Lessons are learned through Pain

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Some Lessons are learned through pain…

Sometimes, our visions clear only after our eyes are washed with tears…

Sometimes we have to be broken so we can be whole again…

If God meant the day to be perfect, He would not have invented tomorrow…

So, don’t worry if today wasn’t perfect because you still have tomorrow…

And, if there is anything in your heart that feels right, go after it no matter what it takes…

God bless you…

Ciao! :)

Hakuna Matata

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I am browsing You Tube for I am looking for a song that I heard in the grocery this morning. Instead of finding the said song, I ended up finding this video by Timon and Pumbaa. I first heard this song when we watch The Lion King in 1994. I just loved the song! If you would listen attentively to its lyrics it is a very encouraging song. :)

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Wikipedia said that; “Hakuna matata is a Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries”. It is sometimes translated as “no worries”, although is more commonly used similarly to the English phrase “no problem”.

I know that most of us worried about a lot of things. Even acne and pimples give us worries! Well, my friend told me to read about proactiv and hopefully that would help my pimple concern. In any case I would want you to enjoy this video. I believe that we should not worry that much, we have God who is bigger that all of our problems. :) Enjoy!

Ciao! :)

One More Gift

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My family heard mass last Sunday at 11AM. We decided to hear mass early for we will go to Pasig City Rainforest in the afternoon to play badminton and to tour the kids on its mini zoo. It was Communion time and the choir sang a song that really strike my heart.

I was watching the news the other night,  and was saddened about the terrible earthquake that hit the country Haiti. Up until today, there are still deceased bodies which have not been recovered yet. I’ve seen in the news how the people fight over the food and water. I heard that they are experiencing food and water shortage in there. While the choir continues to sing One More Gift, I told God, that there is nothing I can do but to pray for those people. I am not rich and I will not be able to be there personally. Yet, I believe that my sincere prayers for their healing and recovery will be heard and answered. A prayer not only for that country but for the world.

In times calamities and challenges, we should always look at the positive side. God is always loving and forgiving. He is always caring. I believe that His reason why the world experienced so many troubles and challenges is for all of us to be united. That in spite of all world’s problems, He still would want to peace to prevail.

In situations like this, I always remember the lesson given in the movie Evan Almighty. When you pray before God to be strong, what He gives is the opportunity to  be strong. So, when we pray to God for peace, He gives us the opportunity to have peace and we should always grab that opportunity. :)

If there is one more gift
I ask of you lord
It would be peace here on earth.
As gentle as your children’s laughter
All around,all around.

Your people have grown weary
From living in confusions
When will we realized
That neither heaven is at peace,
When we live not in peace.

If there is one more gift
I ask of you lord
It would be peace here on earth.
As gentle as your children’s laughter
All around,all around.

Grant me serenity,within
For the confusions around
Are mere reflections of
What’s within,what’s within me.

If there is one more gift
I ask of you lord
It would be peace here on earth.
As gentle as your children’s laughter
All around,all around.

Ciao! :)

Can It Be Real?

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I have always love watching and reading out of this world mysteries. Oh yes that really interest me! :) I believe I have mentioned in one of my posts that there was a time in my life when I have wanted to be a private investigator. Well, I done sleuthing before but that concerns, ney. :) I guess it is normal for any women who feel that their behalf is doing something strange to sleuth. :)

In any case, just recently channel 2 launched another interesting Sunday afternoon series; My Last Romance. It stars Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano. When we first saw it in the commercial, we thought that Toni is kinda a vampire. It happens that Toni has a rare genetics condition, wherein her cells are too mighty to resist even aging. Last Sunday, she revealed to Luis that she does not grow old. She said that she lived during the Spanish regime and she’s about 150 years old already.

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She currently works in the genetics field trying to find a cure to her illness. When I was taking a shower, I am actually thinking about it. If a person like her did exist or existing, I believe that it is God’s blessing to those have terminal diseases. I believe that from her blood, she can create an antigen (I hope I used the right term) or a medicine that will help fight cancer cells.

God has blessed a lot of people in the medical field to produce medicines for mankind. I have read about hgh supplement, a supplement that promotes growth and cell reproduction. Well, that is only one of the millions supplements that have been produced for human’s health.

If Toni’s condition in My Last Romance is real, it may be strange though but on the positive side, it would help a lot specially people who is suffering from Cancer. Forgive me if my medical terms are so shallow, I am not really a “medical person”. :)

Ciao! :)

Developing a Powerful Sales Personality

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I resigned in my previous company because of Sales. I never thought that I would end up another job that requires good selling skills as well. I received this email from my friend and hopefully you’ll be able to get some tips like I did. Read on.. :)

Becoming excellent in closing sales is an inside job. It begins within you. In sales, your personality is more important than your product knowledge. It is more important than your sales skills. It is more important than the product or service that you are selling. In fact, your personality determines fully 80 percent of your sales success.

Take Charge of Your Life
The biggest mistake you can make is to ever think that you work for anyone but yourself. From the time you take your first job until the day you retire, you are self employed. You are the president of your own entrepreneurial corporation, selling your services into the marketplace at the highest price possible. You have only one employee—yourself. Your job is to sell the highest quality and quantity of your services throughout your working life.

View Yourself as Self-Employed
In a study done in New York some years ago, researchers found that the top 3 percent of people in every field looked upon themselves as self-employed. They treated the company as if it belonged to them personally. They saw themselves as being in charge of every aspect of their lives. They took everything that happened to their company personally, exactly as if they owned 100 percent of the stock.

Winners Versus Losers
The difference between winners and losers is quite clear. Winners always accept responsibility for their actions. Losers never do but instead always have some kind of explanation for why they are doing poorly.

Don’t Waste Time
The average salesperson today wastes a fully 50 percent of his or her working time. According to research, he comes in a little later, works a little slower, and leaves a little earlier. He spends most of his working time in idle chitchat with coworkers, personal business, reading the paper, drinking coffee, and surfing the internet. Winners arrive a little earlier, work a little harder, and stay a little later.

Develop Empathy and Understanding
Top salespeople have high levels of empathy, i.e., they really care about their customers. Ambition, the desires to achieve, combined with empathy, the genuine caring for the well-being of your customers, are the twin keys to top sales performance. A person with empathy makes every effort to get inside the mind and heart of the customer and to understand his situation and needs.

Keep Your Word
Top-selling salespeople are impeccably honest with themselves and with others. There is no substitute for honesty in selling. Earl Nightingale once said, “If honesty did not exist, it would have to be invented as the surest way of getting rich.”

Do What you Love to Do
One of the secrets of success in selling is for you to do what you love to do. Top salespeople love what they are selling. They believe in it passionately. They will defend it and argue over it. They will talk about it day and night. When they go to bed, they think about their product. When they wake up in the morning, they can hardly wait to talk to prospects about it. Look at the top salespeople in the very best companies, and you’ll find that these people are fanatical, about their products and services.

Action Exercise
Resolve today, that you are going to become one of the hardest-working professional salespeople in your team; start earlier; work harder; stay later.

I hope that these “tips” will help up develop the sales person within us. On a personal note, I believe that empathy would make us a good seller. We should always put ourselves into our customer’s shoes and feel what they feel. Thanks Ime for this email. :)

Ciao! :)

8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

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While I am arranging my “anik-anik”, I found this piece of paper that really caught my attention. It says: 8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight! I have been struggling with my appetite for years. I have been longing to have my old size back. Well, I really gained a lot after giving birth! :( I know that it is not only me who is wanting to have my old waistline back. I know that there are many people out there wanting to lose weight as easy as possible. So, aside from taking in a diet pill for fast weight loss, let me share these easy ways to lose weight. Hopefully it will work for all of us. :)

1. Learn to Read Labels

To lose weight is essential to pay attention to food labels. Counting calories is impossible without this skill. You should know how to find a food’s caloric content and it’s serving size. Comparing labels among different foods and beverages is crucial for making the healthier choices required to lose weight.

2. Snack Smart

You can help prevent overeating and maintain blood sugar levels by eating something about every three hours. Getting too hungry will backfire on your efforts to eat healthy and practice portion control. Aim for a healthful, satisfying snack, such as an apple and some reduced-fat cheddar cheese.  Eating more may seem counterintuitive, but smart snacking will help you lose weight.

3. Eat More Grains and Produce

Whole grains and fruits and veggies do more than provide nutrients that improve your health and reduce disease-risk; they can also help you lose weight. They’re naturally low in calories, so you can eat more of them and have less room in your diet for less-than-healthful foods. Plus, the fiber in whole-grain foods and produce will help you feel fuller and longer (which helps you control portions and avoid overeating) and a result, lose weight.

4. Eat enough, Often Enough

One of the worst ways to lose weight is meal skipping.  Many people think that skipping meals is a great way to cut calories, but in the end, they fail to lose weight. You’ll be more likely to over eat or even binge (when you finally do eat) if you do not eat regular meals. Plus your body may go into starvation mode if you don’t eat enough, causing you to maintain (or even gain) rather than lose weight!

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps you lose weight in several ways. If you tend to have a problem with water weight, drinking more water can help alleviate bloating. Replacing high-cal drinks such as soda with water cuts hundreds of calories. You shouldn’t wait until you’re feeling thirsty to drink water; thirst can be mistaken for hunger,  causing you to over eat. Proper hydration improves your sense of well-being, which will keep up your motivation to lose weight.

6. Get Moving

It is virtually impossible to lose weight and keep it off without exercising regularly. Start out today by taking a brisk walk or riding a bike. Work your way up from 10 minutes to 30-40 minutes a day, most days a week, and you could reap healthy benefits and weight loss results in a matter of weeks. Plus exercise boosts your metabolism, making it even easier to lose weight.

7. Practice Portion Control

Measuring food may seem like a drudgery, but it will prove invaluable in your efforts to lose weight. Start out by comparing a measured standard serving of food to your typical helping. You may find you usually consume two or even three times the recommended serving. In time you will reprogram your brain to eyeball portion sizes, a key skill for losing weight.

8. Write It Down

What’s the first thing I think anyone who wants to lose weight should do? Keep a food diary. All you have to do is jot down what, when and how much you eat in a notebook. A food diary will give you a clear picture of your current eating habits so you can identify the changes you need to make to lose weight.

Source: Internet

Hope this tips will help us. I must say that discipline should still be top on the list!

Ciao! :)

Papa’s 3rd Year Death Anniversary

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It has been 3 years now, since my father died of Lymphoma. I must admit that there are really times that I miss him. I miss his presence. I miss his singing. He is not a perfect father, though. But if I will be born again and be given a chance to choose a father, it would still my father. Of course, I would still choose Mama to be my mother again. :)

Yesterday, we offered mass intention for his soul. There are people though who believe that praying for a dead’s soul will not give the departed any good. Once you’re dead then you’re time is up. And, that includes your chance to be in heaven. Well, I still believe that God’s forgiving heart will hear our prayers for Papa.

My sister Patty and I are both on vacation leave today. While our youngest sister Pauline, has no class on Mondays. So we are complete when we visited Papa’s tomb today. We didn’t stay that long in the cemetery. I believe we only stayed for only 20 minutes then we left. We know that only Papa’s remains is in the cemetery. Yet, we still feel that visiting his remains would give us certain happiness. Just a few minutes being with him.

Papa may not be physically around us, but I believe that he is always looking after us from above. We are all girls in the family and I know that he would keep us safe. :)

I know and I believe that Papa is now with the good Father in heaven. He is happy. He is at peace. He will never be hungry. He will never be thirsty. Although I miss him, I am still glad that he is at peace now. He will never have a chance to commit sin again.

Papa we will always miss you. We love you much. Oh, how I miss you singing the song Delilah… :) Until the day that we will be together again.

Ciao! :)

Facing Another Week

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Another week had past, yet another week has begun. I am so glad that my vacation leave for today has been approved, I have an extra day off! :) Yet after today,  there would be four more sleepless nights again. I need to work hard for my family, especially for my daughter. I can see the sign of these hardships on my face.  My pimples are driving me crazy. :( I know I should start reading different acne treatment reviews. Hopefully I would be able to find something that will help me minimize these pimples.

As always, last week had been tiring and stressful. That’s why, when it is my off I really make the most of it. Don’t worry, I’ll share with you my weekend activities! :)

Ciao! :)

Lucky charms

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Tonight is the start of the week for selling for our total solutions in the office. Total solutions is part of our metrics and we are asked to sell certain computer parts, extend the warranty or even offer a computer system for the customers. It’s sad to think to that the company focuses more on selling than troubleshooting and resolving customer’s computer problems. If you will not be able to meet your total solutions goal, then you will be placed in what they call performance enhancement camp. It does sound unfair, though; especially in our case, wherein we applied as technical support and not a sales agent.

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Different agents have their own lucky charms placed on the station. I have a string of Chinese coins hanging on my station. One of my teammates has Buddha on his station. You would find the Chinese cat (I don’t know how to call it) and the green frog with coin on its mouth on other stations. My team manager’s desktop wallpaper is different denominations of money.

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Well, we are Free People living in a free country and we have different beliefs on how to meet our sales target and perform well in our chosen career.

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The greatest charm that I have (aside from the Chinese coin and the new 5-pesos coin on my keyboard) is God. I never forget to pray before Him to bless me a good sales and a productive shift. I just hope that He will never get tired of listening to my prayers; even if I always pray the same thing when going to work. :) I feel safe and secured whenever I pray especially when I live the house. I believe that praying is still our best armor and charm. :)

Ciao! :)


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I was arranging our bookshelf yesterday and found a Reader’s Digest dated February 1998. I sat a while and browsed through the pages trying to find something I could share with you. Then, my fingers stopped at Points to Ponder. I found this “thought” which was shared by George Howe Colt. It is about “Touch.” He says:

Touch is a primal need, as necessary for growth as food, clothing or shelter. From the nuzzles and caresses between mother and infant that form the foundation of the self, to the holding of hands between a son and his dying father that allows a final letting go, touch is our most intimate and powerful form of communication. Michelangelo knew this: when he painted God extending a hand toward Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he chose touch to depict the gift of life.

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Michelangelo’s painting at the Sistine Chapel

Very inspiring isn’t it? Touch is a very effective form of comfort. A touch from someone whom you know cares for you would mean a lot, especially if you are going through a difficulty. Without saying a word, just by a simple touch, you would feel safe and secured.

Ciao! :)

Pit Señor!

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Yesterday, the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of the Sto. Niño. It has been 3 weeks since Christmas Day. Jesus would have been 3 weeks old already. :) The feast of the Sto. Niño began in the Spanish Era when Ferdinand Maggellan brought an image of the Sto. Niño in Cebu. Different provinces here in the Philippines hold different festivals in honor of the Sto. Niño. The recent one was the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Then we also have Ati-atihan in Kalibo, Aklan. Another festivity in honor of Niño Jesus is the Dinagyang Festival in Ilo-Ilo. All these festivals offer street party and street dancing.

In our barangay, there was a parade held after the 6AM mass yesterday. Unlike before, there were not much music and dancing. The people brought different images of Sto. Niño that they have dressed in different styles, not just the regular attire.

In spite of the many festivals held to remember the little Jesus, the message of these different festivals is the same. We should not take the innocence in us away. Even if we have grown older and wiser, the innocence and the pure heart that the Niño Jesus possesses should always remain. I believe that if all the people who join the different celebrations and those who join because of whatever intentions they may have realize the significance of these festivals, then I believe that our country, our world would be a better place to live in. :)

I just wonder when Jesus was young, did Mama Mary asked Him what he wanted to be when he grew up (well, we know that she knew and He knew that He would redeem the world). If Jesus would have not been a carpenter like his poster father, Joseph, I guess He would have been a good Lawyer; a Judge maybe; a Doctor would be; or a Civil Engineer; I guess He would be a good Architecture; or a CPA. Would He consider being a Scientist; or He would be a Computer Engineer like me. Perhaps an electronics and Communications Engineer. :)

Ciao! :)

Missing my Friends

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While I am looking for Sam and Antoinette’s pictures from my file, I ended up finding the pictures for my last Christmas party at Concentrix, which was December 2008. It was a memorable Christmas party because I was part of the company’s band who serenaded the employees while enjoying the mouth-watering dinner prepared by the company’s chosen caterer. I was able to find also the video that Julius took while I was singing Breakaway.

Oh, how I miss my friends. :( I have been very busy with my current work but hopefully the planned videoke session will push through. Well, whatever plans will be, even a simple breakfast at Something Fishy or at any fancy resto in Eastwood will do. What is important is that we would be able to spend time with other. :)

See you soon guys!

Ciao! :)

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