

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Two weeks ago, the eldest daughter of my cousin in my father’s side, arrive to spend a vacation with us. She is the first niece we have in the clan, for she is the first born child of my eldest paternal cousin. Antoinette have known her ate Ikay since she has been going to Quezon for a visit. Ikay is now 7 years old while my daughter is 4. This was Ikay’s second visit in our home. First was when we celebrated my father’s first year death anniversary. My daughter and her ate Ikay got along very well. I remember when I was her age, I spent a vacation in Quezon and stayed at my ate Yaga’s house. Her mother and I were very close then. There had been a lot of family issues that happened, and I hope that the bond that ate Yaga and I had will be back again. :)

Tonet and Ikay played a lot. Ikay is now more like an ate to my daughter. Well, she has 4 other siblings! She is very patient to my daughter’s mood swings! Hehehe!

In one of our talks, I asked her what gift she wanted to have on her birthday. She said that she wanted to have an IPhone! Whoa!!! Well, I told her that tita Anet could not afford to buy her an IPhone yet. In fact, I don’t even have an IPhone on my own! :) I told her that I’ll give her iphone accessories instead! :) I told her that she can ask her mom to buy her one.

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This picture was taken in Quezon. Ikay and Tonet! :)

She already went back to Quezon. I told her that she can always come back anytime she wanted. She asked me to bring Tonet in Quezon so they can enjoy the beach. I told her that I will. We’ll be going to Quezon to celebrate my grandmother’s first year death anniversary.

I hope that Ikay and Tonet will have the same bond and closeness that I and her mother had.

Ciao! :)

Nonet at the Hospital

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My daughter has been diagnose with asthma when she was a baby. Her asthma’s trigger is weather and temperature changes. Animal fur and dust are not much of a trigger for we have cats at home and she doesn’t seem affected by it. But, if the weather is too cold or too hot that when she got  a very bad asthma attack. I also notice that sudden change of weather caused asthma attack.

Last Friday, when Manila was hit by a temperature of around 36 degrees celcius, she was rushed at the Medical City due to acute Bronchial Asthma with difficulty in breathing. :(   Before going to work, that night, I instructed my mother what to do in case she will be rushed to the hospital. We do have nebulizer at home, and we nebulized her every 3 hours. But that didn’t do it. My shift starts at 9PM but we had a team meeting. I left my phone in my bag. After our one-hour meeting, I checked my phone and I had 8 missed calls from my sister and 10 new messages. I knew then that something happened. I called my sister right away and learned that they were in the hospital already and my daughter was advised to be confined due to difficulty in breathing. I informed my manager about it and he asked me to live the office. When I called my sister again, I learned that they were in the private room already.

I decided not to leave the office for my daughter was in good hands already. I decided to finish the shift and prayed that she will be alright.

I went to the hospital directly coming from the office. When I arrived in the hospital, she had oxygen mask. This view was not new to me. She has been confined in the hospital more than thrice already. But then, it really hurts me seeing my daughter suffers. :( If only I can take her asthma away.

We were discharged after about 3 days. I was very tired. I wasn’t able to report for work yesterday because I was really not feeling well. My sister’s recommendation is for us to get an ac unit. It has been a plan since Antoinette was still a baby. But because, the apartment we’re renting is an old unit already, installing an aircon will not be possible to do.

The only option we have is to move into a more ventilated and better place. Well, I am already looking into that. I just pray that while we’re here, Antoinette will be okay. :) God bless her. Amen.

Ciao! :)

Team Building Has been Set

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At long last, our team building will now push through on the 17th of this month. After weeks of search and planning the date and place has been set. I hope everything is well in the office. I wasn’t able to go to work for two days because of my daughter’s hospitalization. The last update I know is that we’re looking for a van that will carry at least 12 persons. I hope to find one before the said date. I hope that we’ll be lucky enough to get a good one. I believe it is a must that car owners get an insurance for their vehicles. Anyway, there are many companies that offer affordable car insurance today. Well, it is for their security, too.

I am really looking forward in our team building. :)

Ciao! :)

Happy Resurrection Day

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Today is Easter Wednesday. It has been 3 days since we celebrated the Easter Sunday or better yet, Jesus Resurrection Day. I wasn’t able to update my journal on time for I need to attend to my sick daughter. She was confined in the hospital last Good Friday due to Bronchial Asthma. I’ll tell you more about it my other post! :)

My last post was about Spy or Holy Wednesday. The day preceeding Holy Wednesday is what we call Maundy Thursday. According to online sources, Maundy was derived through an Old French word, mande’ and from the Latin word mandatum. From the statement of Jesus in the Gospel of John (13:34), He told his apotles: “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos” (“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you”). This statement was uttered when Jesus’ washed the Apostles’ feet. The first Latin word, “Mandatum” in the phrase was then used to call the day as Maundy.

The important thing about Maundy Thursday is that we remember Jesus’ washing the feet of his apostles offering friendship. I remember when I was still in the choir, we used to sing a song about friendship when the priest imitates that scene. Just for you to know, Maundy Thursday is the start of the Triduum Prayer. It’s a 3-day prayer that’s starts on Maundy Thursday and ends on Easter Vigil Mass of Black Saturday. It has been said that if you’ll be able to complete the Triduum Prayer, whatever you wish for will be granted. :)

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After Maundy Thursday, we then remember Good Friday. It is the day when Jesus died on the cross and redeemed us from sins. I couldn’t imagine the pain and hardship that Jesus went through for us. I was talking with my cousin, Joy about Jesus passion. She then asked if there is someone who can go through the same passion and pain that Jesus went through. I believe, there is no one. Because, inspite of His humanity, He is still God.

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Then, Black Saturday came. It isn’t true that on Black Saturday there is no God. In Jesus’ time there wasn’t. But in our time, there is. Jesus will not go through the same passion again. He is alive and He already saved us from sins. It is up to us to repent and go back to Jesus’ loving arms. In the night of Black Saturday, Easter Vigil Mass is held. Those who were able to attend, the church celebration from Maundy Thursday’s last supper and washing of the feet, then Good Friday’s veneration of the cross and Black Saturday’s Easter Vigil Mass, Congratulations! You were able to complete the Triduum prayer. Wherein you participated in remembering Jesus’ passion and His ressurection from the dead.

Last Sunday, we celebrated Easter Sunday. When ney and I heard the mass at Edsa Shrine the priest said that Easter Sunday is better yet to be called the Resurrection Sunday. It is the day that we celebrate and be glad, that we should be thankful for Jesus’ love for us.

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Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Ciao! :)

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