A Visit to Los Baños

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Thanks to our team mate Rico, we were able to tour around UP Los Baños and was able to take a glimpse of Mount Makiling. It took about 30 minutes to travel from Pansol to UPLB. We took the zigzag like road to UP. Dadi Rico (as we often call him) told us, that only private vehicles use the road we passed through. He also said that the said road is open up until 8PM only. I learned from him that UP Los Baños was established in 1909, a year after UP Dilimas was founded. There are some spots that we would want to visit like the Botanical Garden but it is under construction. Dadi Rico has been so kind to tour us around the campus instead. :) I really appreciate the wonderful nature that surrounds the campus. I learned that the Makiling Forest is already preserved. There are lots of stories and local folk tales with regard to Maria Makiling. The said goddess of the mountain. I’ll post the different versions of Maria Makiling folk tale on another post. :)

One of the places we visited while we were inside the campus is the National Art’s Center. I was really amazed with the different classrooms and cottages where the students are staying. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the classrooms. :( But, was able to get some good shots near the National Arts Center Pavilion with my friends.

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National Arts Center in UP LB

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Relaxing at an altitude of 300 feet!

 We also passed by the different appartments and dorms of teachers and students. One of my colleagues (Baby) said that by the look of the dorms, it is really possible that there are “unseen” guests in the dorms. Well, the campus is already a hundred years old, it will not surprise me if Casper’s colleagues live there, too. Dadi Rico said that if we would really wanted to feel and witness some kind of “unusual activities” then, we can visit The Baker Hall. Baker Hall is one of the oldest remaining building in UP Los Baños. It was named named after former dean of the College of Agriculture, Charles Fuller Baker. It was said that during World War II, Americans and other citizens of the Allied nations were interned here. Well that could be the reason why there are many “mumu” in the hall.

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Baker Hall in UP Los Baños

We also passed by Girl and Boy Scout Jamboree site. I really enjoyed the trip! :) I really appreciate God’s creation in nature! I hope that we can still work together to preserve mother nature. :)

Ciao! :)

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