Earthquake hits Manila

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Thank God it wasn’t that strong. I was feeding the cats yesterday, when my aunt called my attention telling me that an earthquake is happening. I felt dizzy though, but since it’s already past 1PM then, I thought that I was only sleepy. My aunt kept on saying that there is an earthquake so I stood up and felt it. The only word I was able to say was “Oh my God”.

I was shaking when I went into the house. My aunt’s voice was calm but I felt her fear. My sister who was on the 19th floor of a certain building in Makati called after the shake. My aunt talked to her and asked her to go home. She confirmed my aunt that she was fine and she will be okay.

The earthquake was in the news that night. Manila was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0, with epicenter in Mindoro.

Every night on my to work, I never fail to pray to God to keep my family and all the people who are dear to me to be safe from harm. And, I also pray that God will keep our house and the whole looban away from fire, from flood and from earthquke. I believe that I will continue to utter prayers and will include our dear country as well.

I also encourage everybody to pray for each other and for our country. It’s a good thing that the shake didn’t cause any damage. Let us all pray that God will keep our country from danger. In our everyday life, especially during times of trouble, God is the only one we should depend on.

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