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Our trainer Kat allowed us to take an hour and a half lunch break (so nice!). I’m taking advantage of this time as I wait for my colleague Judy to eat our lunch. Well, it’s 12:41 AM as I write this article. I mentioned in my team building post that it was my last team building as part of Oneil’s team.¬†About 2 Mondays ago, my TSM was asking other tenured agents to be part of the company’s CSQ team. Agents in that team will handle both technical and customer care issues of the customer. It will be like an 2 in 1 agent. My other teammates then declined the position. When my tsm asked me to be part of it, of course I declined, too. It’s too early for me to be part of the said team. He told me that I have been getting customer commendations and SAT CEs, and so I am fit to be part of it. I tried to decline, but he keeps on asking me. To my irritation, I said yes. I never realize that he will take it seriously. :(

I was absent the following days because my sister, Patty was hospitalized due to bleeding. I informed my team manager that I will not be able to report for work due to her hospitalization. He said ok and told me that, I was one of the agents who will be on training for CSQ. :( I really felt sad about it. I felt like my tsm is driving me away from the team because of my outages. I was really hurt. I even cry. :( I replied to his text and said Ok. I didn’t try to decline anymore, because I already felt that he wanted me out of the team. :( I really felt bad about it. I have nothing against my tsm because he is really nice. He is a very kind person. But, he also needs to protect his team.

I attended our first training day with a heavy heart. I really felt unwanted. Unwanted because, there were other agents who should be in my position instead. :( But, I need to concentrate and listen attentively to my trainer because I need to perform well in my new team.

I was able to share this feeling with my friends in the office, and Mishie told me that my tsm taught that I wanted to be part of CSQ. She said that Oneil felt that I do not want him to be my tsm anymore. :( Well, I guess there had been misunderstanding there. I prayed and I believe that God has a purpose, why this happened. I trust God and I believe that He has better plans for me.

Today is our 5th day of training. Two more days and I will be back on the floor, this time as a Technical and Care representative all rolled into one. :) There are a lot of Care tools that we need to learn. In due time, I know that I will be able to master those tools.

At this point, I have already “moved on” (Hehehe!!!) from the sadness I went through because of the transfer. I am preparing myself to a new challenge. I believe I can do it. I know that I will be an effective Customer Care agent. God is there to help me.

I guess, time will come that I would thank Oneil for this opportunity. :)

Ciao! :)

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