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When I am online and focus, my mother always asked if I am blogging. She knew very well that I love to write and express my ideas. I told her that I enjoy sharing my personal experiences to other people, hoping that they would somehow learn from my undertakings. My mother ask me one time if I would get tired of browsing and blogging, I told her, I don’t think so. :) She just grinned at me. Hehehe!!! Even my younger sisters and my daughter are PC and Internet fanatics! Well, my daughter just love playing Plants vs Zombies. :) My mother told us not to complain when we receive our monthly electric bill!

Well, it’s Patty who paid the electric bill so I won’t mind. Hehehe!!! :) As a write this article, mama then said that I should be part of some kind of internet affiliate program for being a net devotee! :)

I love browsing and surfing the net. Not only because I need to manage my online journal but, if you use the Internet the right way, then it you would really learn a lot of things. You can go from one place to another. One can shop, study and even work while at home using the Internet. The best of all, one can share his or her thoughts and insights about God. :)

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I hope that you spend your time for online surfing and browsing effectively and productively. :)

Ciao! :)

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