Palm Sunday

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It’s around 11:40 in the evening and I am still up. Well, the search for a private pool or a resort isn’t over yet. :( I have called and emailed a number of resorts but so far, we have not been lucky enough yet. I have sent 2 emails today and hopefully I would have good news tomorrow. :)

Anyway, since I was surfing the net up until 5AM this morning, I wasn’t able to hear mass today. :( It is so bad of me. My mother is calling my attention already. I have been able to hear mass for two consecutive Sundays already. Oh.. :( Add to this fact, is that today we Catholics are celebrating the Palm Sunday.

I know that there is no specific date written in the bible when palm Sunday happened. But like many other Catholic feasts and festivities, dates are the most insignificant part of it. The most important thing is that the occasion and the reason why we celebrate and commemorate the events. So, before our sisters and brothers from other sects react on Catholic feasts and celebrations, please try to understand the reason behind each feasts and not just concentrate on the “date matter”.

Alright, as I was saying, today Catholics celebrate Palm Sunday. What is Palm Sunday anyway? Why do we find different palms and fern leaves being sell on the streets during Palm Sunday? Well, as we all know, when it is Palm Sunday already, it means to Catholics that it is the start of the HOly Week. Aside from that, we have Palm Sunday to commemorate Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem days before his passion.

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When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, He was greeted by the people by waving palms and laying down their cloaks to carpet his way. In Jewish tradition, waving palm is a symbol of triumph and victory. It is pretty obvious that it was the Jews who met Jesus. :)

Another intriguing fact about Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem was that He was riding on a donkey instead of a horse. If we look at a horse, it is strong, mighty and often use in a war. A donkey is often regarded as a gentle and lowly animal. Jesus is a symbol and a message of peace. He is the epitomy of humility and peace. His entrance to the city riding on a donkey is a symbolic act which tells us that the king brings peace not war.

That is the same message that Jesus wanted to tell us.. :)

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Ciao! :)

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  1. Marianne Says:

    Too bad the Pharisees didn’t feel the same way the rest of the citizens did about Jesus or he would have never been crucified.

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