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It’s Summer Time! It’s summer vacation and everybody especially the students are so excited. I haven’t spend the summer vacation for the last 7 years. :( When, I graduated from college in 2003 God has blessed me to get a job right away. The longest vacation I had since I started working was 4-day vacation or if when I got sick and need to stay at home for a week. Well, that wasn’t a good vacation though.

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Bitukang Manok, or the old zigzag road that pass through the towns of Pagbilao and Atimonan, Quezon. Today, only light vehicles are allowed to pass through this stiff road. This picture was taken at the highest point of the zigzag road! We used to pass this when I was younger.

Like any student, I always look forward in spending the summer vacation when I was studying. I always wanted to spend my summer vacation in my father’s home town in Quezon. There were two things why I wanted to spend a vacation in Quezon. First is because I wanted to go to the beach. Oh how I love the beach! And second, I wanted to see my crush and first love. Antoinette’s father! :) He has been always the reason why I wanted to go home. It’s so nice that I have him now. Hehehe!!! :)

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This picture was taken from our cottage during my last visit in Quezon. It is one of the cottages in Villa Urigino’s Beach Resort in Atimonan, Quezon.

Another thing that made me excited going to Quezon is the different barangay feasts being celebrated in the month of May. I enjoy the company of my friends there. We visit one barangay after another. How I enjoy the delicious food being served to the guests. Another thing that I enjoy the most is the “Sayawan” at the night of the feast day.

How I miss the company of my paternal cousins! I remember going to Tubigan and our little “Manggahan”. Well, the term little Manggahan is very literal there. There were only few Mango trees in that field! :)

I am planning to print other pictures I have on file and make a scrap book. It’s really good to look back and reminisce the good memories I had during the Summer break. But first I need to clean up my printer.  It’s a good thing, there is an available Anilox roll cleaner to help me out. :)

Filing a leave for a long summer vacation will not be possible for me to do now. Next year, I would really plan my summer vacation in Quezon and organize a family reunion as well. :)

Ciao! :)

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  1. robert Says:

    hi! my name is robert guevarra. i am a caviteno but my wife is from your province (agdangan). since we married, i fell in love with quezon. we make it a point to go there when time allows us and we really enjoy ourselves every single time. we go to beaches, eat seafood, ride skates (well skets)on railroad tracks… my wife grew up in manila so she doesn’t know other quezon sights. could you please recommend other places where we might visit? thanks!

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